True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams about Babies

Babies signify a start of a new life. They also represent purity and innocence since they are born in this world having no knowledge yet of what is around them.

Dreaming about a baby is actually a common phenomenon, especially for women, since they are the ones capable of carrying a baby in their womb. Similar to the waking life, to dream about babies mostly bring about positive meanings.  The few negative meanings of baby dreams, however, are usually often related to the feelings associated to the dream.

For instance, if you are an expectant mother dreaming of a baby, that dream could make you feel excited of meeting your baby soon. On the other hand, if you are someone who doesn’t want to have a baby, the dream about babies could bring you fear and anxiety.

Indeed, dreaming of babies are not exclusive to mothers and moms-to-be only. Even women who are not pregnant, those who aren’t capable of getting pregnant, and those who don’t have kids yet also dream of a baby. Although, having baby dreams are more frequent to the former.

During the holy days, dreaming of a baby could be related to one’s religious beliefs. For Christians, Jesus was once a baby, who was born in a manger. His birth restored the faith of those who believed in him. Hence, the biblical meaning of dreams about babies is that of hope.

Possible interpretations why you dreamed about a baby

1.Pregnancy is in the Works

If you are going to be a first-time mother soon, then you’ll probably have a lot of dreams about babies. As mentioned previously, the reason behind those dreams could be your excitement in your waking life.

Maybe you are already on your last trimester and about to give birth, you know the gender, so you bought a lot of baby stuff already. Maybe you have always kept your mind occupied with giving birth, singing or breastfeeding your baby to sleep, and taking good care of your baby.

All those future desires are acknowledged by your subconscious and most of the time they are also carried on to your dreams.

2.The Desire to be Pregnant

If you are already at your peak and you think you are ready to have a family, then you could dream about having a baby often.

Maybe in your waking life you have been researching a lot about babies. Maybe you imagine yourself in the future being a mother and having your own cute kids. Your conversations with your partner might also be filled of topics about babies.

No doubt that while sleeping, you will still dream about a baby. This could be a good sign that you will also have your own baby soon. However, do not rely on it too much as this could just be a reflection of what you yearn in your waking life.

3.The Need for Maturity

As babies are still young, they still need to undergo a lot to develop. It takes years for them to fully mature and to  be an adult.

Your dream about a baby could mean that you need to mature as well in your waking life. You might not be aware that there are things which you approach poorly due to your lack of development in that certain aspect of your life. Hence, in the dream, you could be the baby who needs some maturity.

For instance, maybe you need to mature in terms of handling your finances. You could be spending way too much than what you are earning. Therefore, you might need to assess your financial goals and take care of your expenses, so you won’t end up broke in your waking life.

4.A Wonderful Beginning

Since babies symbolize a new beginning, dreaming about them could mean that you are going to experience your own rebirth.

This wonderful beginning could pertain to your personal, career, or financial goals. If you are into business, your dream about babies could mean that someone is going to offer you a new business venture, which will eventually bring you great success.

You should gauge the offer well and accept without hesitation if you find a potential in it.

5.Fear for a Baby’s Safety

If you are pregnant, the dream of having a baby could take up a lot of your concerns. Keeping a baby safe in your womb is a lot of work. There are things you need to sacrifice and things you need to start doing for your baby to come out healthy.

This fear for your baby’s safety is fairly common if you are having a high-risk pregnancy. Your doctor will be the one to inform you about this, so you can apply necessary measures for the baby in your womb.

The fact that you are having a delicate pregnancy might bother you a lot in your waking life and this could also be the reason why it is still bothering you in your dream.

Don’t stress yourself a lot. If you are following what your doctor has been advising, then you don’t have to worry, you will definitely give birth to a healthy baby.

6.Joyful and Contented

Babies usually exude the feeling of happiness. Did you happen to notice that whenever you see a baby, your immediate reaction is to smile towards that baby? Babies do not carry  burden on their shoulders. They will immediately back to their happy state if you feed them or give them milk when they cry.

Dreaming of a baby could mean that you are happy and contented with what you currently have in your life. You may not be a million dollar richer but for you, having a complete, healthy, and joyful family is already enough for you to say that you are blessed.

