True Meaning Of The Scary Dreams About Alligators

What Alligator Symbolizes in Dreams

Alligators, especially the large male ones, are territorial,making sure no other creature comes near their dwelling. Due to this, they are also considered as protectors. Hence, alligators or crocodiles in dreams portray as guardians of all knowledge. This could mean that when you dream about alligators, you can expect  growth and rebirth in your waking life.

An alligator’s skin is made up of thick scales. This serves as the alligator’s armor against other predators. In dreams, this could mean that you need to be as thick-skinned as this reptile, to protect yourself from people who might want to harm or ruin you.

While on land, alligators have two ways of walking. The first one is the “sprawl”, it is when the alligator’s body is close to the ground, while moving forward. The second one is the high walk wherein it pushes its body high from ground to crawl in a slow motion.

The two ways alligators move mean that you have to remain grounded and connected to the earth. These certain characteristics will be beneficial for you in the future as you are being propelled to a new chapter in your life.

what does dreaming about alligators mean?

Dreams about alligators can sometimes be alarming because of the nature of the animal. In fact, these dreams can bring fear and uneasiness to most people.Most of these dreams may have a direct connection to the person’s current life situation. However, if the person does not see any correlation yet, it might be because that person is subconsciously afraid of that certain event to occur one day.

But really, what does it mean when you dream about alligators? Below are the different possible interpretations

A Beginning of a New Chapter

Having a crocodile in dream or an alligator dream could be an indication that you will be facing a new chapter in your life. It is unsure yet in what aspect of your life this new beginning will take place, so be prepared.

It could be in your job, maybe a promotion is on its way. It could be in your relationship,  your partner is ready to  propose. It could also be in your finances,  an important event will take place and will need a huge chunk of your savings.

Indeed, it could be anything under the sun, so you need you to brace yourself.

A Time to Protect One’s Self

You could be having dreams about alligators because it’s giving you a sign that now is the perfect time to protect yourself.

For instance, if you have reached the peak of your career at this moment, it is sometimes inevitable that there are people who want to bring you down. You might not even be aware yet that they exist.

Unfortunately, sometimes they are the people who you treat as your mentors or your close friends. Hence, learn to protect and distance yourself from people whom you think might want to destroy you.

To Remain or Be Humble

To dream about alligators mean you will be dealing with a few exciting things in the weeks or months to come. This might overwhelm you as these could be positive events you never expect to happen.

If the time comes that you experience the abovementioned, always remember to remain humble. Being grounded will make these blessings prosper for you to be able to enjoy them longer.

Fear of Losing A Loved One

The future is unknown and the fear of eventually losing a loved one will always be there. You may not want to think about it in your waking life because you’re dreading for it to happen.

However, our subconscious creeps in a form a dream sometimes. Dreaming about alligators could be a symbolism of this fear. That is the reason why we show and give extra care to our loved ones, because we are afraid that if we don’t, it might be too late.

Leaving your Comfort Zone

You might feel content with your current situation but you know that you haven’t fully found your purpose yet. To be able to do that, you need to take extra steps and actions and that includes leaving your comfort zone.

Your dreams about alligators might be telling you that. You have to decide whether you are ready to do it because there might be a few sacrifices you need to take to achieve your goals.

Prepare to Confront Your Problems

Problems are unavoidable. They may trouble us but they make us tougher, for us to be able to face whatever tomorrow brings.

Dreaming about alligatorsis a good sign that whatever is bothering you at the moment, there is no other way  but to confront it. You will not be able to stop thinking about it if there are a lot of “what-ifs” in your mind.

Ask for forgiveness and learn to say sorry. If it’s the other way around, try to forgive and let go. Everything will become better when your burdens are gone.

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean – Common Alligator Dream Occurrences

Dream about Seeing the Alligator on Land

When an alligator in the dream is seen in a forest, a jungle, or anywhere far from the water, this could mean you are being challenged. You are aware that you are in a different environment, away from your comfort zone.

