True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Cats

Dreaming about cats are among the most common dreams humans have. Dreams about cats bring the feeling of comfort, especially if the cats in the dream are domestic ones, which are mostly harmless in the waking life.

However, some cats in dreams bring about bad luck. Depending on which country you’re from, cats may symbolize different things.  

Cats, whether it’s a ferocious lion or a gentle domestic cat, have quite a number of similar features. Cats have flexible bodies with active reflexes, which help them jump long distances and corner their prey. Cats also have retractable claws which allow them to climb trees, secure their prey, or protect themselves. Cats also have sharp teeth that could pierce a person’s skin when bitten.

Given their above common features, one may still ask “what does it mean when you dream about cats?” Below are the different possible interpretations of cats appearing in your dreams.

Common Dreams About Cats Answers

1.Acknowledge Your Gut Feeling

If you dream about cats, it could be telling you to pay attention to your gut feeling. Value your intuition because it could save you one day.

Women are known to have strong intuition. Cats in dreams also symbolizes the same. That is the reason why dreaming about cats could be associated to one’s femininity. It simply says that you should acknowledge your intuition and learn how to use it to your advantage.

For men, check that weird, aloof feeling you have towards an event or a person. Pay attention to that and try to rely less on your own intellect.

2.A Tap On One’s Feminine Side

As dreams of cats are linked to one’s femininity, one should check on the females in their lives.

If you’re a man, maybe it’s time to check your attitude towards women. How do you see the women in your life? Do you give value to each one of them or do you take them for granted?

If you are doing the latter, it could be the right time to learn to appreciate women, from your mother to your partner, to those who serve you at the restaurants, or assist you while shopping. A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

For women, of course, dreaming about cats could be telling you to acknowledge yourself. How do you view one’s self? Are you satisfied with the body that you have? Are you treating yourself well by not being so overwhelmed with what is happening around you?

Maybe it is time to try to get to know yourself better. Reassess your values and realign them to pave the way of how you want to see yourself a few years from now. Also, don’t forget to give yourself a good pat on the back when you wake up, because you successfully made it this far.

3.Your Relationship Needs Fixing

Dreaming of cats could also be related to your current relationship. Mostly it pertains to those which needs a bit of fixing, or if it can’t be settled, then maybe it’s time to let go.

If unmarried, maybe dreaming about cats tell you that you will have emotional issues in the future. Maybe you will get into a relationship, but it will be an unstable one.

A married woman, however, might interpret cat dreams differently. Maybe your marriage lacks passion or you’re unsatisfied with your relationship at the moment.

For the first two mentioned, proper ways of fixing should be applied to be able to patch rocky relationships. That’s if both parties are still willing to participate and heal.

For a pregnant lady, a cat appearing in your dream good bring you good news. It could mean that you’re going to give birth to a healthy and adorable baby girl.

4.Independent and Powerful

To dream about cats could also mean that you yearn for independence and power in your waking life. If you feel that you’re being too dependent on the people around you – maybe your family, your partner, or your friends – then it’s time to learn how to slowly distance yourself from them.

As you grow older, some people in your life will start to disappear and you should be able to accept that.

Be strong enough to stand on your own and you will have that power to take control of yourself. You may not be able to control what happens around you, but you will be tough enough to know how to react properly and gain control.  


Life is always unpredictable but sometimes dreams are there to give us a glimpse of the future.

Dreaming of cats is one way of knowing that what is happening in your life right now might not be what you really imagine yourself in the future. Make use of that time to reassess what you’re doing with your life.

Are you satisfied with where you think you’re heading. Is there something you’re more passionate about that deserves your energy? Ask yourself useful questions because as you go along, the answer to those will be your guide.

What Does Dreaming About Cats Mean – Different Cat Dreams Meaning

1.Dream about Seeing a Kitten

Dream about baby cats are often associated with independence and being self-sufficient. However, if in the dream, instead of an adult cat a kitten appears, it could mean helplessness in your waking life.

Kittens are small creatures, hence, they are not yet fully able to protect and provide for themselves. That is the reason why they rely so much on their mothers.

Dreaming about kittens might mean that you feel defenseless and vulnerable at your current status in life. It could be in the aspect of your relationship, in your job, your finances, etc.

