True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams Of Blood

Blood is a fluid that constantly circulates in the body of humans or animals, which provides nutrition and carries oxygen throughout the body. Blood has different important functions within the body making humans or animals alive. However, lives will be at stake when blood enters an alarming condition like hemorrhage or leukemia.

Generally speaking, blood is a symbol of life but at certain point becomes a symbol of destruction. In the Bible, Jesus has shed His blood to purify the sins of the world in which His human body was destroyed. Since the ancient times, blood is one of the most common images that played an important role in humans’ lives. Until now, blood becomes a usual subject of discussion and often appears in people’s dreams.

Have you ever dreamed of blood? What was the blood like? How did you feel towards your dream of blood? Continue reading to find out about your blood dream meaning.

What Does Blood Represent In Dreams?

According to Matthew Hoffman, MD, blood is a fluid flowing through the vessels of the body which provides nutrients, oxygen, and waste removal. It is made up of different components such as plasma which aid the body in times of need. In connection with that, it has become the symbol of life force but what does it mean when you dream about blood?

Dreams of blood are often associated with negative interpretations but these dreams actually has positive omen for the dreamers. Blood embodies life, energy and also happiness, love, and lust as its color ranges from a brighter to darker shade of red. Below are detailed explanations of the representation of blood in dreams.

1.Emotional Pain

You may have dreams of blood when you are suffering psychological pain in your waking life. Seeing blood in dreams is a terrifying image which leaves you a lasting impression all day. It is possible that you are deeply hurt by someone or an event in your waking life.

When you dream of blood and you know that you are experiencing psychological trauma, it is best to find ways on how to relieve your heartaches. If you are not having any emotional pain in your life and have dreams of blood, you need to aware of your surroundings. You never know when you will suddenly be attacked emotionally and mentally by someone or any circumstances.


Dreaming of blood represents a sacrifice made or to be made, either voluntarily or involuntarily, in your waking life. You are willingly offering something valuable at your end for a good cause. Blood in dreams means that you may need time, energy, strength or money for the good of other people. If your blood is forcibly taken in your dreams, it serves as a warning of your personal sacrifice being considered not worth it.

3.Personal Loss – Energy, Power, Or Authority

Dreams of blood are indications of feeling drained and losing your energy, power, or authority. You may be surrounded by people or loads of work burning you out and draining your life and energy out of you. It is best to take some time off and give yourself the relaxation you needed.

The presence of blood in dreams also means that you are starting to lose your power and authority. People around you are starting to think that you are no good which results to losing your authority over them. This usually happens when you are in the field of business or you are holding a high position in your company.

4.Loss Of Any Kind

Blood in dreams is a representation of your loss of any kind. As blood is closely related to life, it is also associated with death. You are likely to encounter losses in your waking life, a loss of a loved one, an opportunity, work or career, or a relationship. You may also experience financial struggles or encounter some problems in running your business. If you are pregnant and you have dreamed of blood, be cautious for you are prone to miscarriage.

5.Emotional Distress

You may dream of blood when you are depressed in your waking life. The feeling of hopelessness to the point of no turning back contributes a lot in having this kind of dream. In emotional pain, you are just undergoing a period of hurting but when you speak of emotional distress, it is the feeling of despair and you think that there are no possible ways out.

According to Asiling Ireland, emotional distress is associated with blood disorders dream. When you have dreams of blood disorders, it doesn’t literally translate to having serious medical conditions but most likely you are experiencing emotional distress. If you have this problem, you have to try harder to escape your problems on your own and seek help or advice from other people.

6.Feelings Of Guilt

Having blood in your hands means that you are guilty of any charges, or you have committed a mistake or sin. Just like in the waking life, blood in dreams represents your feelings of guilt. The appearance of blood in your dreams doesn’t always mean that you are guilty of any serious crimes like murder. It may also indicate that you are just feeling responsible of any circumstances or event happening in your life or other’s lives.

7.Transformation And Life Cycle

Dreams of blood symbolize transformation and changes in your waking life. You may have reached your goals and you are thinking of taking new endeavors in life. Aside from facing transformation, you may also undergo a life cycle. This means that you are about to encounter the end of something you are working with, and try to begin a new one.

