True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams about Poop

Dreaming about poop is definitely weird and disgusting even if you’re literally doing the act every day. What’s even surprising is the fact that poop dreams are actually a common phenomenon.

Some people ask questions like, “Does dream of poop mean money?” or “What is the lottery number for poop?” You might find it funny, but they somewhat have a point because poop dreams have a correlation with money and wealth.

So, what does it really mean to dream of human poop or feces exactly? 

General Meaning Behind Dreams About Poop

Reflection Of Freedom

Dreams about poop is a reflection of freedom. If you felt relieved and satisfied after you poop, it means that you have freed yourself from whatever you think is keeping you tied. You could be doing a job you don’t love and after a deep and careful thinking, you finally decided to quit.

Moving On

Dream about poop also symbolizes an end of your romantic relationship. Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean finding a new love interest. The dream could simply be telling you that it is time to start loving yourself more and putting an end to the agony and despair.

Guilt Of the Past

To dream of poop also signifies an action you did in the past which harmed someone. You could be blinded by your hatred and disappointment of the previous situation that you thought you were the one wronged, while in fact it’s the other way around. The dream is telling you to fix the broken pieces before the cut gets too deep. Hence, apologize to that person while the problem can still be fixed.

Quest For Achievement

Dream about poop can represent your journey to your ultimate goal. “Sitting on the throne” may be something one says while pooping, but it also means ruling a community or a country. When you finally dream of sitting on the throne, then you have probably achieved your aspirations in life.

What Does Dream About Poop Mean: Common Poop Dream Meaning & Answers

Dream about Your Own Poop

Dreaming about your own poop reflects your apprehensions in your life. You are the type of person who puts a lot of effort and thought on the job on hand. Unfortunately, you notice your hard work is becoming useless, as it is not given enough acknowledgment that it deserves. Just stand firm, be patient, and don’t lose hope, you will eventually earn the recognition you have longed for.  

Dream about Poop on Bed

Dream of poop on bed connotes a negative meaning. The dream is telling you that you will be having financial problems  wherein you and your partner are involved. One of you have made a wrong decision, which greatly involves your joint finances, and that particular move disgusted the opposing party. The unfortunate event will start a disagreement, but in the end, both of you will still try to fix the issue together.

On the other hand,  the dream about the poop on your bed signifies your sexual fantasies if you are single. You are now more in tune with your body and you are slowly feeling comfortable with your emotions. Be careful though, as it could also attract a person who’s just going to break your heart. Don’t be deceived by a new acquaintance.

Dream about Cleaning Poop

To dream of cleaning poop can be awful. It brings  negative feeling. Cleaning poop in your dream equates to cleaning another person’s wrongdoing. For instance, one of your siblings has messed up and you are the only one who can rectify the situation. Don’t hesitate to help, because in the end all your sacrifices will be compensated with cash.

Dream about Pooping in a Bucket

Dream of pooping in a bucket reflects your dedication and persistence towards pursuing your goal. The dream is also a great reminder for you to give back and be grateful to the people who believed in your abilities. Continue on doing what you do best, and don’t worry if you encounter obstacles along the way, because they will help you reach your full potential.

If you think poop in a bucket is not a natural thing, the dream is telling you that there are things you need to accomplish . Remove or Change certain parts of your life, to accommodate and focus on the more important aspects. Assess your relationships  and cut ties with people whom you find toxic. Keep only those who appreciates your presence.

Dream about Pooping in the Toilet

The dream meaning behind poop in the toilet equates to gratitude. It is a reminder for you to be thankful, even of the simplest things. It is a good kind of dream because it is telling you that everything in your waking life is in its proper place, and that will give you peace. Appreciate the little acts of kindness your loved ones shower you. Even if it’s as simple as opening the door for you, do not forget to say thank you.

Dream about Poop Overflowing from the Toilet Bowl

To dream about poop clogging and overflowing signifies your need to release negative emotions you’ve been keeping for a while. Do not allow negative feelings to accumulate as you might suddenly burst and break down. Seek guidance and help from your family and know that they will always be listening. You can also consider getting a professional help as well.

