True Meaning You Need To Know About Roller Coaster Dreams

Roller coasters are blockbuster rides in every amusement park. The thrill and excitement it gives are satisfying for onlookers and riders, themselves. For some, roller coasters are like high mountains that are hard to climb over. While others think that a roller coaster is just an easy thing. 

So, what does it mean when you dream about a roller coaster? Will its meaning make you sick? Or will your dreams of roller coaster make you shout for joy? In this article, you will find out about the details of your roller coaster dreams. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Roller Coaster

In general, dreams about a roller coaster revolve around the upcoming and shortcoming of life. Dreams of a roller coaster are also somehow related to the instability of life. For a period, you may be happy, then suddenly you will feel alone and desperate. However, if you realize how to handle these situations, no matter how hard life knocks you down, you’ll have the courage and strength to bounce back. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Roller Coaster – Common Roller Coaster Dream Meaning

1.Dream about broken roller coaster

Dreaming about a broken roller coaster is a sign of something at fault in your waking life. Commonly, this dream is about your attitude and perspective. If your mind is clouded by unnecessary thoughts or your eyes are blinded by evil desires, then there’s no chance of succeeding in life. This dream is reminding you to change the way you handle things before it’s too late. At certain times, you will also feel stuck in the moment, not knowing what to do, where to go, and how to feel. Therefore, it would greatly help if you learn how to settle things, especially if the issue comes from your past. 

2.Dream about roller coaster dying

Dreams about dying from a roller coaster fall mean that you are unaware of the possible danger you may fall into because of your actions and decisions. This dream should serve as a warning for you to be careful in dealing with situations and the people around you. In addition, it is best if you won’t fall for risky opportunities thrown at your feet. 

3.Dream about water roller coaster

A water roller coaster in dreams is a symbol of finding stability in your emotions. To see water and a roller coaster together in your dreams is a sign of an emotional disturbance or heightened senses. Someone or something may have triggered some hidden emotions, mostly positive ones. However, you need to be careful not to get carried away by your emotions because you may experience fear and sadness instead.

4.Dream about roller coaster crash

If you see a roller coaster crashing, and you aren’t a part of it, then it shows you are bound to realize the importance of each thing you have in your life. Chances are you can still redeem yourself from the past mistakes you did. However, if you are in the crashing roller coaster, then it means you will experience a major upturn in your life. Be prepared. If the crash is caused by a roller coaster slip, it is a sign of things getting out of control. 

5.Dream about taking roller coaster

The fun in riding a roller coaster is you’ll never know when and how fast you’re going to experience the highs and lows of its trail. Similarly, dreams about riding a roller coaster shows that you are soon to experience extreme ups and downs in your life. To ride the roller coaster alone in dreams symbolizes isolation and fear. However, it can also be a symbol of finding happiness and excitement from the things you do and have in life. To dream about riding a roller coaster with someone else is a sign of facing issues related to your romantic life. If the roller coaster is slow, then it signifies that you are still gaining momentum before you hit the mark in your waking life.  

6.Dream of new roller coaster

A new roller coaster in dreams means you can expect good things to happen in your life. You will face various transitions that will help you succeed. However, behind these opportunities are new challenges that you are about to take. You will be able to overcome these obstacles as long as you know how to control your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Learn to value yourself and the people around you to avoid irredeemable mistakes.  

7.Dream of roller coaster with no seat belt

Dreaming of a roller coaster with no seat belt is a sign of negligence. You know the consequences of your actions and yet you ignore every aspect that will worsen the situation. However, if you are riding the roller coaster and the crew doesn’t fasten your seat belt, then it shows that you are currently feeling lost. Maybe there are overwhelming occurrences in your life that keep you from thinking straight. 

8.Dream of being stuck in roller coaster

To see yourself being stuck in a roller coaster upside down is a symbol of an unexpected situation in your life. You may have planned your path carefully and done your best, but there will always be a small room for an altered course. However, you shouldn’t look at it negatively. Changes in your life may be for the better, for all you know. On the flip side, you may feel that something is missing in your life when you dream of being stuck in a roller coaster. You may still have lingering feelings or thoughts about your past that are holding you from moving forward in your life. 

9.Dream of screaming on roller coaster

Screams can be heard throughout the amusement park as long as the roller coaster runs. These could be shrieks of laughter or a cry of terror. However, in dreams, screaming on a roller coaster, either out of joy or horror, means you are taking a huge step towards success. You learn to conquer your fears and fight your own battle. With this attitude, you are able to get what you want and reach your goals in life. 

10.Dream of roller coaster not moving

Dreams of a roller coaster not moving is a sign of feeling static in your life. It could possibly be because you are caught up in a daily routine, which in the long run becomes a tedious journey for you. In this case, you need to look for something that will ignite the flame within you and keep you from being motivated in life. Staying in a monotonous routine will only suck out your life energy and refrain you from being successful. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Roller Coaster

Know yourself and what you want when you learn the meaning of your dream about a roller coaster. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will help you narrow down the options that will help you succeed in life. In addition, you need to learn to let go of the things that aren’t good for you, and embrace the path that will take you to happiness and success. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A woman dreamed of a roller coaster without rails. This dream shows that she is currently confused with what’s going on in her life. She may feel somewhat lost and think that her problems are impossible to solve. However, this dream is telling her to snap out of her bubble and start looking for motivation. Knowing between what’s right and wrong will help her find the right path soon.