True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Tiger

dream about tiger

For centuries, tigers have been revered for their power and ferocity. They’ve been known to represent wealth, generosity, protection, and enlightenment.

For many cultures, tigers have played important roles in their folklore, traditions, and religious beliefs. Especially in Asia where the tiger is the national animal for Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia, and India.

In Korea, they believe that a tiger turns into a white tiger after it has been enlightened, enduring all that it could in life. They also believe tigers are guardians that bring luck and ward off evil spirits. The animal is such a huge part of their culture that they used it to represent their athletes during the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

What Tigers Symbolize In Dreams

The tiger also has symbolisms in different religions. In Hinduism, for instance, there’s a ten-armed goddess that rides her tigress named Damon whenever she goes to war. And in Buddhism, the tiger is one of their three senseless creatures—a triad of animals representing basic human emotions.

Tiger symbolism is particularly strong in Chinese culture. For one, it’s part of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Visual representations of tigers such as statues and paintings can also be seen in a myriad of places. In ancient mythology, they believed that the balance of the world is held by five tigers:

  • The Black Tiger which rules winter and water
  • The White Tiger which rules fall and metal
  • The Blue Tiger which rules spring and earth
  • The Red Tiger which rules summer and fire;
  • The Yellow Tiger which is a symbol of the sun and rules the other tigers.

Even now, tiger motifs and decorations are common in temples and royal places. They’re even used to pattern clothes and sacred objects. In Chinese martial arts, many moves are based on the tiger’s characteristics and movement. And this majestic creature is considered the King of Animals by the Chinese because the mark on a tiger’s forehead closely resembles the Chinese “王”that means “King.”

What Does It Mean When You Dream about a Tiger?

Because the tiger is such a big symbol for power, dreaming about tigers could represent your authority, people who have power over you, or issues and problems prevalent in your life right now (thus having power over you as well).

It could mean that you’re currently facing a difficulty or that an obstacle is soon to arrive. The tiger could represent your boss, career, or studies. And the dream could be a reminder for you to work harder or maybe it’s admonishing you to stop procrastinating. The tiger also represents persistence, so your dream might be telling you to be patient.

The dream could also be a warning of an incoming danger or unpredictable change. This could reveal any anxieties you have such as rumors, vices you can’t get rid of, or a past mistake you need to confront. That way, the dream could be a message to either prepare for a confrontation or to just relax.

But tiger dreams don’t just reveal fears and anxieties. They also reveal emotions of power, confidence, bravery, and awareness.

Specific Tiger Dreams-Meaning & Interpretation

Not everyone who dreams about a tiger sees the same thing happening in their heads. Some people dream about riding a tiger, fighting a tiger, or just looking at a tiger staring back at them.

Try to remember what happened in your dream about the tiger. And then check the following list of dreams to find out what your specific dream means:

Dreams Based On The Kind Of Tiger

A Tiger Cub

Cubs represent children, so dreaming of tiger cubs means you’re thinking about your kids. If you don’t have any, you might be thinking about someone that makes you feel like a parent.

A Tigress Protecting Its Cubs Dream

This is an imagery of your maternal instincts or your urge to protect your child. The dream is mirroring you through the tigress—that you’ll risk your safety to protect your kids. That you’ll do everything in your power to give them what they need.

It could also point out your fears that your children aren’t capable of handling themselves on their own yet. While this is normal, it could be a reminder to let loose and let your children learn to navigate the world on their own.

A Dead Tiger Dream

Seeing a dead animal in a dream certainly feels ominous. And it could be a bad sign. You might be about to encounter a dangerous situation that you won’t see coming.

A White Tiger Dream

White tigers are good omens. They’re considered guardians in Chinese and Korean culture, so this dream could mean that you have a guardian of your own. And it could be a good friend protecting you, a partner who is always ready to help, or a family member who’s always giving you support.

A Red Tiger Dream

Seeing a red tiger in a dream is usually a bad sign. Similar to dreaming about a dead tiger, this could be a warning of an incoming threat. So it’s best to be wary in the next days.

A Black Tiger Dream

Black might be associated with darkness or malice, but a black tiger appearing in your dream could mean you’ll be earning some money soon.

A Bengal Tiger Dream

This means you’re getting more experienced in life and growing up maturely. Your wisdom, rationality, and self-control are improving.

A Friendly Tiger

If the tiger in your dream acted friendly and tame, it means a current event has just put an end to your fears. It could also symbolize your power over people.

Dreams Based On Where The Tiger Is

On a Mountain or Forest

If the tiger is on a mountain or a forest, it means that you’ll stand out in a future project or event. But if you dream about this while you’re on a trip, it could mean you’ll stumble upon danger during your travels.