For instance, you could feel uneasy when you are about to start a new job, after leaving your work for five years. It is a totally new experience but you have  to learn and love your new endeavor, and eventually make it feel like your second home.

These changes in environment could also mean new responsibilities in your family, your relationships, in your finances, etc.

You will definitely try to survive by learning how to adapt slowly, just like how an alligator will react upon finding itself in unknown surroundings. It will use its survival skills to find its way back to where it truly belongs – the water.

Dream about Seeing the Alligator in the Water

An alligator in its natural habitat – the water – could mean that you are at peace with the current situation in your life. You could not ask for more because you are already content.

However, even in water, the alligator is still always alert, preparing for all kinds of possibilities. One will never know an alligator’s next move.

This could mean that amidst the fulfillment you are feeling, you know that you can still show and give more. You have skills and talents that you are still hiding from other people.

Maybe you are afraid that by showing your potential, you are also giving others the chance to judge you or a chance to manipulate you. However, it could also mean that you are just waiting for the perfect time to launch whatever it is that you have tried to develop for quite a while.

Whichever way you go, this could only mean that you will be taken away from your comfort zone to face new challenges. This somehow scares you, but you know you have to take the risk since it is for your own good.

Just like alligators when they follow their prey, they do not know if there is also something or someone else after them, but they have to take a risk of leaving the water every now and then, to be able to survive.

Dream about Being Attacked by an Alligator

This could be the most dreaded of all the dreams related to an alligator. Dreams about being attacked by the vicious animal could bring about the feeling of fear and helplessness.

In your waking life, if you have done something that you wish you could undo, this could be the reflection of your desire to do that, just in a form of a dream.

The feeling of being attacked can be crippling, similar to the feeling of knowing that you cannot take back what has been said and done. The only way to get over it is to either to face it or try your best to run away from it.

If in your current situation you feel that you have not done anything you regret, you could consider being attacked by an alligator as a warning. Not to scare you, but there is a possibility that an event you never expect to happen might occur in the future and you must prepare.

Another aspect that is worth looking at in relation to this dream is betrayal. It could be a sign that a person close to you, someone you truly trust, is actually doing unimaginable things behind your back.

Hence, you should start assessing the people around you and be extra careful with whom you put your trust.

Dream about Seeing an Alligator Chasing Someone

Equally as bothering as being attacked by an alligator is seeing someone else being chased and attacked.

This particular dream could mean that there is a person close to your heart and you do not want anything bad happen to him/ her. You want nothing else but to protect your loved one from all the dangers of this world.

If you are a parent, then this dream is particularly pertaining to your little ones, whom you would definitely protect with your life. This is also applicable to those who are deeply in love, who wouldn’t want their beloved to disappear from their life.

Dream about Looking at the Alligator Eye to Eye

Seeing an alligator in your dream and knowing that it is aware of your presence could also bring a different meaning, especially if you are looking at each other in the eye.

The alligator could represent a problem you have been dreading to encounter. Nevertheless, the fact that you are already aware of the consequences you might be facing, could already be a good start of overcoming it.

You are conscious of your mistakes and failures and you are using that to build yourself up again. You know that failure is the best teacher. Aside from that, you probably have found a solution or a way to get through whatever that’s bothering you. Hence, you are ready to stand up and face the problem head on.

What Should be Done when Alligators Appear in your Dreams

In conclusion, an alligator dream meaning can vary depending on a lot of factors, like those mentioned above. The alligator could be you, it could be the one you love, or it can be your enemy.

To be able to interpret your dream clearly, always remember the details in your dream. Being able to know the meaning behind those alligators in your dream will help you plan your next move.

Do not panic. You may see alligators as scary creatures, but that does not always mean they should be feared. In fact, sometimes being scared is actually a good sign for you to learn and strategize.

As long as you believe in yourself, you’ll get by each day, even if your dreams take you to a 360-degree turn.

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