Hidden Meaning of Dreams About Giraffes interpreted

Dream Meaning Giraffes

Giraffes are the living tallest animal in the world. Generally, giraffes are sensitive, gentle, yet friendly. They also symbolize uniqueness, pride, and development. Did you know that a newborn giraffe can stand on its own after half an hour of being born? 

So, is giraffe a good dream subject? What does it mean to dream about giraffes? Read below to learn about different giraffe dream meanings. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Giraffe 

In general, dreams about giraffes represent success and happiness. If the giraffe is jeopardized in your dream, then it reflects the negative outcome of your decisions and actions in life. Dreams of a giraffe also embodies significant changes in reality. However, some giraffe dreams may be an image of your boredom, arrogance, egoistic behavior, and frustrations. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Giraffes –12 Common Giraffe Dream Meaning and Occurrences

1.Dream about giraffe chasing you

You dream about a giraffe chasing you when you are running away from your obligations in life. Another is you want to stay away from the people who are draining you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consequently, you will feel burdened by choosing between your external responsibilities and your personal concerns. If you are currently pressured by different factors in your waking life, it would be beneficial to have some time for yourself first. Take a vacation and focus on your overall wellness. 

2.Dream about giraffe licking you

To dream about a giraffe licking you symbolizes comfort and reliability. You will find the right way of handling difficult situations and overcome every struggle with ease. Furthermore, you will meet someone whom you can trust. Alternatively, if the giraffe is licking someone else in dreams, it is a symbol of being helpful. Others will find your presence reassuring. You will also be the source of someone’s motivation and support. 

3.Dream about giraffe attack

A giraffe attacking you in dreams is a harbinger of unfortunate events in the coming days. You will be involved in a fight, not necessarily a physical battle, and you will be worn out. More so, dreaming about being attacked by a giraffe warns you to be careful of your words and actions. Someone close to you will be the source of your anxiety and frustrations. He/she will purposely attack you since you appear to be vulnerable at this time. 

4.Dream about dead giraffe 

Dreams about dead giraffes foreshadow a negative period in your waking life. You may experience continuous failure and disappointments no matter what you do. Besides that, you will suffer from low self-confidence and self-esteem because of the overwhelming bad luck you may encounter. Death in dreams portends to something that is about to end in your life. In line with that, dreams about a dead giraffe point to starting a new venture because something has ended in your life. Perhaps a new job, moving to a new home, or finding a new relationship. You might be in a difficult situation now but you will soon see the reason behind every obstacle. 

5.Dream about killing giraffe 

Killing a giraffe in dreams suggests that you are prone to acting harshly in your waking life. You may face an argument, which may result in a serious conflict. Additionally, your words and actions will deeply hurt the other person. You will feel instant regret but you don’t have any idea on how to redeem yourself. However, if you are hunting a giraffe in dreams and you aren’t killing one, this reminds you to trust your instincts. 

6.Dream about many giraffes

Dreaming about multiple giraffes signifies your current status in life. Perhaps you are surrounded by different individuals sharing the same objectives or goals. As a result, you need to be wise and attentive. This dream usually appears when something is at stake in reality. For example, you are facing indirect competition with a colleague for a promotion. Another is having a dilemma at school, specifically if you are running for honors. Many giraffes in dreams are signs of feeling the pressure of battling out with others, knowing you have the same goal. 

Alternatively, if you see yourself surrounded by multiple giraffes, it signals success and recognition. You will be highly regarded for quite some time because of your skills and personality. However, be cautious of jealous eyes within your circle. 

7.Dream of giraffe mating

A dream of a giraffe mating indicates major changes in the near future. You are somehow afraid of what’s to come but you are determined to take a leap of faith. Besides, this dream is an indicator of your desire to excel in everything you do. Your curiosity will allow you to make decisions that will lead to your objectives. That is if you remain focused on what you do. 

8.Dream of feeding giraffe

To dream of feeding a giraffe foretells good fortune and success. Your skills and determination will bring you to the peak of your life. More so, you will receive your most-awaited recognition. Your achievements will not fall short as well. Keep on doing your best because good days are coming. On the other hand, if you dream of someone else feeding a giraffe, it means you will be able to share your success with another individual. Your help will be needed in the coming days. 

9.Dream of baby giraffe

If you dream of a baby giraffe, it symbolizes a period of growth and development. A baby giraffe usually appears in dreams when you feel like you aren’t doing well–maybe at work, in school, or in your relationship. However, in reality, you are making progress along the way. You might not notice but you are slowly moving forward towards your goals in life. Many dreamers are sad to dream of a baby giraffe because it is often viewed as lacking strength, vitality, and direction. But, behind that, this dream is a symbol of courage and determination to mature in life. 

10.Dream of angry giraffe 

You dream of an angry giraffe when you are suffering from internal and psychological struggles in reality. Your mind is full of stressors, causing you to think irrationally. Additionally, easy-to-solve problems become difficult because of your anxiousness. Thus, it is beneficial to make ways on how to relieve your stress. Although it gets hard to remain calm in times of troubles, maintaining your senses is still the best way to overcome any obstacles. If you think the pressure is unbearable, you can also seek help from your support system. 

11.Dream of giraffe in cage

Dreaming of a giraffe in a cage denotes feeling suppressed or tied down by a greater entity. Perhaps your parents dictate you of what to do, or you’re simply tired of your daily life. Consequently, you become dull and drained. Being stuck in your daily routine because that’s how you make a living is completely normal. However, doing nothing despite feeling unproductive and motiveless is not. You should take initiative to bring back your energy. Organize a vacation or simply add some positive habits in your daily routine to change your flow of life. 

12.Dream of riding giraffe

Dreams of riding a giraffe forewarn troublesome acts that will tarnish your reputation in your waking life. You will get caught up with your emotions and start behaving recklessly. More so, your accomplishments and recognition will get in your head, causing you to be insensitive, selfish, and rude. Riding a giraffe in dreams means you think too highly of yourself that you tend to disregard the people around you. You will realize your mistakes after quite some time. However, it will not be enough as the damage has been done. 

If you see someone else riding a giraffe in dreams, it is a warning for being too envious of other people. It’s okay to feel motivated by other’s achievements but it’s not beneficial to compete with them. Furthermore, you should learn not to compare yourself with another individual. You have your own path, they have theirs. So, be mindful of your actions and decisions to avoid regrets. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Giraffe 

Like any other dreams, it is important to evaluate your life quickly upon learning the meaning behind your dream about giraffes. You may not notice that there’s something wrong in your life unless you double check it. Once you’re done with your assessment, take proper actions to make your life better. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A man dreamed of caressing a black giraffe. A black giraffe dream strongly tells him to discover his hidden skills. He needs to believe in himself that he has more to offer than he thinks. Moreover, caressing a giraffe reflects a positive period in his life. Thus, caressing a black giraffe in dreams reminds him that he needs to make an effort in honing his skills and start making changes in his life to achieve success and happiness.