An In-depth Look into the Virgo Horoscope

Among the 12 zodiac signs, Virgos, born between August 23rd and September 22nd, have the highest average value in all abilities. They possess an intellectually inquisitive mind and a keen eye for observation, and are thorough in everything they do. A characteristic of Virgo is that they feel joy when they can help someone. So what other features do they have? Let’s take a look at their basic personality, love tendencies, views on marriage, etc.

Virgo Personality Traits

Possesses a strong intellectual quest and is full of intelligence. 

Virgos have a strong intellectual desire to “know more!” They are hardworking people, full of intelligence. When they don’t understand something, they can’t leave it alone, so they research until they’re satisfied. They make no compromises and are thorough. They are very curious and research things thoroughly every time they take on a challenge, so they are very knowledgeable and often know unexpected trivia information. Another characteristic of Virgos is that they research everything carefully before taking action, so they rarely make mistakes.

An analyst with a keen eye for observation 

Virgos are always aware of their surroundings and have a keen eye for noticing small changes. They constantly observe their surroundings and accumulate various data in their brains. They are good at sensing the feelings of others, understanding what those around them want, and taking appropriate action because they analyze the data they have accumulated and draw logical conclusions. They are very observant, so they are good at observing people. Virgos generally have kind personalities, but if they judge that there is no way to save someone or that someone is causing harm to themselves, they will casually hoodwink them. On the other hand, they do not hesitate to cooperate with people who have a promising future or who are sincere.”

Methodical and careful in approach 

Virgos are methodical in a positive way. They take great care in everything they do, ensuring the quality of the finished product is extremely high. There are no exceptions to their methodical nature, and they tackle their work, studies, and relationships with all their might without cutting corners. They are an all-rounder type who often overcomes their weak areas through hard work without running away.

They are also very dexterous with their hands, and this combined with their meticulousness means they are often good at detailed work such as handicrafts and crafts. Making things is a hobby for Virgos, as it gives them a great sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Quick-witted and flexible thinker 

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Another characteristic of Virgo is that they can think flexibly and act quickly. Their brains make up all sorts of assumptions, and they flexibly change their choices depending on the situation. Based on their own knowledge, they carefully observe their surroundings and draw conclusions based on comprehensive judgment.

Virgos have quick minds, and from the perspective of those around them, the time they spend thinking is fleeting. Therefore, although it may sometimes seem as if they are acting on intuition, Virgos are always grounded in their actions.

Values manners and rules 

Their methodical personality also shows in society. Virgos are serious, common-sense people who value manners and rules, and adhere to the things that need to be followed. Even if they are surrounded by rough and random people, they do not get carried away and strictly follow manners and rules.

The attitude of following manners and rules is wonderful. Common sense is also important. However, in the case of Virgos, because they are so loyal to the rules, they may feel strong stress towards people who violate them, or they may find it difficult to act freely because they are too demanding of “common sense” and “normality”, which can lead to difficulties in life. So please be careful.

Strong sense of responsibility and discipline 

Virgos have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to complete their assigned tasks on time and to perfection. Once they take on a task, they never give up, and even if they hit a wall, they overcome it and see it through to the end. They are very disciplined people who keep even small verbal promises without giving them away. When expectations are placed on them, Virgos do their best to meet them.

Their honest personality is greatly reflected in their relationships with people. They are the type of person who always repays their debts and never forgets a favor they have received. Lawfulness is no exception to malice. They may seem gentle at first glance, but if someone does something to them, they will do it in return. Virgos can be scary people to make enemies with.

A natural assistant who wants to help others 

Virgos take pleasure in helping others, and can be said to be natural assistants. Because they have a high level of ability, they can handle a variety of jobs, but they are more comfortable in a supporting position than a leader, and are the type of person who can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

Observation is also useful in work. They also have the ability to discern the strengths and abilities of their superiors and colleagues and develop them. Virgos are the ones who follow accurately and don’t overdo it, raising the team’s potential to its highest level.”

Fashionable with an excellent aesthetic sense and sensitivity to trends 

Virgos have an excellent sense of aesthetics, and many of them are passionate about fashion and interior design. They are always on the lookout for information and are sensitive to trends. They choose their favorite designs and keep up with trends.

Their aesthetic sense can also be applied to organizing. Coupled with the meticulous nature of Virgos, their desks and rooms are always clean. It can be said that it is unique to Virgo to incorporate fashionable and tasteful items that give a sense of playfulness, rather than just being orderly.

