What Do they Scary Dreams About Plane Crash Really Mean

Airplane in dreams can easily turn from the best dream you will ever have to a nightmare you wish you never had. Riding an airplane or being its pilot may be one of your best dreams, but what if the plane suddenly crashed? Of course, you will absolutely be terrified.

Have you ever experienced dreaming of a plane crash? Dreams about plane crashing are the most common dreams that people have and is definitely horrifying, but the terrifying images in your dreams will help you understand the meaning.

What Do Airplanes Signify In Dreams?

Airplanes are one of the most common objects seen in dreams. You can dream about flying, riding or just seeing an airplane, watching an airplane landing or taking off, or you can even dream of plane crash.

Therefore, airplanes in dreams symbolize new encounters in your waking life. This can be a fresh start of the goals you want to achieve, your career, or relationship with family, friends, or partner.

Whatever dreams you have about airplanes, always bear in mind that airplanes in dreams signify the path and journey you take in your waking life. According to Stephen Klein, an airplane in dreams symbolizes parts of your journey in life. These parts include the people you meet, the emotions you have, and the things you experience in your life.

Dreaming of an airplane represents your successful journey in life. You may dream of an airplane when you are in the right path and going straight to success in your waking life. Being scared in dreams or having nightmares about airplanes like dreams about plane crashing is a reflection of your failures and fears in real life.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Plane Crash?

Airplane in dreams usually means that you are heading towards success but if something went wrong in your dreams then it means that you are starting to drift away from the right path. The most common example of something went wrong in your airplane dream is when you dream of plane crash. Continue reading below to find out the symbolism of plane crash dreams.

1.Problems And Obstacles In Reaching Your Goals

You may face different problems when reaching goals that are too high. Plane crash in dreams reflects your unrealistic goals which result to obstacles you may encounter in your waking life. You always focus on the things you cannot do which always lead you to trouble. It is best to plan your goals properly and analyze the things you can achieve.

2.Failed Efforts And Loss Of Confidence

This meaning is connected to the first representation explained above. If you have set your goals which are impossible to achieve then most probably you will experience failure. You have high ambitions that always ended up to great disappointment.

You are always exerting your effort to unnecessary projects or work in your real life. You are dedicating your time to useless things. Whenever you face disappointment, you always drag yourself down and often lose your confidence in achieving your goals in life.

3.Your Life Is Out Of Control

If a plane suddenly crashes in your dreams, it means that you are losing control of your life. You may suddenly lose momentum of the things you are currently working with. You also think that everything is going accordingly to the way you wanted to be but suddenly you will encounter obstacles in life which is out of your control.

4.You Need To Risk Using The Strength To Progress

Plane crash in dreams shows that you have to work hard in order to be successful in life. You need to overcome all the difficulties, challenges, and struggles in life to achieve the goals you set in your life. There are times when your strength are needed to  move forward in life.

Various Dreams Of Plane Crash Meaning

There are different scenarios and images you dream of plane crash and just like other dreams, different scenarios, different meanings. Below are detailed interpretations of your plane crash dreams.

1.Seeing A Plane Crash In Dreams

If you witness a plane crash in your dreams, it means that you have an extremely high set of standards and usually focus on unrealistic goals in life. You are aiming for your goals which are impossible to achieve at the moment. It is best to reorganize your goals in order to be more productive in life.

Seeing a plane crash in dreams is a reflection of being too ambitious in life. It is not bad to have ambitions in life but be realistic and practical in it. Focus on what you can actually achieve in order not to be disappointed in your waking life.

Watching a plane crash in dreams means someone is feeling jealous or envious of your achievements in life. Someone near you is planning to sabotage, threaten, or harm you, so you should be cautious of your environment.

2.Dreams Of Your Loved Ones In A Plane Crash

Most dreams about plane crashing are simple but some are detailed. Some dreamers can see the victims going through the plane crash, who most of the time are the dreamers’ loved ones. You sometimes see your parents, friends, or partner in your plane crash dream.

