True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams About Cups

A cup is a versatile drinking utensil as it can hold both hot and cold beverages. Many are collecting cups because of its designs while others buy various cups because they often host social gatherings. Whatever purpose you have in mind, you cannot disagree that cups can be a common dream symbol for everyone. Not only because you have watched Mrs. Potts and Chip in Beauty and the Beast but also because cups bear a deeper meaning regarding one’s life or spirituality. 

So, what does it mean when you dream about cups? Find out more about your cup dreams below. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Cups

Regardless of what type of cup you have dreamed of or what drink is in your cup, a dream about cups is generally interpreted as a positive dream. You will be more socially engaged and able to meet new people. In most cases, cups filled with water in dreams are favorable as it represents clear intention, new life, and spiritual development. However, if the cup is only half-filled, it means you still need more effort and attention to achieve what you want. To see a hot cup of coffee means an unexpected journey—the result depends on how you feel towards your dream. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Cups – Common Cup Dream Meaning Dictionary

1.Dream about glass cups

To dream of a cup made with glass symbolizes rediscovery and awareness. You will be able to get a hold of what’s really happening with yourself and in your life. Alternatively, glass cup dreams are indicators of changing the way you are living right now, so that you can continue pursuing your goals. Moreover, dreaming about glass cups signifies a fresh start after feeling overwhelmed by certain situations. 

2.Dream about stealing cups

If your cup is stolen by someone else in your dream, it indicates deception or betrayal. Someone will take advantage of your good nature while trying to keep you at ease. So, always be careful when engaging with other people, even with the people you already know. However, if you are the one who steals a cup in your dreams, then it implies that you will take a small risk to achieve what you want.

3.Dream about paper cups

Dreaming of paper cups suggests that you always find an alternative solution to every problem you encounter. You are a person who knows how to accept his/her shortcomings. What’s more is that paper cup dreams can also be interpreted as a sign of rejuvenation. Your subconscious mind is telling you not to get attached to certain things, so you’ll have time for yourself, and to prosper continuously. 

4.Dream about measuring cups

Measuring cups in your dreams signify challenges that are underway. Don’t worry because you can get out of trouble by paying attention to little details of the whole picture. More so, there is a need to be aware of the things that you need in your waking life. Make some changes and learn to balance every aspect of your life.  

5.Dream about plastic cups

Dreams of plastic cups are symbols of a short-period happiness. The people you love and trust will betray you, in time. Furthermore, a plastic cup in dreams suggests that you focus on the visible aspects of someone’s life. You don’t even take the chance to get to know that person more. Alternatively, dreaming about plastic cups is a sign of being always there for someone, but that person thinks you are unreliable. 

6.Dream about many cups

Dreaming about many cups denotes receiving various options in your waking life. You may have several chances to redeem your reputation or numerous opportunities to reach your goals in life. However, dreams about lots of cups that are empty can be a sign of missed opportunities in your reality. 

7.Dream about tea cups

Since ancient times, tea parties have served as social gathering events, which are held either formally or casually. For a tea party, the hosts are obliged to possess elegant or stylish tea cups alongside a refreshing tea. Therefore, seeing a tea cup in your dream is an indication of being socially inclined. Most dreams of tea cups are interpreted as changes, prosperity, formality, and distinction. However, certain tea cup dreams may symbolize turmoil when meeting with new people. 

8.Dream about empty cups

Dreams about empty cups suggest that you are focusing on trivial things, which make you feel empty inside. No matter what you do, you feel like something is missing or lacking in your life. On the other hand, dreaming of cups that are empty indicates facing difficulties in the near future. You may also take some actions, during this time, which will only worsen your situation. 

9.Dream about broken cups

Cup broken dreams symbolizes discord and sorrow. You will be in a period of argument or conflict, especially with the people close to you. This dream could also be a symbol of achievement that will make you unsatisfied. However, to see that you deliberately break a cup in your dreams is an indicator of ending the misery in your reality. 

10.Dream about drinking from a cup

Dreaming of drinking from a cup signifies your ability to overcome difficult situations. To see other people drinking from a cup means you will meet someone that will help you realize the joy of non-material wealth. If you are drinking wine from a cup, then it forewarns trouble from being too arrogant. However, to dream of yourself sharing a drink from a cup with someone else is a sign of teamwork or collaboration. 

11.Dream about washing cups

To see yourself washing cups in your dream means you are expecting something—an announcement or news—in your waking life. You are preparing yourself to be at your best for what’s coming your way. However, if you are being forced to wash a cup in your dream, then it is a sign of feeling helpless, in times of important situations. A dirty cup in dreams may be a sign of being unsatisfied with your current life status.

12.Dream about throwing cups away

If you see yourself throwing a cup away in your dreams, then it foretells failure and disappointment. The project you are investing in right now will not be as successful as you think. However, if someone else is throwing the cup in your dreams, then it shows that someone will talk behind your back. It could be because of some misunderstanding or conflict of interest. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Cups

Do not jump into conclusions when you learn the meaning behind your dreams about cups. Often, you dream about cups because you are worried about your waking life. That’s why these dreams are not mostly viewed as prophetic dreams. They are interpreted to give you a guide of what to do and where to start. So, ensure that you’ll focus on the things that will help you grow when you are enlightened about your dream of cups. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man dreamed of an empty golden cup. This dream is telling him to pursue what makes him happy. He knows that he is ambitious and, therefore, he stands firm and fights for what he thinks is right. However, he has the tendency to feel lonely, even after reaching the peak because his harsh actions and decisions will backfire at him in the end.