True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams about Water

Water is an essential part of life. To be able to live, humans need water everyday to go on with the day to day activities. It is important for drinking, washing, bathing, and cleaning. Life without water is unimaginable and impossible.

Biblical meaning and symbolism of water in dream

The water dream meaning during biblical times signifies purity. Water is turned holy once it is blessed by a religious figure, which is then used in churches for spiritual activities like baptism. Hence, to dream about water could mean that you are being cleansed and renewed.

So, what does water mean in a dream? In general, when water appears in dreams, it usually symbolizes purity, rebirth, strong feelings, thirst for knowledge, but it could also mean a lot more. However, take note that the meaning of the water dream could also be negative.

For instance, an obvious sign of a positive meaning of the water in your dream is when you are dreaming of a clear water. It’s a symbol of contentment and good fortune. On the other hand, if the water is cloudy or murky, then it could signify trouble or adversities which you are going to encounter in your waking life.

Common translation about dreams of water 

The meaning of your dream can vary on the body of water present in it. Other details, such the type of water in dreams, should also be taken into account. Are there other elements present? What was your interaction with the water in your dream? These are only a few of the vital questions so your dreams of water can be interpreted properly. As much as possible, you should always try to remember these important details.

1.Tailored to Prosper

Water is known to give life to everything around us. You, the animals around you, even the plants, need water to survive. In other words, water gives life to allow living things to live, multiply, and prosper.

Dreaming of water could be a sign that in your waking life you are also geared to thrive. It could mean prosperity in your personal life, in your professional life, or both.

Maybe your boss has finally seen your potential and offered you a promotion with a wonderful pay. This could mean that you are on your way to climbing that corporate ladder. At the same time, your finances are thriving, hence, you can give your family a better life.

2.Start of a New Beginning

Since water is used for cleansing, to see it in your dream could mean that you will have a fresh start soon. Imagine a used and dirty plate, when washed with water, it becomes clean and it looks brand new again.

You are the plate and your dream could be telling you that whatever mistakes you made in the past, it is not too late to start over. If, for the longest time, someone has been telling you what to do, why not try to step up this time and decide for yourself.

Maybe you have been relying too much on a certain vice, say smoking. Your dream of water could be telling you that now is the perfect time to choose health over pleasure. Choose the path that will lead you to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

3.Suppressed Emotions

Dreaming of water may also stand for the emotions you have been hiding for a long time. The reason behind keeping those emotions to yourself could be fear. You are afraid of showing your true feelings because you are afraid that the people you are close to might leave you or they might take advantage of you.

Maybe you are falling for your best friend, and you are scared that if you tell them the truth, you might lose them. Remember that showing your emotions to the person who, you think, cares for you, can result in two ways. They can either get awkward at some point and leave you eventually, or they can reciprocate those feelings you have towards them. If they truly care for you, they would definitely do the latter.

Therefore, do not keep those emotions hidden. Have the courage to show the world what you feel because who knows, the universe might just be in your favor.

4.You are Limitless

Water, in general, could also represent your outlook in life. Seeing the water in your dream means you have a positive attitude towards what is happening around you, and that is admirable.

The trait you carry with you, which makes you more openminded, could bring you greater opportunities. When you are presented with unfamiliar ideas, instead of shying away, you try to learn the pros and cons first, then you give it a try.

Your being open to possibilities and being keen on taking those challenges could help you achieve your goals and make you limitless.

5.Time to be Calm and Relaxed

For most people, water reflects calmness and relaxation, because indeed, it is what it stands for. Isn’t it that in spas, the element of water is always around you? Masseuse use it to wash your feet. They use it in the humidifier to make the place smell like nature. They even use it in the tea they serve you.

Maybe you are too buried in your office work that you already feel uneasy and anxious. Your dream about water could be telling you that if you just give yourself time to stand up and stretch, get out and have a quick run, you will eventually feel relieved. Take a break and breathe.

The water in your dream could also be telling you it’s not bad to reward your hard work sometimes. Shower yourself some care and love. Learn the power of meditation and give yourself time to be calm and relaxed.

