True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Flood

A flood refers to the overflowing water that submerges a usually dry land. “Any area where rain falls is vulnerable to floods”, says Christina Nunez of National Geographic. For centuries, floods happen and continuously cause fear, loss, and pain to humans.

Flood is a disaster that can wipe away an entire city or town in just a couple of hours. Livestock and assets are at risk when flood occurs, including the lives of the people affected by this. It is an uncontrollable phenomenon which brings various changes in people’s lives.

Experiencing a flood is unnerving, but what if you have a dream about floods? Any dreams related to water can sometimes be confusing and unsettling, especially when your life is at stake. So, why are you having dreams about flooding and what does it men? Continue reading to find out.

What Does Flood Symbolize In Dreams?

Flood in dreams usually represent your inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It is a representation of your desires which are often hidden and never seen by the people around you. The excessive flow of water is associated with your overwhelming emotions towards a certain variable.

Have you ever experienced having a dream of flooding water? You may have dreams about flooding and wondered what it means. Below are details about the representations of your dream about flood.

1.Symbolic of Something Uncontrollable

Flood can be prevented, but once it happens no one can control it. All you have to do is wait for it to return its tide to normal. Just like that, dreaming of flood symbolizes everything you can’t control especially your emotions.

People who usually dream of flood are the ones who can’t control their emotions under any circumstances. You have problems in concealing your emotions when necessary, and you always feel emotional.

Aside from that, dreams about flood mean that you will face events in your life which you can’t control. This can be both positive and negative. You just have to be alert when dealing with your current situation or the people around you.

2.Symbolic of Difficulties Towards Emotions

Another symbol of flood in dreams is your difficulty connecting towards your emotions. You have difficulties in coping with your current conditions. Experiencing flood in your waking life will leave you lasting impressions, and give you shock.

In reference to that, dream about floods refers to your own emotions which you can’t connect with. You may be feeling emotionally detached and have difficulty in expressing it. Give yourself a time to fully process your own feelings and thoughts to fully connect with your emotions, and express them properly.

3.Symbolic of Life Challenges

Flood is a natural phenomenon which can cause people different hardships in life. Many will lose their livelihood, and many will lose the lives of their loved ones. For some, flood will destroy their homes, and for some it will cause them pain.

When you experience flood in real life, there will be a time when you will lose all your ability to smile. You will lose every single touch of happiness in your body. Be with your waking life or dreams, flood will be a symbol of challenges you encounter.

dream about flooding means that you are about to face difficult challenges in your waking life. You will encounter or are currently in the midst of hardships which seem to be impossible to overcome. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry because just like every flood, everything will go down and you’ll be just fine.

4.Symbolic of Something New

A dream of flood means that you will soon experience something new in your life. This can be both positive and negative for you, so watch out and be cautious. This ‘something new’, a person, an object, or an event, in your life can bring you fortune or misfortune.

Aside from that, you will be able to escape all problems in your waking life, and start something fresh. Flood in your dreams is a representation of a new beginning which can lead you to either success or devastation. Be wary of your surroundings, including your own feelings and emotions towards other people.

5.Symbolic of Loss

The word ‘flood’ is associated with the phrase ‘to wash away’. If you dream of flood, you will experience unexpected and great loss. The flood in your dreams represent that something will be taken from you.

According to Ryan Hart, a dream about flood is God’s reminder that people should appreciate the gift He provides every single day. Do not take everything for granted for you do not know when it will be taken away from you.

In real life, flood can take away every single thing you have. All your luxuries can be washed out by the flood in an instant; even your loved ones can disappear in a flash. So, be aware of all the people around- their feelings, and their importance.

6.Symbolic of Positive Changes

Flooding symbolizes big life change. You may be dreaming of floods because you are going through a hard time in your waking life. Seeing a flood in dreams actually means that you will face a big leap of change in your life.

In the Bible, flood was used by God to wipe out every single living thing on earth. God wanted to create a world full of love to the people who follows His commandments. After the flood, God has sent a rainbow as a symbol of His covenant that from then on, there will be no flood to wash out all of humanity.

