True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams of fish

According to the traditional way of interpreting dreams, to dream of fish symbolizes fortune and richness. As in Feng Shui, there is a certain amount of fish that can bring good luck and wealth in the household. In primitive times, catching fish is a sign of virility and wealth as it means you bring food in the table. Of course, fish and water in dreams will always be connected given their inseparable symbolic nature.

Dreams content vary, so as their meanings. Here is a guide to help you understand some of the most common fish dream meaning .

The Symbolic Interpretation principal Behind Common Fish Dreams

Oftentimes, you are bombarded with questions of “why” because it puzzles you that certain elements appear on your dreams are not even part of your regular thought pattern in the waking life. In interpreting dreams correctly, you need to focus on its content and meaning.

Carl Jung, a famous psychoanalyst based in Zurich has influenced modern dream studies. His teachings focused on the use of material from dreams to help people with interpretation. Through this, he saw psyche to be purposive in such a way that it creates a system that self-regulates each of these psychic content—inner feelings, imaginations, intuitions, to name a few. He has also infused elements that blend psychological concepts with spirituality—recognizing that whatever is present in your dream can’t be taken literally, but best viewed through the lens of symbolism. According to Jung, “A symbol is the best possible formulation of a relatively unknown psychic content”

What does it mean to dream about fish? -Common fish dreams and the possible interpretations.

1.Dreaming of swimming fish

To dream of a school of fish could mean abundance is on its way. Be ready to receive financial blessings and good fortune! If the fish are behaving in such a relaxed, far from distraught way of swimming, this could indicate your peace and contentment with your current life situation. If you are not committed at the moment, it can also be a sign that you are about to engage in a happy and loving relationship soon.

2. Dreaming of catching fish with hands

If you dreamed about catching fish with your bare hands, it signifies your journey in revealing your emotional disappointments and doing your best to resolve them.  This dream could be associated with bringing unconscious emotions to the surface. Fishing can also be a metaphor for what we are searching for and what we may find within us.

3.Dreaming of not succeeding in catching fish

When your attempts at catching fish are failing in your dreams, it is usually not a good sign. It could mean disappointment at not reaching your goals or regrets at letting opportunities slip.

4.Dreaming of someone fishing

To dream of someone fishing means you have to improve your way of communicating with those around you. It could signify that you lack of patience to your surroundings. If it is a dream about a fisherman, it might be a reminder for you to step back, unwind, relax, and take a breather.

5.Dreaming of fish that isn’t in the water

A fish out of water is a struggling fish and if you dream about it, it signifies that you are uncomfortable about your need to change your behavior so you can start being a better person and continue living a peaceful and abundant life. Dreaming of fish that is out of water may mean that you may not be aware of repressed or denied emotions that need to be expressed and managed in a healthier way.  It could also indicate the feelings of loneliness especially if you have just ended a relationship or if someone has just broken your heart

6.Dreaming of a small fish

Small fish in a dream could signify the saying, “There are other fish in the sea,” and you are having trouble catching one. However, if you are dreaming of this while having a positive attitude in your waking life, it could mean that something happy will happen in your life especially your love life.

7. Dreaming of a big fish

Catching a big fish in your dreams means that abundance and happiness is coming in the near future. It could also symbolize the exciting big insights you are receiving from your unconsciousness and how imperative that you use them in your waking life.

8.  Dreaming of cleaning a fish

This sounds like a positive dream and is revealing your current progress and struggles. It could signify self-cleansing and your determination to be your best .

9. Dreaming of eating fish

To dream about eating fish may mean that you are looking to nourish your soul and spirituality. It could indicate your need for spiritual growth or your need to reconnect with it. Eating fish also symbolizes your acceptance in nurturing who you think you are becoming—incorporating your realizations to who you truly want to be. In order to achieve inner stability and a sense of accomplishment, we strive to re-incorporate this aspect of self we have somehow detached ourselves from because it did not fit into who we thought we should be. Sometimes, this dream is also trying to tell you that there’s an upcoming prosperity such as an increase of income or winning a lottery.

10. Dreaming of being attacked by fish

This kind of dream is trying to tell you that you are trying to avoid some emotional issues in your present life ,which are getting out of control. To dream of being attacked by fish may mean that you need to stop suppressing your feelings and start identifying what feels overwhelming and help break down these issues into smaller and more coherent pieces. Dreaming of being attacked by fish as if they are enemies could also relate to being attacked by your enemies within yourself. Perhaps the best way for you to battle character flaws is to increase your overall awareness of self. Fish are often representative of self-awareness and what we are becoming aware of within our unconscious.

11.  Dreaming of killing a fish

To dream of killing a fish symbolizes emotions you are burdened with and have attempted to disown. This could relate to emotions you may have disregarded or tried to hide. These could be emotions coming into your awareness. This dream may also be encouraging you to take on a new attitude, attempting to hide from these feelings are only making them grow more and would escalate a sense of overwhelm. However, your emotions greatly matter when you were having these dreams. For instance, if you seem to be happy as you were killing the fish, this could indicate a change you have long wanted to happen—kind of setting yourself free from the negative traits you have been accustomed to in the past.

12.  Dreaming of a dead fish

Just like in the waking life, to dream of a dead fish signifies loss. It may not be literally about death but it could indicate loss differently, such as loss associated in wealth, relationships, and spiritual being. To dream of a dead fish could also mean disappointment—symbolizing a feeling of regret in not taking chance at opportunities. Stress in your life that is outside of your control can also signify a dead fish in your dreams especially if it is recurring.

What The Colors of the Fish in Your Dream is Trying to Tell You

While you may be curious about what dreaming about fish is trying to tell you, you are probably also wondering about what color of fish means in dreams. Believe it or not, colors hold relevance and importance in interpreting dreams.

Here are some common beliefs about what fish colors mean in your dreams:

 Blue Sorrow, depression, fear, and worry.

Red Anxiety, attention, promptness, and resilience.

Gold Abundance, finances, and wealth.  

Yellow Connections, relationships, and family.

Black Death, dying, infidelity, lack of trust, and abandonment.

Purple Passion, romance, desire, and fidelity.

Green Strength, wellness, fitness, knowledge, logic, and the body.

Two Colors fish with two or more colors can represent a combination of the symbolism of the colors involved.

How to better interpret your dreams of fish

Dream symbols are unique to each person which is why there can be so many possible meanings to our dreams. If you usually have vivid dreams and you remember the details well when you wake up, you may find yourself continuously puzzled as you recall your visions. Keeping a dream journal might be useful to help track your thought patterns, help process your subconscious to gain a deeper sense of self, interpret your dreams better, and to fuel your creativity. This way, when you encounter another fish dream, it’ll be easier to discover the invaluable insight relevant to your life in the waking world.