What Does Dreaming About Water Mean – Common Water Dream Meaning

1.Dream about Snakes in Water

Seeing snakes in your dream can trigger a different kind of fear since snakes are known to be dangerous creatures.

To dream about snakes in the water, however, entails a whole lot of different meanings. Generally, those dreams reflect your emotions in your waking life. These emotions are geared towards the negative side though.

The snakes in your dreams represent your hidden emotions. Those are the things you want to share to others but you do not have the courage to do so, sometimes because of fear of being judged or rejected, so you keep them to yourself instead.

The dream could be telling you that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. If you don’t want to burden your loved ones with your emotions, try to seek professional help instead.

2.Dream about Drinking Water

Humans drink water to quench their thirst. Since the body is made up of around 60% water, and daily activities use that water up, it needs to be replenished again by drinking more water.

To dream of drinking water could mean that you are up for success, hence you need to drink that water and be healthy because good things are waiting for you. If you think you are far from that yet in your waking life, don’t worry because the situation will slowly get better.

For instance, you have a business and you feel like losing your edge due to competitors, your dream of you drinking water could mean that a wonderful proposal is on its way and it’s going to help you boost your sales again.

Every step you take will lead you to your most awaited triumph, so don’t give up just yet.

3.Dream about Falling into Water

In reality, nobody would want to fall into the water, unless it is on their own accord. Falling into water could lead to further accidents, since you don’t know what is waiting for you below.

To dream of falling into water is close to what could possibly happen to you if you indeed fall into the water in your waking life, and that is the possibility of obtaining injury. The dream, indeed, means there could be suffering or disease.

Under other circumstances, dreaming of falling into water could also represent your feeling of being helpless. There could be things that you regret doing before but you cannot undo anymore, so you have no other choice but to face the consequences head on.

Surprisingly, if the water you are falling into in your dream is muddy, it brings about a different meaning gearing towards a positive one. The muddy water signifies your success. In fact, the deeper the fall is in your dream, the greater your achievements will be in your waking life.

4.Dream about Deep Water

Deep waters can be frightening for many because of the uncertainty it brings. The deep could invoke drowning or seeing unwanted creatures.

When it comes to dreams, the deep water could act as a warning for you in your waking life. Therefore, you should be extra careful in the decisions you make and the actions you take, as the results of those are going to take a heavy bearing in your future.

Be vigilant and learn to observe the people and events around you. Things happen for a reason and the warning, in a form of a deep water in your dream, could be telling you that you are approaching something dangerous. The good thing about warnings, if you are able to read them correctly, is it could still buy you time to retreat.

If in your dream you are swimming in deep water, it could mean that you are going to be stuck in a difficult situation soon. Still, the proper action to take is to decide your every move carefully. Think twice, thrice even, if there’s an important matter on hand, and never make a final decision if strong emotions are involved.

5.Dream about Breathing Underwater

Humans are not accustomed to breathe underwater unless there is a special breathing equipment used. Hence, to dream about being able to breathe underwater is a good sign. It feels like you are given a supernatural ability, something only you are capable of doing.

Indeed, to dream about breathing underwater signifies your strength as a person. However, the strength pertained to does not talk about your physical abilities, but more on your mental power.

It could mean that you are more than ready to face the challenges the waking life is about to throw at you. So, take advantage of those moments and approach them with great vigor because triumph awaits.

6.Dream about Running Water

To see running water everyday is a common thing. At home, running water is present on faucets, in the shower, even in your sprinklers. In nature, running water is seen in the bodies of water such as streams, rivers, waterfalls, and many more. Seeing running water exudes complacency, because it makes you feel you have an unlimited supply of something essential.

To dream of running water could be telling you that you could attain stability in your waking life. Your positive attitude towards your surroundings will lead you to a period of relaxation.

Do not stress yourself on things that you cannot control. Instead, just like the running water, learn how to ride with it and go with the direction of its flow.

What Should Be Done When You Learn About the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Water?

Dreams of water can indeed be tricky since there are a lot of variables involved and there are a lot of things you have to look out for.

A gentle reminder, as these dreams could be related in your waking life, learn to assess which among the meanings work for you. If you think the interpretations are applicable in your current situation, then better yet, start taking the necessary steps to avoid or follow your dream. Act and react accordingly.