Dreaming of your loved ones involved in a plane crash represents your fear of losing them. Your loved ones are the most important part of your life and you have fears that you may lose them at any moment. They may be the victim but it doesn’t mean that something bad will happen to them in real life.

Another interpretation of seeing your loved ones in a plane crash dream is your need of freedom. You are always trying to be the best in your loved ones’ perspective but ended up feeling restricted. You can’t show your own true self when you are with them. If you are experiencing this, you have to learn to be honest and talk to them.

3.Dreams Of Plane Crashing Into Own House Or Buildings

A plane crashing into your own house means that you need to double your efforts in achieving your goals in life. If you want to be successful in your waking life then you have to work hard and need not to complain about your struggles in life. If the plane crashes into buildings then it means you are about to face unexpected and uncontrollable hardships in your  life.

4.Dreams Of Plane Crashing In Water

If a plane crashes in the water, it means that you have the feeling of regret. You may be regretful of either the things you did or didn’t do. You are also in a deep state of regret over people you have met or the experiences you had in your waking life

5.Going Through A Plane Crash In Dreams

If you dream about going through a plane crash then it means that you are in the middle of overwhelming difficulties in life. You may be experiencing hardships which lead you to suicidal thoughts. You are most likely depressed by the things happening in your waking life. This is the time to seek help and advice from your family, friends or even an expert.

6.Dreams Of Plane Crash On Landing

Dreams like this signify the need to carefully plan out your goals in life. Analyze your current situation and set practical goals so you won’t be disappointed at the end. You have to organize and write your goals in life so you will be guided .

7.Dreams Of Plane Crash When Taking Off

Dreams of plane crash when taking off indicate the importance of freedom and independence in your waking life. You are suggested to follow your plans and goals in life to succeed. Be cautious with the steps you are taking.

8.Dreams Of Plane Crash While Flying

Planes crashing from the sky in dreams imply that you are worried about someone or something. You may be feeling afraid of losing your family, friends, or partner in life. It also symbolizes your fear of failing in life which is usually related to work or family problems in  life.

9.Dreams of Plane Crash And Fire

Dreams about plane crash and fire are reflections of your anger and hidden anxiety in life. You may be currently overwhelmed by your strong emotions which you cannot control. This often happens to people who keep their feelings within and usually have pent-up emotions.

10.Dreams About Plane Crash Due To Hijack

If a plane crash due to hijack in dreams, it means you are experiencing low self-esteem. You are lacking of confidence and always doubting your ability to succeed in your real life. You feel defeated because of the standards of the people around you. The good thing is you can resolve your outstanding problem on your own.

11.Plane Crash Due To Turbulence In Dreams

Turbulence in dreams symbolizes a new beginning but if a plane crashes due to turbulence, it means that your stability will be challenged in your waking life. If you see an oxygen mask in dreams indicate that you may be given a surprise in the future.

12.Dreams About Dying In A Plane Crash

Dreams about dying in a plane crash doesn’t have a literal translation to it. This actually means that you will be unsuccessful with something you do because of a single mistake you have done in your waking life. You may encounter unfortunate events, and failures in the things you do.

13.Surviving A Plane Crash In Dreams

Dreaming of surviving a plane crash means that success is on its way. It is a reflection of your ability to survive any obstacles you face in your waking life. If you are currently experiencing problems in life and you have this dream, it means you will successfully overcome the struggles in the near future.

When you dream of plane crash and were able to survive it, means you are in the period of success. You will end up being successful in everything you do, including your career, school, or relationships. You can try new and different things which you think can help you succeed in life.

A point to remember about airplane crashing dreams

Dreams about plane crashing is common to those who have fear of flight and height, but if you don’t have these kinds of fear then it has deeper meanings related to your journey in life. It is important to remember details of your dreams to fully interpret your plane crash dream.

According to Falusi Esther, plane crash dream relates to your inner desires. A dream of plane crash shows that you have the ability to succeed in lifting yourself towards success despite of the challenges you experience in life. Always remember that your journey will always have rough roads but with the right perspective and motivation will lead you to the path of success in your life.