Delicate and easily affected 

Virgos are confident in their plans and move forward with them, so those around them often perceive them as ‘strong individuals who have a strong sense of self’ and ‘people who don’t give in to difficulties.’ It is true that this is also a Virgo personality trait, but in reality, they are sensitive and prone to feeling down.

A caring Virgo expects others to be considerate towards them as well. There’s no problem if both parties care about each other on the same level, but if the other person is too general, doesn’t pay attention to details, or has the exact opposite way of thinking, they’ll feel deeply hurt, as if things aren’t going well or they aren’t being accepted.

Strong sense of justice and stubbornness 

Virgos have a strong sense of justice and believe in what is right. They have a caring personality and won’t leave those in trouble alone, but you need to be careful as their stubbornness sometimes shows. If they give too much priority to what is right or what is right for them, they may lose their usual thoughtfulness and push the other person into a corner.

If Virgos stick to their own conclusions, they quickly become stubborn. Virgo’s stubbornness is not only directed towards those around them but also towards their ‘wrong self’ and ‘failed self,’ leading them into intense self-loathing.

Characteristics of Virgo Men

Virgo men have the following characteristics:

  • Calm and collected
  • Thoughtful and careful thinkers
  • Good at work due to their craftsmanship
  • Have a strong core and a strong sense of self
  • Perfectionists who are picky

Their thinking will become more logical, and they will think until they are satisfied before taking action. They are especially enthusiastic about their work and have a desire to improve, earning high value and reliance from those around them. They will probably be more popular once they become working adults than when they were students.

However, even if Virgo men are popular, they remain steadfast. Since they are serious at heart, they do not get excited about relationships with women and keep their private and public life completely separate. When they’re working or studying, they concentrate fully and don’t think about love or play at all. They don’t like being distracted.

In order to have a successful relationship with a Virgo man, the key is to discern when the other person is on/off and time your communication accordingly. When someone is working on something, observe them without interfering verbally or physically. Basically, it’s a good idea to follow the Virgo man’s pace, be careful not to get in his way, and share some fun times when he’s relaxing.

Characteristics of Virgo Women

Virgo women have the following characteristics:

  • They have a strong sense of justice and value discipline and rules.
  • They are the caring older sister type.
  • They have high ambition and constantly improve both their appearance and inner self.
  • They are attentive and thorough in their work.
  • They are strict with themselves and others.

Virgo women are considerate and casually follow those around them. They are kind-hearted and don’t leave people in trouble alone, always ready to help. In order to build a good relationship, be willing to accept a Virgo woman’s guidance, express your gratitude to her each time, and be good at pampering her.

Virgo women are ambitious and constantly strive to improve both their mind and body. Moreover, they have a strong sense of justice and are actually perfectionists. They are reserved individuals, so they are not the type to stand out, but they have a well-founded confidence that comes from having accumulated experience.

That is why Virgo women are characterized by being strict not only with themselves but also with others, which is something to keep in mind when dating. If you cut corners or act inappropriately, she may abandon you before you know it. The only people a Virgo woman will pay attention to are those who work hard. Be careful, because if she puts in the effort, she will quietly cut you off.

Virgo Love Tendencies

Clear Ideal Type! Prioritizes Reason Over Emotion 

Love is no exception to Virgo’s analytical ability. Because they think carefully about love while doing self-analysis, they have a very clear idea of their ideal type. If you ask a Virgo, ‘What kind of person is your type?’, you’ll likely get a more specific answer, rather than a vague answer like ‘Are you a kind person?’

Of course, in love, unexpected things can happen. Naturally, there are cases where Virgo’s analytical ability is ‘wrong…!’ when it comes to love. However, Virgos do not become emotional but rather revise their ideal type based on their failed experiences and rationally try to utilize them in their next love life.

Passive at First 

They’re not the type to come forward by nature, but when it comes to love, they become even more reserved. Basically, they are a passive type who is not good at approaching people on their own. Even if someone close to their ideal appears, it is difficult for them to take positive action. Therefore, many love affairs end in unrequited love.

However, once they get the chance and get to know someone, Virgos will start to show themselves little by little. When the possibility of mutual love increases, they think of ways to lead to a relationship and take planned action. The charm of Virgo is the gap between the initial shy appearance and the gap after getting close to each other.”

