Correct Meaning And Hidden Secrets Of Dreams Of Lice

Dream about lice meaning

Lice can be very annoying and hard to treat. Ordinary shampoo and other hair products don’t work well with lice. So imagine dreaming about lice. You will wake up afraid and scared at the same time. But do you know the correct meaning of such a dream? This article has the general and specific interpretations of dreams about lice.

General Meaning of Dreams About Lice

Dream about lice means that something annoying is coming and it will take time to go away. You will suffer with this issue for a long time and it will require skills to solve it. Problems are coming and a sharp brain will be needed to handle them.

A dream about lice is also related to your health. It means your health is at risk and you must consider it. Be careful with your style of living and do a periodic check-up with the doctor. Your family depends on your energy hence you must have good health to provide for them.

It also means that someone is trying to trick you. Someone you trust will betray you and lead you to trouble. look at your friends and figure out who is planning bad things for your life. You have to be careful with people close to you and always analyze their moves. Lice are stubborn and your friends can also act in the same way.

This dream is also a warning that you are easy to cheat. People are taking advantage of your soft nature and you will suffer. Your subconscious is telling you to be strong and don’t believe in every statement that comes from other people. Always evaluate the actions and find facts before acting. Facts are the foundations of reality and they will help you when making a difficult decision.

Other Interpretations of Dreams About Lice

1.Dream about a louse

A single louse can look simple but it will never give you peace of mind. You will scratch yourself for days and it will soon have children. So this dream means that you have to correct a situation before it becomes worse. You must work hard to find a solution to a big problem before it you are unable to handle it.

2.Dream about head lice

Head lice are difficult to treat and they hide deep in your hair. This dream means that you are going to have stress in the coming days. Stress is part of our lives and they will come even if you don’t like it. Your subconscious is preparing itself to handle stress before it starts. Don’t be afraid, just accept it as a normal life challenge.

3.Dream about many lice

Your brain is telling you that it is tired of the busy life. It is time to take a break to refresh your mind. Go out and relax with your friends for a few days. You will come back fully energized and ready to work harder. A simple weekend away with your friends will go a long way to helping you find peace of mind.

4.Dream about big lice

This is a sign that you always lose your temper while solving problems. Anger is not good when it comes to solving issues. You need to have a calm mind and use logic to handle complex issues. Remember that every decision you make needs a plan and be patient. Stop rushing and find the bottom solution to your problems.

5.Dream about white lice

This dream means you like saying the truth. And sometimes the truth always hurts. Something real can be painful to another person. So balance what you tell others and don’t be too real. Your mind is warning you to be careful because your words will lead you to hell. Big and powerful people are coming for your soul.

6.Dream about black lice

Black lice are the worst and they have sharp claws. They breed easily and they hide deep under your skin. Moreover, this dream is a sign of sickness. Your body is trying to resist the illness hence you must go for a check up. It also means someone close to you is very sick. You have taken time to visit your relative and they are sick. Go and find the health situation of your relatives.

7.Dream about lice eggs

Dream about lice eggs means that you are creating trouble for yourself. The eggs will soon develop into a problem and you are the source. So what you do today will affect your tomorrow if you are not careful. Make wise decisions today and you will be safe in the coming days.

It is also a suggestion to comply with your agreements. Don’t make agreements and you don’t follow through. A simple agreement can be the rescue of your life. It is very annoying when someone goes against your agreement and it is discouraging to make future agreements.

8.Dream about lice on your body

Yes, gossip is bad but it can also save your life. Sometimes the gossip news can be important information and you will be safe. Don’t ignore gossip but be careful with what you listen to. It also means that someone is trying to help you but in real sense he is taking advantage of your situation. Don’t accept all types of help that come your way and good decisions for your life.

9.Dream about lice on your children

This is a direct sign on your children. It means your brain is suspecting something about your children. Your children are planning to trick you and they will benefit from it. This dream is also related to your children’s education. Maybe one of your children is playing around with trhe value of education. You have to remind them that education foundation of a great future.

10. Dream about killing lice

Dreama bout killing lice is a special dream and it always appears on businessmen. It means you are a good entrepreneur and soon you will win a big business deal. Don’t worry about your today because there are better plans for your tomorrow. Stick to your plan and it will work out. It is a great plan that you made with logic and careful decision making process.

Wrapping up

Dreams about lice are always a bad sign. There is no day such dreams come with a positive impact to your life. These dreams are messages that stress will attack you and it will be hard to solve this type of stress. And your decisions have to go with careful consideration of facts and logical interpretation. Pray hard when you have a dream about lice.