Dream about Poop on the Floor

To dream about feces on the floor means that you are badly controlled by the negative people around you. You find it hard to distinguish them because you are somewhat fooled by sweet words and promises. Do not be swayed easily and take the dream as a warning to assess the people you are dealing with every day.

Dream about a Baby Poop

Generally, dreams of baby poop have promising interpretations. The dream is telling you that being diligent and persistent will bring you good news. Your effort and sacrifices will soon be paid with great amount of money and you will be more inspired to work.

A baby poop dream meaning changes according to the characteristic of the feces present in your dream. If the poop is light with little to no smell at all, It takes on the general meaning of the dream. If it’s tarry and black, it means  you will succeed in your attempt of leaving your bad habits behind. It’s also good sign to start over.

Dream about Pooping in my Pants

To dream of pooping in your pants connotes a negative meaning. To admit that you pooped in your pants can actually be embarrassing. Similar to the stated incident, you have bad habits that you don’t want to tell anyone. You may be able to hide those habits from your new friends, but you can never keep it from your family. It is important that you are aware of your bad habits, as it is the first step towards replacing those with good ones.

Dream about Pooping in Public

Dream of pooping in public is awkward and shameful. However, the dream actually brings good meaning. It is telling you that your financial status will improve in the near future, and that will make you want to display it to the world. Be careful though because along with your success are people who will surely ask for your help and borrow  your money. You should thoroughly assess whom you put your trust into.

Dream about Pooping in Public Restroom

Dream of pooping in a public restroom without divisions and see  others do the same, reflects your act of comparing  wealth with  others. If you notice yourself feeling ashamed while pooping, it could indicate your guilt about the assets that you have.  You feel undeserving as you might have earned your properties in a awful way.

Dream about Pooping Blood

To dream about pooping blood can represent your exhaustion. You are tired mentally due to the responsibilities. The fatigue can also be physical, especially if your job requires a lot of heavy lifting and manual labor. Check within yourself what is causing you the exhaustion and learn to rest for a while. It is very important to regain your energy to avoid being ill in the future.

Dream about Pooping Snakes

To dream about seeing yourself pooping snakes can be a good thing. Generally, it means that you are removing toxic and negative things or people in your waking life. You may be friends with people who are actually jealous of you and instead of wishing for your success, they are dragging you down. Take the dream as a warning that those kinds of people are not worth keeping, therefore, consider cutting your connections with them.

Dream about Poop in Islam

In general, to dream about poop in Islam  also symbolizes money. However, the meaning varies depending on the specific events that happened in the dream. A solid poop means that a huge amount of money will be spent on your health. If the poop is watery, similar to having a diarrhea and releasing it to the public, means you should be mindful of your actions because your words might be used against you. If you dream of eating your poop in a dream, the Islamic meaning behind that represents your contradicting actions with the Holy Prophet’s Tradition. You should be more observant of your actions to avoid being a disappointment.

Dream about Poop in Christians

For Christians, the Biblical meaning of feces in a dream is similar to disobeying God’s commandments. Dreams have long been part of a Christian’s life because many of God’s messages to His people were imparted through dreams.

The dream about poop is a message from God that you should clean or empty your life from things that are filthy and sinful. Learn to say sorry to the people you hurt and wronged in the past. Of course, ask for forgiveness from God for all your wrongdoings and know that he always listens and forgives.

What Should You Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Poop/ Feces?

Dreams can indeed surprise you. Oftentimes, the brain wanders a lot that you get to dream about things you never really put so much thought of. Did you ever find yourself dreaming about poop and asking yourself, “What does poop mean spiritually?” I bet never.

However, now that you possibly know the meaning behind your poop dream, the next thing you want to do is figure out how to act on it. If the interpretation behind your dream is positive, then use that to fuel your actions in your waking life. On the other hand, if it’s the opposite, then just move with caution. The final decision is definitely still yours to make.