7.Anxiety Attack

Women who feel anxious about seeing babies in their dreams are usually those who don’t want to have babies. Maybe they are not ready yet or they never want one ever. There are women who are not used to having a baby around, hence, when faced with a lot of babies or kids, they suddenly feel distressed.

The uncomfortable feeling of having kids around could still be in your subconscious and that could be the reason why you dream of babies.

Being aware that it is just a dream and blocking off thoughts  don’t make you comfortable. Think of things that could make you happy instead, and maybe try to stay away from babies for a while.

What Does Dreaming About Babies Mean – Common Baby Dream Interpretation

1.Dreams about Having a Baby

The dream meaning of having a baby is usually positive in nature. For pregnant women, these dreams are fairly common since they are about to give birth soon.

However, if you are not an expectant mother, your dream of having a baby could be associated to new opportunities in your waking life. It could mean that something or someone new is coming your way. Maybe you will start a romantic relationship soon with the person you truly care for. It could also pertain to a new project that you are going to start in the near future.

The same meaning could be applicable if you dream of a newborn baby, since the babies too, are faced with something new – their new environment and their family.

2.Dreams about Babies Dying

To dream of a baby dying can be very disheartening, especially if you have a baby of your own. No baby deserves to die, and no one should see a baby dying.

As these dreams about babies dying are inevitable and heartbreaking, there is actually good in every situation. If you don’t have children of your own yet, be thankful it is just a dream, because it could actually bring positivity in your waking life.

Dreaming of a dead baby could mean an end to your childish self. Maybe something happened recently that honed you to be more mature. Learn to accept the new “you,” and stop worrying about things that doesn’t matter to you anymore.  

Alternatively, this could also mean failure in your part to achieve your goals. Whatever it is, keep on trying and do not give up just yet.

3.Dreams about Babies Crying

Babies cry a lot, especially since they don’t have the ability to talk yet, they express their feelings through crying. Babies are helpless alone; hence, they need to be always taken cared of and looked after.

To dream about babies crying could mean that you are also feeling helpless and abandoned by the people whom you thought cared for you.

Maybe they weren’t available when you needed them most. They could be your siblings or your parents, even your closest friends. However, this is not something to be worried about, know that you are being acknowledged and loved. It might not be the perfect timing though, since they probably have to deal with problems of their own.

What you can do best is to appreciate whatever they can offer you at the moment. They definitely care for you, only this time you have to learn to be stronger and more independent. They will be there for you soon, you just have to be patient.

4.Dreams about Taking Care of a Baby

Taking care of a baby is a huge responsibility, especially if you don’t have a prior experience. For parents, this could either mean that you are having fun or you’re too stressed of taking care of your baby in your waking life.

However,  dreams about taking care of a baby could mean differently for someone who doesn’t have a child . Dreaming of taking care of a baby could signal you that you will be in a tricky situation soon. That certain event will require you to assess your priorities. Think carefully before making a final decision.

5.Dreams about Twin Babies

Having twins are incredible, not everyone is given such a blessing of having two babies. Also, being strong enough to carry twins in their womb is something to be thankful for.

To dream about babies which are twins is equally a good sign. That particular dream is telling you that you are heading to the right path, and that path will lead you to a successful life in terms of your career.

Maybe you are doing a fantastic job at your workplace and your boss is finally giving you the promotion you have been waiting for. Of course, with promotion comes career growth and great fortune.

6.Dreams about Babies Talking

To see babies talking are extraordinary. Babies develop their ability to talk later in life, and usually these are simple words which they always hear.

If you’re an expectant mother, dreaming about a baby talking could mean that you cannot wait to meet your child soon. You crave to communicate to him/ her, even if he/ she will definitely just look at you and listen.

On the other hand, if you’re not pregnant, the dream about babies talking could be telling you that you have a potential that you haven’t recognized yet. Acknowledge your talents, most especially, develop the part wherein communication is greatly involved.

What Actions Should be Taken Upon Knowing the True Meaning Behind Your Dreams about Babies?

Dreams about babies affect pregnant women most. However, even if you aren’t expecting, you shouldn’t shove away the fact that your baby dreams could be telling you something.

Assess your feelings toward the dream and align it with the events in your waking life. You might find a connection for the dream to make sense. Remember, there is no harm in trying to take precautions or to rejoice upon knowing your dream’s interpretation.

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