What Do they Exciting Dreams About Flying Really Mean

Dreaming about flying is one of the most surreal, liberating, and joyful experience! It’s a feeling of complete freedom as you soar and glide through the sky. But what does flying dream mean in your real, waking life?

Basic Symbolism And Meaning Of Dreaming Of Flying

Most of the time, dreaming of flying represents a sense of freedom. According to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, dreams about flying could be sort of an escape from the pressures of the real world.

Psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, who analyzed dreams as part of their scientific research, also agree that dreams represent unfulfilled desires.

You might ask ”why am I dreaming of flying?” The answer depends on your current situation and what you are going through right now. But generally speaking, it symbolizes your desires to be independent, to escape hardships, to advance your career, among others.

As dreams of flying are regarded as lucid dreams, in which you can control the narrative and characters of your dream, it could also mirror your eagerness to fully control what’s going to happen in your life in order to reach your ambitions.

Flying dreams can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the situation, setting and directions of your flight. To understand it better, here are some of the most common dreams about flying that can help you interpret your dream.

Dreams abou flying interpretation depending on situations

Flying freely

​If you were able to fly and go wherever you want, it suggests that you are in full control of your situation.

If you were flying with a group of people or if they are watching you on the ground, then this implies that you will be able to get help from people that can solve a problem that has been troubling you.

If you were holding a person’s hand, it might be a hint that a romantic affair will come soon but the relationship won’t last long.

Trouble flying

If you were having a hard time flying, it conveys that you are being stopped by someone or something from moving to the next step of your goal. If you were struggling alone in your dream, it symbolizes your lack of self-confidence. If you were with someone or with a group of people, those are the ones that might be holding you back from moving forward.

Falling while flying

​If you were falling in your dream too many times, then this reveals that there is a lack of support around you and you feel that you are carrying a lot of burden on your shoulder. But it could also be a good sign, telling  that you will find a solution and overcome your obstacles soon.

You could also be having that kind of dream of falling because of your current situation— it could be because you feel stuck in life, you are trying to get out of your comfort zone, or if you are a few steps closer to reaching your goals.

 Scared of flying

​If you were afraid to take off, it suggests that you are fearful of making the next move or getting out of your comfort zone. it means that you are feeling overwhelmed or pressured by the thought of success.

Meanwhile, if you were happily free-falling, it may infer that you are not scared of changes and challenges and you are ready for whatever the future brings.

Dreams abou flying interpretation depending on directions

Flying toward & upward

​If you were flying up above the clouds, it indicates your strong desire to seek freedom and you are not afraid to follow your dreams and aspirations.

This dream is generally a symbol of success and confidence– be it in love, finance, or career.

Flying downward

​Going back to the ground suggests the need to visit your unconscious mind. It means that you know there is something bothering you but you were ignoring and burying it in your mind. This dream could be a reminder that you won’t be able to move forward if you won’t deal with issues that have been troubling you.

Flying backward

 ​Flying that way means that you would like to take a look back on the past and relive those experiences and good memories. It’s either about your fond memories of childhood or recollections of your loved ones.

Flying lowto the ground

This symbolizes your strength, determination, and hard work.

Flying at a steady, consistent phase means that you are strong enough to face the future

Flying in circles

If you were circling in on something, it illustrates a repetitive action. It might signify the need to practice a new skill or start a new activity. You might be thinking about a new hobby or wanting to do something but won’t be able to do at the moment.

Flying to the left or right

​Flying to the right symbolizes that you are on the right path or you are doing something  on the right track. Meanwhile,  flying to the left connotes a negative undertone.

Dreams abou flying interpretation depending on settings

Where were you when you were flying? The environment or surroundings where you fly can also affect and add meaning to your dreams.

Flying an airplane

​If you were driving the plane, it means that even though you are not fully free at the moment, you know that you will eventually achieve your hopes and dreams. Experiencing turbulence or crashing, meanwhile, suggests going through a temporary rough patch in life.

If you were flying in an airplane or if you were a passenger, it mirrors your feeling that you have no control in your life. If the plane crashes, it insinuates that you should rethink or re-evaluate your decisions in life to avoid steering your path in the wrong direction.

Flying over water

Flying above the clear water implies that you are aware of your situation and you are doing something to solve your problems and make your conditions better. It may also be a warning to stay focused, especially if you have a business.If the water is muddy, it indicates that your enemies are watching you and waiting to fool you, so you should keep your personal life private to avoid issues and rumors.

Flying in space

​Be careful. Dreaming about flying in space across the planets, moons, and the universe signifies trouble and dangerous events. This might also indicate that you are preoccupied with fantasies and you might need a balance to get in touch with reality.

Flying with an animal

This illustrates that you are being consumed by your emotions and have no peace of mind at the moment.

Flying while in bed

If you were flying in bed, it could be a hint that something good will happen soon.

Flying on a chair

It could either be a good or a bad sign. You might lose an opportunity but this could also lead to success and open new doors, such as career advancement or a better job.

Flying in a car

​This dream could be an indication that you may be successful in what you’re currently doing or what you’re working on. This dream brings victory and satisfaction.

Flying in a hot air balloon

​It conveys that you long for freedom or that you are at the beginning of some creative process or starting a new thing in your life that would liberty you from your usual cycle.

Flying in a boat

This symbolizes good fortune. It reveals your success in general that could lead to a carefree and comfortable future.

20. Flying with angels-​It means that people respect and honor you. You might probably receive recognition for your hard work and good personality. Keep up the good work!

What do we learn from dreams about flying interpretation

Dreaming ​of flying generally symbolizes freedom, success, achievement, among others. All dreams are subjective and to dream about flying can be a reflection of what you are feeling, your goals, and your pursuit of freedom and happiness.

It can be an indication that you have the capacity to see things in a broader perspective and that you have the ability to overcome whatever challenges life throws at you with the right attitude and rational mindset.

By understanding all the dreams about flying written above, you would now be able to analyze and understand what your subconscious and spirit are trying to communicate with you while you’re asleep.

With this in mind, surround yourself with good people and build a support system that would push you to reach greater heights. There will always be someone that will pull you back from success, but you should always get back on your knees and soar higher than ever before.

Dreams might be able to foretell good or bad fortune, but whatever your dream is, always remember that you alone have the power to change your future and live a fulfilling life.

So go on, then, fly high but keep your feet on the ground!