True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Dragon

Dragons are legendary and mythical monsters with resemblance to a serpentine. They are usually described as huge and lizard-like creatures that have the ability to fly and breathe fire. Dragons are quite popular in all parts of the world. According to Joseph Stromberg of Smithsonian Magazine, dragons probably evolved independently in Europe, China, the Americas, and Australia.

Dragons are considered to be one of the most popular mythological creatures known in many cultures. Many people believed that dragons really do exist in the ancient times and tales of it were passed to many generations. They are depicted as gigantic and powerful creatures which have various symbolisms. Both Western and Eastern cultures have their own take with dragons.

In the Eastern culture, dragons are treated as protectors or guardians which symbolize beauty and power, good or bad. They are figures worthy of respect and should be viewed as symbol of wealth. Dragons in the East have long serpentine body which are mostly wingless but have the capability to take flight.

Unlike the East, dragons are seen as villains in the Western culture. They are monsters which symbolize destruction and disaster. Western dragons are treated as enemies which are bound to be killed. They are dangerous fire-breathing creatures which have strong scaly snake-like body with sharp claws, and bat-like wings.

Nowadays, dragons can be seen or heard anywhere – from folks in villages, children stories, books, and even in movies. You have probably watched different films, or read books featuring dragons and wondered what it’s like to see a dragon face to face. Seeing a dragon in real life is impossible but you can probably meet a dragon in your dreams.

Have you ever experienced seeing a dragon in dreams? What is the dragon’s appearance like? What is it doing and how do you feel upon seeing it? There are different interpretations of dragon dreams of which you will find out in this article.

Different Dragons in Dreams

Dragon dreams are usually connected with your interactions in life. You may have experienced dreaming about dragon and tend to see different dragons in your dreams. You may also have wondered what it means.  Keep reading to find out about the different meaning of dreaming dragon.

1.Golden Dragon Dream

Gold dragons symbolize wealth, fortune, and prosperity. Dreaming of golden dragons talks about the riches you will soon take into account. It is usually a good omen if you have been dreaming of golden dragons as it brings you abundance and success in your waking life.

Golden dragons in dreams also signify your own hidden desires. They also represent your side of being materialistic in life. Golden dragons in dreams show positive signs of what’s coming in your waking life.

2.Bronze Dragon Dream

Just like gold dragons in dreams, bronze dragons bring positive symbolisms in your life. Bronze dragons signify a stress-free life and you will succeed in all of the challenges you are facing. You will also feel the sense of happiness and contentment in your waking life.

3.Silver Dragon Dream

Silver dragons are considered to have powerful healing abilities. If you have dreamed of silver dragons, you are most likely undergoing healing and transformation. Major changes in your waking life will take place. You just have to open your mind and accept these changes for a better future.

4.White Dragon Dream

White dragon dreamsare considered to be good omen for wealth and fortune. Dreaming of white dragons signifies better fortune coming your way. You may experience not having problems with your financial situations in your waking life.

Seeing a white dragon in dreams usually means a positive symbolism. It represents a new beginning for you towards great success in the future. Although white dragons symbolize good fortune, it also shows your deepest desire of escaping from your problems in life.

You may dream of a white dragon if you are currently dealing with some difficulties and pain in life. A white dragon in dreams signifies that someone or something is trying to threaten or stop you from achieving your goals. You may be feeling sorrow and despair but you have the courage to stand up for what is right in order to make things  better.

5.Gray Dragon Dream

Dreaming of gray dragons is a symbol of discovering oneself. You are moving towards self-realization, whether good or bad. When you see a gray dragon in dreams, it means that you are learning to uncover your true self.

Color gray is associated with age and wisdom. You may be a person with great wisdom and experienced lots of things in your  life. Gray is a combination of white and black, so all attributes of white and black dragons are associated with gray dragons in dreams.

6.Yellow Dragon Dream

Yellow dragons represent power and prosperity. If you have dreams of yellow dragons then it means that you will soon be facing with good fortune in your waking life. You will also be relived from depression and able to successfully take over yourself.

Yellow dragon may also signify a bad omen related to diseases. Health problems will be an issue to you and your family. It usually depicts an illness, danger or trouble. Dreaming of yellow dragons also symbolizes a turn of events in your waking life.

Seeing a yellow dragon in dreams also represents your intuition and wisdom. It shows your inner feelings and emotions towards people and situations in your life. Having a yellow dragon dreams allows you to reflect your behavior and interaction in your waking life.

