What do the scary dying dreams really mean?

Death will always be something that scares a person. One will keep on wondering when their time come. Will I ever be ready? Will it be painless? What could be the possible cause?

Those are some of the many questions one might pose when asked about death.

Indeed, anything related to death or dying will always be unsettling. That is the reason why dreams about dying are also creepy and alarming. Nobody wishes to die, not even in dreams.

Misconceptions of dreaming about death

The common misconception of dreaming about death is the belief that, in your waking life, you will die soon. The truth is, death in dreams doesn’t equate to death in real life, as dying in dreams represent a type of change that will take place soon.

On a shallow level, a dream about death represents your subconscious’ way of coping up with your loved one’s death. It could also signify your need to escape from the stressors and responsibilities that life throws at you.

At this point, you might already be asking, so what does it really mean when you dream about death? To have a better interpretation of your dream, try to remember all the details related to it, and read on the next paragraphs to find out which one best applies to you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Death – Common Death Dream Meaning

Dream about a Child Dying

To dream of a child dying is definitely a depressing dream. The good thing is, a dying child in a dream shouldn’t be taken seriously, as it doesn’t mean a child is dying in real life.

Dreaming of a dying child can be interpreted differently depending on your situation. If you are a mother, then you could be dreaming about this because your child is growing up fast. To see a dying child could mean that you are waving goodbye to the early stages of your child’s development and saying hello to new milestones.

For instance, maybe your child starts growing a set of teeth and learns eating on their own. The dream symbolizes the parents’ grief towards the fact that their child is growing up too fast and their going to miss his/ her toddler days.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a child but you dream of a dying child, then the dream could be pertaining to the issues you haven been dealing with in your waking life. Maybe you are in the initial phase of a personal project, a start-up business, or a collaboration. Unfortunately, things are not going your way however hard you try.

The dream could be telling you subconsciously that you need to stop trying for now. It may be a good project but the timing may not be right and you need to bid goodbye to that idea before it’s too late. Instead, try to channel your energy to something else. You can also reflect first before delving into a new project.

Dream about  Parent Dying

Nobody wants to see their parents die, or one of them gone, for that matter. Dreaming about your parents dying is totally heartbreaking. However, there really is nothing to worry about since such dream doesn’t connote to death of any of them in the future.

In general, dreaming of a parent dying reflects your fear of losing your parents. You will particularly feel that way if your parents are already old or if one of them is ill.

Dreaming about your parents’ death, when in fact they are still very much alive and healthy, could mean that you are going through an important chapter in your life. The dream could be a reflection of your relationship with your parents which has taken up a notch.

Maybe you decided to finally move out from your family’s house and live in a different city. This transition will change your close-knit relationship with your parents. If you used to be so dependent on them as a teenager, now that you’ve come of age, you are finally trying to become more independent. The death of your parents in your dream could symbolize that particular transformation.

Diversely, if you dream about your parents dying when they are already dead, could mean that you miss them very much. Take the dream as an opportunity to connect with them somehow and bid them a proper goodbye.

Dream about Someone Dying

To interpret the meaning behind your dream of someone dying, you have to take into consideration some details regarding you dream.

Generally, when you dream about someone dying, it could mean that your emotions towards that person are already gone. If that someone is your ex-lover, seeing them die in your dream could mean that your feelings for him/ her has already died with them.

If you do not know the person who died in your dream, a total stranger, it could mean that you are not affected by whatever changes that’s happening in your surroundings. However, if in your dream that stranger died in front of you, it could signify the importance of setting goals in your life. The death ironically equates to new beginnings. Maybe you haven’t thought of your goals for the future yet, the perfect time for that is now.

On a positive note, your dream about a stranger dying, could also mean that you will have a wonderful breakthrough in terms of wealth. Take that dream as a sign that a wonderful opportunity is coming your way and you must grab it.

Lastly, if the person in your dream is dying due to old age, the dream could be a reflection of your bad habits. Ask yourself what unhealthy habits you are practicing. Your bad habits could be drinking or smoking, but it could also be pertaining to you eating too much sweet or salty food. Whatever it is, try to eradicate those habits one by one while it’s still early.