In Your House

This dream suggests you’ll be promoted or become famous. If you’re pregnant, it means your baby will turn out to be amazing. And if you’re a player in the stock market, this dream is a sign that the high-value stocks will be unpredictable.

If the tiger is aggressively trying to get in your home, it could mean you’ll be slandered or framed for a crime.

Inside a Cage

Surprisingly, this is a good sign. It means you’ve just achieved success and/or defeated your enemies.

Dreams Based On What The Tiger Did Or What You Did To The Tiger 

The Tiger Is Yelling or Roaring at You Dream

If the tiger was roaring at you in your dream, it means you’ll go through obstacles or increased obligations when trying to reach your goals. If you’re a woman, it could also be a sign that you or your children will get sick.

Tiger Attack Dream

Being attacked by a tiger means you’re afraid of being attacked in real life. Or maybe you’re scared that a past mistake will come back to haunt you.

If you fought back and succeeded, it means your potential is through the roof and that you’ll get past the hardships that’ll come your way. It’s a sign that you’ll reach your dreams.

This kind of dream is a good omen, indicating you dare to overcome obstacles. It could also mean you’ll have help in achieving your goals.

The Tiger Runs Away Dream

If you dream about a tiger fleeing, it means you’ll eventually defeat your enemies. It could also mean that you’ll do something admirable, and people of power who initially doubted your skills will change their minds about you. This could result in you getting promoted.

A Tiger Is Walking/Running towards You or Someone Else

If a tiger is running towards you, you’ll encounter problems in the future. A tiger running towards another animal means you’re worried about someone.

If the tiger is slowly walking towards you, it’s a warning to be careful at work because a co-worker might be plotting something against you. And if you’re being chased by the tiger, it means you’re running away from a part of your personality that you refuse to acknowledge.

You’re Hunting a Tiger Dream

This is usually a good sign: It could mean you’ll get a job offer soon. If your hunt was a success, it means you’ll solve whatever problems you have currently. But if you didn’t manage to catch the tiger, you’ll still be successful—it’ll just be postponed to a later date.

On the other hand, the dream could be a warning that a friend will betray you.

A Tiger Is Staring at You Dream

If the tiger is standing still and just looking at you, it could mean an unforeseeable threat is coming to your life.

You’re Riding a Tiger Dream

Were you riding a tiger in the dream? It means you’ll be lucky, causing you to gain wealth, and that whatever problems you have will be solved.

You Killed a Tiger Dream

If you killed a tiger in your dream, it means you’re feeling so powerful that there’s nothing you can’t do. It could also mean that you have a need to prove your worth. Or maybe the state of your life has drastically improved lately and that people are jealous of you.

The Tiger Was Your Pet Dream

This dream means you have the propensity to do things that are out of the ordinary. You’re always straying off from your comfort zone, doing things other people aren’t inclined to do, and maybe you even boast about it sometimes.

The Tiger Was You Dream

If you were the tiger in your dream, it might indicate that you’re not getting along with your bosses or colleagues at work. You might feel bitter towards them because of their unrealistic demands.

The Tiger Was Resting Dream

Observing a tiger resting in your dream could mean stability and peace would soon arrive at your home and workplace. It also highlights your calmness and rationality when dealing with difficulties.

If the tiger was sleeping, it symbolizes something in your life that’s hidden. It could be a skill, talent, or strength. Or it could be an unexpected event.

You Were Stroking a Tiger’s Fur Dream

This is a dream that shows who you are. It could mean that you’re caring and do all you can to please people.

A Tiger Caught Its Prey Dream

This dream means you’re respected by your superiors and colleagues because you’re hardworking and diligent. It could also mean you’ll be getting a promotion because of your commitment.

Three messages could be gained from dreaming about tigers:

Trust your instincts.

Tigers rely on their instincts a lot. If you currently have a hunch regarding a decision you have to make for your career or personal life, it might be a good idea to follow it. Especially if you’re dreaming about tigers.

Unleash your power.

As symbols of power, tigers appearing in your dream might be telling you to be more confident and to unlock the power within you that already exists. Maybe you don’t feel as strong as you are, and the dream is a reminder that you’re full of potential and that you can achieve anything you set out to do.

Face your fears. Embrace your weaknesses.

Everyone’s afraid of something. A lot of the time, tigers appearing in dreams symbolize things you’re afraid of or your weaknesses blocking your path to success. So, tiger dreams could be a message to face your fears and embrace your weaknesses. That is, be courageous enough to defeat the things that scare you and self-aware enough to know that even if you have flaws, you’re still a wonderful human being.

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