 Romantic and Loves Anniversaries 

Virgos increase efficiency and eliminate waste when it comes to study and work, but when it comes to love, they have a soft spot for romantic gestures and love anniversaries. They will be happy with a date spot with a good atmosphere and a surprise for their anniversary.

They also think about romantic gestures and surprises themselves. Virgos are well-planned and always ready for surprises.

Expressions of Love are Simple and Easy to Understand 

Virgo’s expression of love is to show how much interest they have in their partner. What makes them unique is that they take care of their partner by calling them on LINE or by phone, and expressing their feelings in easy-to-understand words. They show their love not only through their behavior but also through their words and actions. Moreover, since they are single-minded, a Virgo lover will not have to worry about their partner not knowing if they really like them.

However, Virgos expect the same amount of affection from their partners, so they must be careful when dating. They do their best, but if they don’t receive specific words of gratitude or appreciation, they end up feeling dissatisfied and anxious. Keep in mind that Virgo love is about give and take.

Can be Harsh on Their Partner 

Their keen eye for observation allows them to focus on both their partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Virgos are not subject to ‘love is blind,’ and in fact, the closer they are, the better they see, so various thoughts come out. Because of their high expectations for their beloved partner, they have a strong desire to ‘want them to improve more’ and ‘please correct what they did wrong,’ which results in them failing more often.

Because they love each other so much, they tend to meddle more, but they can also become dominant… Even if the point is not wrong, there are many cases where the partner can’t stand it anymore and ends the relationship.

How to Pursue a Virgo 

For Virgos, who are thoughtful and careful in assessing their partners, a step-by-step approach is the way to go. First of all, be polite and show good manners, starting with a smile and a pleasant greeting. Being ‘polite and refreshing’ are essential conditions for attracting a Virgo.

Gather information about the other person’s ideal type while gradually shortening the distance between you. Virgos have a clear idea of the type they like, so approach them accordingly. It’s a good idea to pay attention not only to your appearance but also to your behavior and conversation topics. If you make a more or less blatant makeover to look like your ideal type, you’ll be more likely to approach someone by asking, ‘Huh? Maybe it’s for me?’

The next step is to build relationships with close friends and colleagues, increase your one-on-one time, and confess your feelings when you see that the Virgo is interested. If you go through these steps, you’ll gain the Virgo’s sympathy, and you’ll be mentally prepared, making it easier to get their approval.

Virgo’s View of Marriage 

Virgo’s view on marriage is extremely stable. A calm, friendly family is ideal. They have a strong desire to get married, but they’re not the type to compromise just for the sake of getting married. In fact, the strength of their commitment will become more apparent. At any rate, they are particular about their ideals and plans.

When it comes to marriage, they’re quite realistic and calculate in their head the conditions for building their ideal family. Then, they start looking for a partner by counting backwards from when they want to get married. Virgos are romantic when it comes to love, but when it comes to marriage, they will enter the matchmaking market without any hesitation, regardless of how they meet someone.

Basically, Virgos prefer to stay behind the scenes, but when the time comes to say, ‘I want to get married!’, Virgos take action on their own. Once the wedding becomes a reality, they happily tackle the various decisions and preparations that go into it without any trouble. The ideal partner for Virgos who want to take proper steps is someone who is willing to cooperate with them, and this will not change even after marriage.

Jobs Suitable for Virgo 

Virgos are skillful and can perform above average in any task. They’re very considerate, so they have no problems with interpersonal relationships. However, because they have to be more attentive than other people, it’s easy for them to get stressed out, so a job where they can work at their own pace is probably better suited for them.

Since they are hard workers, it would be a good idea for them to get a qualification and pursue a professional job. They can continue to study hard even in difficult fields, so they should be proactive in the fields that interest them. A job that pays well will be more motivating.

They are also good with their hands and have a good sense of aesthetics, making them ideal for creative work. It might be a good idea for them to take the plunge and turn their hobby into a job.

They are careful, make few mistakes, and have excellent analytical skills, so jobs that involve detailed numbers such as accounting and data analysis are also recommended.

Virgos Who Work Too Hard Need a Break! 

Virgos have high average abilities in all areas and work hard at everything so they can achieve great results. However, they need to be careful not to try too hard. They should take care of their time and take good breaks so that they don’t overdo it and become physically and mentally ill without realizing it.”