Dream about Family Members Dying

Dreams about family members dying can really be distressing because they are the people closest to your heart. Although, those dreams shouldn’t be stressed upon and taken literally, because nobody’s dying in your real life.

If you dream about your brother or your sister dying, it could simply mean that you have not been spending enough time with them, maybe due to your jampacked working schedule. Why not make it a priority next time to bond with them. A simple lunch out could already be enough to catch up with one another.

If you see your grandma or grandpa dying in your dreams, it represents your need to adhere to the advices people give you. The dream is a good wake-up call telling you that you need to incorporate the suggestions of others in your daily life.

Dream about Myself Dying

Nobody was ever prepared to see one’s self die. Death is usually a taboo subject although everybody is aware that they will come face to face with death someday. Dreaming of yourself dying is undoubtedly troubling but it is actually a common phenomenon.

Generally, dreaming about yourself dying can be considered a warning for you. You might be practicing bad habits which are putting your health at risk. You are probably be aware of those practices already, you are just not willing to put an end to them yet. The dream is a sign that you should start doing what is right.

Aside from that, another interpretation could be related to your sacrifices which have gone unnoticed. You might be too kind that the people around you are already taking advantage of you. Maybe this is the right time to prioritize and value yourself.

To further know the meaning behind your dream, you should ask yourself, “How did I die when I dream of myself dying?” Try to remember if it was a peaceful death or a brutal one.

If you were dying peacefully in your dream, no struggles nor burdens, then it’s a good sign. It means that whatever changes you are going through in your waking life, you are accepting it wholeheartedly. Maybe you had a change of management at work, and you acknowledge it well, because you know that it’s for the better.

However, if you were dying savagely in your dream, it means you do not agree with the incoming changes. It could also be that you feel threatened. Taking the example above, maybe the change in management for you means you have to adjust to new office practices and workmates again, something you are trying to avoid.

Dream about Dying Friend

The Cut quoted Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst, about the meaning behind the dream of a dying friend. According to her, your friend in your dream could be a reflection of a part of you. For instance, if your friend is a hard working person, her death in your dream could mean that something in your waking life will demotivate you and make you feel uninspired.

If you dream about your best friend dying, it could represent an aspect in your friendship that is also starting to die. Maybe one of you have changed due to some personal reason, and that caused your relationship to dwindle.

Circumstances like being too caught up with family and work matters can be a good reason for that. Try to understand each another, besides real friends should learn how to compromise. Talk about what you can do to, somehow, meet-up eventually.

Indeed, the dream about your dying friend is a reminder that you should value your friendship with that person.

Dream about Dying and Coming Back to Life

To dream about yourself dying and coming back to life actually brings good omen. The dream means that you can bounce back to life after feeling so down. You will be rewarded with your positive attitude of not giving up amidst the hardships.

Maybe the company you are working for had to lay off employees and, unfortunately, you are one of them. You felt down, but deep inside you know that you can always find yourself a new job, hence, you never gave up.

If you dream about someone else dying and he/ she came back to life, it means that you are worried for that person’s welfare. In fact, you are very much willing to help that person if ever he/ she needs your support.

Dream about Death of a Loved One

Your dreams about your loved ones dying is definitely not something you want to see in your dream state. Sometimes, these types of dreams make you want to wake up just to make it stop.

Thankfully, just like the previous interpretations, dreaming about your loved one’s death does not automatically equate to their death in the waking life. Instead, the dream could be a representation of a particular quality that your loved one has, yet you considerably lack.

Maybe you dream about your husband dying.  The dream is then telling you that you should learn how to stretch your patience. Surely, in the long run it will not only benefit your husband, it will also benefit you and the people around you.

What Should You Do After Knowing the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Death?

By now you are probably relieved knowing that your dream about death isn’t really telling you about an imminent death. So, the next time you have a similar dream, don’t stress yourself and just keep in mind that another change is on its way. May it be a positive or a negative kind of change, what’s important is given the heads up, you probably already know how to navigate your way through.