True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams About Clowns

Clowns are comedic symbols popular for their funny skit, tricks, exaggerated makeup, and humorous movements. They’re often the center of a children’s party or circus acts. However, some individuals are afraid of their appearances. Clowns have also been a symbol of horror and gruesome acts on the internet, which is why the responses towards clowns vary. 

Previously, many pictures of sad and tired clowns hit up on the internet, gaining lots of attention from people around the world. Most say it’s reality, you smile but you’re sad on the inside. So, what does it mean when you dream about clowns? Read on to learn more about your clown dream meaning and interpretation.  

General Meaning Behind Dream About Clown

In general, the meaning of your dream about clowns primarily reflects your pretentious notion. You try to fake the reality about you to avoid the judgemental eyes of the people around you. However, some clown dream meanings are related to running away from your problems and responsibilities in life. In some cases, dreams of clowns represent your tactlessness, childishness, and playfulness. Other clown dreams mean deceit and facades that significantly influenced you in your waking life. On the other hand, dreaming about clowns shows your need for entertainment and relaxation in your life. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Clowns – Common Clown Dream Meaning

1.Dream about killer clowns

To dream about killer clowns is a symbol of someone killing you in your waking life. However, this doesn’t mean physical death. This could mean that something or someone will make you feel helpless and embarrassed. You will also be manipulated by the people you believe were your support system. In most cases, the humiliation and dishonesty you may experience ruins your entirety. 

2.Dream about evil clowns

Dreams about evil clowns signify betrayal and deception. Someone close to you will take advantage of you. In your darkest days, this person will attack you harshly, which will make you suffer for quite some time. This dream warns you to be careful of the people you trust. Do not be deceived by their facade to prevent making mistakes.  

3.Dream about laughing clowns 

If you see laughing clowns in your dreams, then it symbolizes being satisfied with your current status in life. You’ll get the excitement you have been longing for a long time—maybe a dream trip or vacation, desired promotion, or an ideal relationship. In the coming days, fun and good news are on their way. 

However, if the clowns are laughing at you in your dreams, this could be a symbol of doing something that is an embarrassment to you. No matter how hard you try to fix it, the consequence has already created irreversible damage to your reputation. Additionally, this dream could symbolize disappointment and failure. 

4.Dream about sad clowns 

Sad clowns in your dreams are reflections of how you really feel in your life. Maybe you were saddened by a specific situation recently and you kept on thinking about it. Plus, every burden you are carrying for an amount of time is slowly creeping up on you, which is why your emotions are manifested in your dreams. On the other hand, a dream about a crying clown shows tiredness, feeling helpless, and trust issues. 

5.Dream about good clowns

Dreaming about good clowns symbolizes entertainment. Someone will pay attention to your needs and make you feel special in the coming days. Additionally, good luck is bound to come to you in the near future. On the other hand, good clowns appear in your dreams when you need to relax. Maybe you are too occupied with your life responsibilities and your mind is asking for a time off. This could be your chance to find joy in your hobbies or from someone you love. 

6.Dream about clowns chasing you

Being chased in a dream generally signifies running away from a specific person or situation in your waking life. Similarly, if clowns are chasing you in your dreams, then it is a sign of avoiding problems that will expose the truth about you when resolved. You are afraid of the consequences and so you are hiding from it. This dream points to how irresponsible you are because you don’t know how to handle pressure.  

7.Dream of clown costume

Dreaming of a clown costume signifies your insecurities. You are used to being called names and so you act that way, even if you are really not like that. In addition, you know your shortcomings and you just embrace it, the worse you enhance them instead of fixing them. This dream is a sign to get rid of your negative routine and be who you really are. 

8.Dream of being a clown

Dreams of being a clown shows that you are impatient and careless. You tend to choose leisure over priorities, which hinders your growth as a whole. In addition, you are immature and always act rashly. On the other hand, dreams of being a clown are symbols of being influenced by a greater force. Maybe some external pressure, such as your parent’s expectations or the standpoint of a competitor, compel you to act indifferent. 

9.Dream of talking to a clown 

Dreaming of talking to a clown means you are trying to create an illusion to hide your mistakes. You want to sugar-coat situations to avoid hurting the people around you. However, not everything will go according to your plan. People will know the truth eventually, and this will create ruckus in time. 

10.Dream of clown make-up 

Dreams of clown makeup symbolize your insincerity in your waking life. Maybe you have been too insensitive and have overlooked the feelings and emotions of the people around you. On the other hand, if your dream focuses on the makeup of a clown, then it is a symbol of faking your true intentions, feelings, and emotions. You try to create an image that you think the people around you will like. So, you tend to hide what’s really going on in your mind. Maybe you are pressured or afraid of being judged. 

11.Dream of clown performance 

A clown performance in a dream is a sign of having the opportunity to loosen up and entertain yourself in difficult times. Maybe you are feeling emotionally drained in your life. So, you are trying to look for ways to change your perspective, even for a while. However, if you feel dismayed watching the performance of a clown on stage in your dreams, then it signifies an irritating situation coming your way. 

12.Dream of clown in a circus

To dream of a clown in a circus signifies repetitive motion in your waking life. Your decisions and actions ultimately lead you to the same situation as you were before. However, you may ask yourself how is that even possible. This dream is a sign that you keep doing troublesome things. You have not learned your lesson and so you are going through the same situation over and over again. Maybe you still can’t identify what’s right and wrong, which is why you keep making the same mistakes and decisions over the past years. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Clowns

Knowing the meaning of your dream about clowns is your platform to throw away any stereotypes you receive. Let go of all the negative inputs and unleash the truth within you. Yes, a flawless reputation is something most people desire, but honesty plays a crucial role in maintaining a good reputation. Therefore, learn to break free from your tormentors and live an honest and happy life. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A man dreamed of clown fish. This dream is telling him to get to know more of himself. Maybe he is always hard on himself because he wants to be on par with somebody else. Therefore, this dream occurs to remind him that every person has their own course. So, he just needs to identify his strengths and wait for the right time to succeed. Knowing himself is the best way to overcome any difficulty that he will face.