With regards to that, dreams about flood mean that you will soon undergo a big change which is for the better in your waking life. All of your stress and hardships in your waking life will be washed away and will leave you with a better and fruitful life.

In relation to above mentioned, a dream of flooding water means God’s protection. God is protecting you from people who are trying to harm you and is a threat in you waking life. All of the impurities of your surroundings will be swept away for you to be able to live a good life.

7.Symbolic of Unwavering Faithfulness

Dream about floods represents your strengths in your waking life. You usually dream of flood when you are a person of faith and affirmation. You are not easily swayed by any temptations in life.

Your unchanging faithfulness is the Biblical representation of dreams about flooding. Even though you are experiencing trials and hardships in your waking life, you still remain faithful to God. Dreaming of floods mean that you are steady and strong, which highlights your ability to resist any temptations coming your way.

This is the most positive symbolic of dreams about floods. People dream as a way of God’s communication to His people. If you dream about floods, you are most likely reminded by God to remain faithful and never give in to any temptation.

Meaning of Different flood Dreams

Dreams about flood are disturbing and horrifying. You may feel different emotions when you dream of flood but what does your dream mean? Listed below are some common dreams of flood. Continue reading to know your flood dream meaning.

1.Seeing A Flood In Dreams

If you have seen flood in your dreams, it means that something out of your control is bound to happen. Sudden emotions will arise from it of which you also can’t control. You may also feel helpless and powerless over the situations happening in your waking life.

2.Being Surrounded By Flood

Being surrounded by flood in dreams is a good sign. You will be able to make a fortune or you will gain money. Also, you have the chance to live a comfortable life. You will be able to currently enjoy in your waking life.

3.Drowning In A Flood

It may sound scary but it is actually a good sign. You will be able to help someone in need of advice. You will also experience a stable financial situation in your waking life. The thing is, you might be feeling depressed or out of focus, so you should always be sociable in times like this.

4.Escaping From A Flood

Escaping from a flood means that you are about to feel freedom. You will be able to escape from all of your problems in your waking life. If you successfully escape the flood, it means that your problems will be solved. If not, it means that you will have difficulty embracing the changes that occur in your waking life.

5.Being Swept Away By Flood

This dream is actually not a good sign. It means that you will soon encounter problems in your waking life. It can be related to your health or your career. You may experience health issues or a financial problem in the future.

6.Dream of Flooded Land

If you have dreams of flooded land, this means that you are currently having lots of problems in your waking life. It is a reminder for you to take relaxation in times like this. If you dreamed of the land being swept away by flood, this means misfortune coming your way.

7.Dream of Clear Flood Water

If you dream of clear flood water, you will soon experience lots of success in the future. Your problems are about to be solved, and you will see the fruits of your labor. Another is, you will face a new challenge in life which you need to overcome in order to move forward.

8.Dream of Dirty Flood Water

If you dream of dirty flood water, you will experience something new in your life which will give you negativity. You are about to experience some changes that will make you feel discomfort in your waking life. The dirtier the flood, the more uncomfortable changes you will experience.

9.Being A Victim Of Flood

You may have experience losing a possession by flood in your dreams. You may feel mad, guilty, and fearful in this kind of dream. Ironically, the meaning of this dream is that you will be a cause of someone else pain. You will take responsibility of the suffering of the people around you.

10.Dreaming of Flood Destroying Your House

A flood destroying your house is a reminder to stay cool and maintain the happy relationship inside your family. Most likely, dreams like this means that a problem in your family will arise. Beware of your emotions towards them to maintain peace inside your home.

11.Dreaming Of A Flood Blocking Your Path

A flood blocking your path means that there will be some hindrances in your life which will cause delay in achieving your goals. You just have to slowly take your time in reaching your goals.

12.Dream Of Flood Warning

Sometimes, your dream is a warning for you. If you dream of a possible flood, then most likely you are about to experience a flood and storm that is bound to happen. You should be alert at all times. Be prepared for what’s coming next.

A point to remember regarding dreams about flooding

No matter what dream of flood you have, the most important thing to do is remember all its details. These details will allow you to understand your feelings and emotions. Dreams about flooding remind you that it is the time to reflect oneself and be a better individual you are destined to be.

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