For instance, you’re new at your job and you failed a certain task. At that particular moment, you feel helpless because the damage has been done. It might have still bothered your subconscious, making its way into your dream.

Always be careful with your actions and learn how to step up your game, but not to the expense of your job, the people around you, and your boss.

2.Dream about a Cat Being Playful

Cats love to play. They love to run around and chase each other. To see this behavior of cats in your dream could indicate the need for social acceptance.

You tend to do your best to mingle with people and be able to feel that you belong in a certain group or community.

If you see the cat chasing its own tail, it could mean that you’re working so hard to achieve your dream. There is a goal in mind and that is your priority at the moment. You’re keeping your eye on the prize, no matter how hard the process could be.

Keep up the good work because who knows, one day all your efforts might eventually pay off.

3.Dream about Saving a Cat

Saving a cat could pertain to a lot of things. You could be saving a cat from the dangers of crossing the street, by providing it with food, or by adopting it and giving it a new home. The possibilities are endless.

Whichever way it is in the dream, the fact that a cat is being saved, could mean that you’re trying to make an effort to gain independence and power in your waking life.

It could mean independence from your family, maybe you finally decided to live on your own. It could also be power over your finances, maybe you want to have total control of your money and you’re cutting ties from those who are taking advantage of your generosity.

4.Dream about a Cat Biting You (Love Bite)

A dream about cats biting you is not so pleasant. Biting is a cat’s way of communicating and usually they bite because they are furious, defensive, or afraid. However, it is different if the cat’s bite is a “love bite”.

Love bites are a cat’s way of showing affection to their owner. They still use their sharp teeth but they control the bite in such a way that it doesn’t harm the person. In other words, these are gentle bites that doesn’t pierce the skin.

Seeing a cat biting you this way could mean that there is someone in your life that is trying to catch your attention. Maybe a friend who likes you for a long time is trying to confess to you without scaring you away. Maybe you just haven’t notice that person yet.

5.Dream about  A Cat Attacking You

Cats usually attack if they are being threatened or if they sense danger against that certain animal. Sometimes, they even attack their own kind.

Dreaming of cats attacking you might mean that someone in your waking life, usually a competitor, is willing to do anything just to bring you down. This might be scary for you because if that person succeeds, it will bring you great loss.

Maybe you’re up for a promotion but there are two of you who are competing for the spot. Your opponent might not put up an easy fight, so you must prepare yourself.

Listen to your intuition and analyze the situation. You will eventually find your way through and succeed against that other person.

6.Dream about a Cat Constantly Meowing at You

Cats’ another way of communicating to humans is through meowing. Since they can’t communicate to humans the way they do with other cats, they just find their way through by making that sound, which they actually modify depending on what they need.

To dream about cats constantly meowing at you could mean that they are giving you a warning.

The friend you’ve known and trust might be trying to harm you by using tricks and flowery words. Hence, you should be observant when it comes to your friends and don’t trust too easily.

If you are a soon-to-be-mom, to dream about cats meowing is not a good sign. It could mean that there is an accident coming. Be extra careful and protect yourself and the child you’re bearing.

If you’re a woman, it could mean that there’s someone who is jealous of your current relationship. They are willing to compete against you to gain your partner’s attention, so be vigilant.

7.Dream about Seeing a Black Cat

A black cat in reality sometimes connotes bad luck. In some countries, seeing a black cat crossing your way means that something bad is going to happen to you. However, these are just heresy. Black cats are as friendly as the other cats of different colors.

In dreams though, black cats could bring a different meaning. Dreaming of black cat could mean that you still haven’t figured out what you want out of life. Maybe you have not found your purpose yet.

For instance, you’re confused if you should settle with your current job or follow your

passion. If you’re not as lucky as the others who have their passion as their job, but you

aspire to be like them one day, then the dream could be the sign you’re waiting for.

Start now before it’s too late.

What Action to Take When You Learn the Meaning Behind the Cat Dream

If by then end of this article you still ask yourself what does it mean to dream about cats, then maybe you should try to remember some more details about your dream. Details which you could have forgotten are sometimes what’s crucial in dream interpretations.

In conclusion, these dreams about cats still depend on how a person views life. If you believe that these dreams are really signaling you that you should prepare to avoid bad things from happening in the future, then by all means, do the precautionary measures.

There is no harm in following your instinct as long as it doesn’t destroy you along the way.

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