7.Black Dragon Dream

The color black is associated with power, fear, mystery, evil, and sophistication. A dragon is considered a symbol of power and also destruction. It is believed that a black dragon is a mysterious creature and its appearance in your dreams may have various meaning.

According to Chinese mythology, black dragon in dreams symbolizes fortune and wealth in your waking life. A black dragon also means that you will gain strength in the days to come. Dreaming of a black dragon usually tells you, the dreamer to be aware of your surroundings as it means you are facing an enemy in your waking life.

Seeing a black dragon in dreams signifies your fear. This fear is something of great impact within you. You may be feeling weak and consumed in your waking life. You may also be in the middle of a difficult challenge of which you have difficulty doing what is right.

8.Red Dragon Dream

Color red in general is related to fire, danger, and desire. Red dragons are believed to be the kind of dragons which have wings and have the ability to breathe fire.

Red dragons in dreams symbolize the need of controlling yourself when dealing with other people. You must be careful of the words that will come out of your mouth as it may put you in a dangerous or difficult situation.

Seeing a red dragon in dreams means you shall learn to recognize your passion and desire within you. Learning to do so may bring you success and prosperity in your waking life. Also, a red dragon symbolizes your anger towards a challenging person or a difficult situation, so you must control your temper at all times.

9.Blue Dragon Dream

According to Sigmund Freud, a blue-colored dragon symbolizes your mother. This means seeing a blue dragon in dreams means comfort, security, and protection. You may be feeling comfortable and secured with the current situations and the people around you in your waking life.

Light blue dragon represents the feeling of happiness, and lightness. You tend to enjoy the things going on with your life. You may feel peaceful at times and experience personal growth as well. If the dragon is within the dark shades of blue, then it means deep and heavy feelings you are about to encounter. You may be feeling sorrowful or depressed at times.

Common Dragon Dream Scenarios Meaning

Now that you know the different dragons you may encounter in your dreams and their meanings, it is now time to be familiar with the possible scenarios you may face in your dreams. Keep reading to find out your dragon dream meaning.

1.Seeing a dragon in dream

If you see a dragon in your dreams, it means you are strong enough to face your fears and difficulties in life. You are also ready to protect yourself from any danger you may encounter. Seeing a dragon in dreams shows your bravery and patience in achieving your goals.

2.Dreaming of transforming yourself into a dragon

When you see yourself transform into a dragon, then it means that you have the ability to control yourself and know how to behave correctly. You are in-charge of everything that’s happening in your waking life. You also have the authority over people and possess great cooperation skills.

3.Killing a dragon in dreams

This dream indicates your uncontrolled behavior in your life. You tend to be aggressive and angry at times. You may be experiencing hardships and stress in your waking life. Killing a dragon means that you are feeling resentment at the moment and needed to think more rationally.

4.Dreaming of fire-breathing dragons

This kind of dream serves as a warning to be more cautious of the things coming out of your mouth. There may be a possibility of hurting others even if you don’t intend to. This dream also means that you must control your passion within you in order to progress in your waking life. If the dragon does not breathe fire, it means that you criticize yourself at times.

5.A dragon attacking you in dreams

When a dragon attacked you in dreams, it symbolizes your hidden anxieties. You may have this dream if you are currently experiencing problems in your waking life. If you fight back an attacking dragon, it means that you are struggling to control your emotions and situations in life.

6.Dreaming of a baby dragon

Baby dragons in dream signify your innocence. Seeing a baby dragon in dreams means you have to be aware of your inner self or own desire. Giving birth to a baby dragon in dreams symbolizes a fresh start in your waking life, sometimes associated with rebirth.

7.A dragon spreading its wings

This dream usually brings a good sign. You may start to understand and accept the difficult situations in your life. This also represents better future coming your way after facing all your problems in life.

8.Dreaming of flying dragons

Flying Dreams about dragons are good dragon dreams. This usually means that after difficult times in life, you will feel accomplished and contented. It also shows that you are moving towards the right direction of your life. You will start to achieve goals that you set in your waking life.

9.Being on the dragon’s back

This is usually a common dream for people. This means that you know how to conquer your fears and difficulties in your waking life. The dragon in your dreams may represent you or other people, so think carefully to figure that out.

Dreams about dragon: Conclusion

Take note that in the Bible, dragon represents Satan or evil but if you have faith in God, He will help you overcome and defeat evil and temptations. In line with that, dragon dream meaning usually vary depending on what culture or belief you have. You just have to remember details of your dreams in order to accurately interpret your dragon dreams.

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