What does the horrible aging dream really mean?

Aging is inevitable to everyone, as we grow older and older everyday ,we are doomed to go to the grave one day. We are afraid of aging and death and don’t expect it happen to us.We try our best to prevent aging and death.Aging dreams ,like dying dreams,are terrifying, if you see old version of us in your dream, you would be scared and worried about it. Actually you don’t need to worry about it , most of the time, dream meaning indicates just the opposite.

What does it mean to dream of aging? Is it a good or bad omen when you dreamed of aging?  Please read the following article to find out the answer yourself.

12 Aging Dreams And Interpretations

1.Dream of old version of yourself

Dreaming yourself getting older or an old version of yourself usually indicates that you care about yourself too much. You want to stay young always and refused of getting older. Aging is a natural process, it is inevitable. Since we can not prevent it , we should learn to accept it. What should be come will come. Stop worrying about aging and enjoying everyday life is the right thing to do.

2.Sick people dreamed of getting older 

If a sick people dreamed of getting older, it predicts that the patient would be restored to health soon.

3.Wife dreams of husband getting older

A wife dreams that her husband getting older is a very good omen.It implies that you are having a good marriage life and the happiness will accompany you and your husband for a life time. It also indicates that your child i becoming more independentget wand wil get married and start a family soon.

4.Dreaming of a child getting older

Dreaming that a child is getting older means that the child will obtain extraordinary achievements and precocious wisdom.

5.Dream about family members getting older

This dreams indicates that the family life is in harmony, there are no conflicts between each other . All family members love each other very much.

6.An Old man dreams of getting older

When an old man dreams of getting older, it may implies that he is worried about the decline of his sexual ability. You will also have this dream when you feel that you have lost your vitality, lost your fighting spirit, and are about to collapse from exhaustion.

7.Dream the death of aged man

To dream of the death of an old man means rebirth. Deep in your heart, you may wish to change to a environment start a brand new life.

8.Child becomes an elderly person

To dream of a child becoming an elderly person overnight indicates that the child will be either rich or noble. In other words,The child will get superior talents and abilities, and enjoy high social prestige in the future.

9.unmarried man dreams of an older version of girl

A single man dreams of an older version of girl, indicating that he is strong and will marry a healthy and beautiful wife.

10. Old man dreamed of aging

If an old people dreams about aging, it usually indicates longevity and  filial piety of his children.

11.Child Dreams of wrinkles on old people’s face

The child dreams of old people’s wrinkles,indicating that there will be elders to take care of the child.It also indicates that the child is lack of independence.No achievement will be achieved if independence and autonomy are not established!

12.Prisoner dreamed of old people

If a prisoner dreamed of old people, it implies that the prisoner is regretful for the wrongdoings and will get a chance to obtain redemption

Psychological Analysis of Why do we dream of aging?

1.Regret of the past

Some analysts believe that If you’re going through a phase where you don’t make the effort and you’re missing out on valuable opportunities, You regret not having given more of yourself in the past, you are more likely to dream of aging. 

2.Afraid of loneliness

Dream about aging because you are afraid of loneliness. The anguish of loneliness is one of the main concerns of elderly. The more we want to stop the aging process, they more likely it happens in our dreams.