Real Meaning and right interpretation of Dreams about Birds

Birds are wonderful creatures which convey varying meanings, and the same applies when it comes to dreams about them. Dreaming about birds, most of the time, carry a positive meaning but there are also moments when it brings a negative connotation. For instance, a woman having bird dreams can mean that she will soon get married or meet the love of her life, if she is single. However, it could also mean death of a lover, if the bird in the dream suddenly disappeared.

In dream interpretations where bird dreams are no exception, you must remember every detail including the bird’s activity, its type, and even its color. This is to get a more detailed meaning of the dream. Continue reading the next paragraphs to find out what your dream about birds symbolize.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Birds

Dream about Birds Symbolize Freedom

Dreams about birds can mean freedom in many aspects. Maybe you finally find yourself being free from a toxic relationship. Your freedom could also pertain to your spiritual life and your ability to choose your own beliefs.

Dream about Birds Symbolize  Change

Bird dreams can signify change in your current situation. The dream could mean success, but it could also represent your demise in your waking life. You must something about it as your fate is up to you.

Dream about Birds Symbolize  Prosperity

Dreaming about birds foretell good wealth and abundance in the future. It does not necessarily pertain to money though. Instead, it could mean that you will be prosperous in achieving your ultimate goal, whether that involves your finances or not.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Birds – Common Bird Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Dream about Birds in General

Generally, birds in your dreams represent your goals, ambitions, and aspirations in your waking life. Like a bird, these things may be hard to achieve at first, but eventually they will find their way to you and they will land on your feet. Alternatively, dreaming about birds can also symbolize peace, good news, and spiritual freedom.

Dream about Birds Attacking Me

Dreaming about birds attacking you might relate to the situation you are in in your waking life. Think carefully, are there people with whom you are in conflict with? Do you have a handful of responsibilities which you are trying to avoid? Do you find it difficult to handle your feelings? If any of these are applicable to you, then you must learn how to face your problems and find solutions to them.

Dream about Birds Flying

When you dream about birds flying, be glad because it is a good omen. Flying birds symbolize success, wealth, and great accomplishment. However, on the flip side, to dream about flying bird could also represent missed opportunities, especially if it is flying away.

Dream about Birds Dying

To dream of birds dying is good sign because it means that the challenging situation which you are currently in, will end soon. Then, you will find yourself being able to breathe normally again.   On the other hand, if the bird in the dream is already dead, it is a bad omen. The dream may represent obstacles and disasters. Lay out your plans first before facing those problems head on because there is a good chance that you will get over them soon.

Dream about Birds in a Cage

Depending the  bird in your dream, seeing a bird in a cage could mean two different things. If the bird is a house bird, being in a cage which is huge can make it feel at home. It means that wherever you are at the moment, you are content and at peace. However, if the bird is, for instance, an eagle, then being in a cage will make it feel like being trapped and restricted. Is your boss preventing you from taking your most-awaited vacation leave? Is your partner giving you a hard time? You will only be able to break free if you know the root cause of your dream.

Dream about Birds in the House

Dreaming about birds in your house is a bad omen. The dream is an indication that you will experience some loss in your group of your friends. However, don’t worry about letting them go because they do not deserve you in the first place.

Dream about Birds Hatching

Dreaming about birds hatching represents a delay in your supposed success. If you are expecting a promotion or a proposal anytime soon, those might take a little more of waiting, but do not get tired. Just believe that you will get there on the right time.

Dream about Bird’s Nest

To dream about a bird’s nest represents self-reliance, which is one your strong traits. Keep it up and you will soon experience prosperity in your waking life.

Dreaming of bird’s nest with eggs is a good omen. The dream signifies that you will receive wealth in the future. Look at the people around you and learn to manage your transactions properly, so you can make this dream a reality.

Dream of Birds Pooping on Me

As gross as it could be, to dream about a bird pooping on you is actually a good sign. It means that you will receive wonderful news in your waking life. So, if you’re thinking of starting your own business venture or having a family of your own, go ahead and take that leap.

Dream of Birds Fighting

To dream about birds fighting serves a warning of an impending fight between you and your loved one. He or she may be your romantic partner or your brother or your sister. Remember to solve the matter on hand with utmost care because whoever is at fault will finally realize the importance of what you both have.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Birds

Dreaming about birds can indeed symbolize different things to different people, depending on the circumstances they are in. If you didn’t get the interpretation you desire, just keep in mind that you may be in depths today, but who knows, tomorrow might be totally a new beginning. Stay strong and be patient.

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