It is possible that you have dreamed of blood because you resigned from your work, ended a project you are working, or even reached the end of school year. You may undergo heartbreak or any hurtful circumstances in your waking life. All of these endings are accompanied with sadness but signify the beginning of your milestones toward success.

8.Fortune and Wealth

Chinese Astrology says that dreaming about blood is an indication of wealth, good luck, and fortune. Dreams of blood are considered positive signs when you are dealing with financial problems and business in your waking life. However, when you dream of dying from losing blood, it indicates defeat and financial struggles.


During the ancient times, blood becomes a symbol of connection and agreement. Unrelated people by blood are bonded through a ceremony called blood compact. This marks the beginning of an undying bond and relationship among people sealed by their own bloods.

A dream of blood is a representation of bonds or relationship you will encounter or currently have in your waking life. You may be surrounded by friends who are like family to you or you are about to meet someone who will be willing to offer his life for you.

10.Love And Loyalty

Blood is usually red in color. Red symbolizes love, passion, and loyalty. When you dream of blood, it may means you have great support system. You are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally and will remain loyal to you until the very end.  


In the Bible, blood was used as a symbol of protection from plague. The presence of blood in dreams shows that you are protected and secured physically, financially, or spirtually. It also symbolizes that you will overcome every obstacle you face in your waking life.

Common Dreams Of Blood Meaning

Now that you know the representations of blood in your dreams, it is now time to go to specific dream scenarios of blood. Just like other dreams, dreams of blood have connection with the important aspects of your waking life. Check out your detailed blood dream meaning below.

1.Dreams Of Bloody Nose

Dreams of bloody nose represent good health. It also symbolizes good fortune and success in life. If you are pregnant and had this dream, it is often a sign of miscarriage. If you are a man and had this dream, you will lose your superiority in life.

2.Dream Of Bloody Words

Bloody words in dreams mean that you are exerting an effort to achieve something in your life. It represents your passion or drive in completing your desired output in life. It also shows that giving up is not an option for you. If you dreamed of blood written in words, it represents situations that cannot be changed.

3.Dream Of Menstrual Blood

To dream of menstrual blood symbolizes the feeling of relief. You are learning to let go of your worries and tension in your waking life. If this dream is reoccurring, make an assessment of your life and remove all the things that are hindering you from moving forward.

4.Dream Of Blood On Clothes

When you dream of clothes covered in blood, you are facing a conflict or an argument. However, do not worry for you will be able to get out of this mess. Conflicts you faced during this time will easily be solved and forgotten most likely

5.Dreams Of Blood In Urine

According to Chidozie Ezeh, to urinate is to remove waste and toxic in the body. To have dreams of blood in urine is a symbol of purification and detoxification. It may not be related to your health but with your spiritual and emotional body.

 6.Dreams Of Blood In Water

Blood in water in your dreams signify your fear of burning out. You are experiencing a hard situation in your waking life in which you fear that your life energy will be drained out from you. You are also surrounded by people who easily stressed you out.

7.Dreams Of Blood In Toilet

To dream of blood in toilet is like dreaming of blood in your hands. It means that you are guilty of something in your waking life. The only difference is dreams of blood in toilet show that you are getting rid of the guilt inside of you by confessing about your mistakes.

8.Dream Of Bloody Teeth

Bloody teeth in dreams symbolize the loss of power or authority over people or things in your waking life. If you have dreams of bloody teeth falling out, it means that an enemy is closely situated with you. Someone is trying to harm you and you have given your enemy access to hurting you .

9.Dream Of Blood On Floor

When you dreamed of blood on floor, it means that you will meet new friends in an unusual way. They will be your support system and will offer you their loyalty. Also, dreaming of blood on the floor means that you need to stay alert at all times because your safety is at risk.

10.Dream Of Blood Moon

Blood moon in dreams signify the end of your career, relationship, situation, or an issue. You will experience pain and difficulty in life at some point. When you get over it, success and happiness will be on your way.

A point to remember about dreams of blood meaning

Blood is a powerful symbol which represents vitality. Dreams of blood may have different interpretations depending on how you see blood in your dreams. Although a dream of blood is terrifying, always remember that without blood there is no life. Knowing the emotions you had in your dreams and connecting those in your current situation in life will allow you to accurately interpret your blood dream meaning.