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A knife is a staple kitchen tool but sometimes it is used for a lot more than just cutting food. Hence, when you dream of a knife, its interpretation can vary depending on the details and events of your dream.

Was the knife sharp or was it blunt? What kind of knife was present in your dream and how was it used? Keep tabs and try your best to remember the details because those will come in handy in finding the meaning behind your knife dream. To know more about the interpretation of your dream, continue reading the next paragraphs.

General Symbolization Behind Dream about Knives

Moving On

Dreaming about knives means you are aware of the unhealthy relationship that you are in. Now is the perfect moment to end whatever connection you still have with your toxic partner. Start getting rid of the past and be ready with what the future brings, it may be hard but it’s the only viable way to end it.


Dreaming about knives could mean that your mind is sharp enough to make sound decisions. If you have a huge project you are trying to postpone because you’re afraid of failure, take the dream as a sign that you must take the risk, because there are people around you who will support and trust your abilities.


Dreaming about knives means that you should stop avoiding your problems, instead, approach them with courage and confidence. Your problems won’t disappear when you run away. They either become worse or they just remain to be that – a problem. Hence, just use your ability and try to solve them the best that you can.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Knives: Common Knife Dreams Interpretation

Dream about Knife in General

In general, dreams involving knives can be scary and bothersome. Since a knife can cut things into portions, dreaming about it usually means separation from someone or something in your waking life, and the distance will result to sorrow. On the other hand, the dream can also reflect the issue you have with money. Be extra cautious when it comes to handling your finances to avoid massive loss.

Dream about a Knife with Blood

To dream about a bloody knife is a bad sign. It signifies the chaos you are currently experiencing in your waking life. You may have hurt someone unintentionally and you don’t know to approach and fix the problem. Don’t worry, it may take a while for you to figure things out but you will eventually be able to surpass the challenges.

Dream about Knife Fight

Dreaming about being in knife fight connotes the obstacles you are facing due to different views. Assess and weight the importance of both sides and decide with caution, so you don’t regret your decision in the future.

Dream about Knife Breaking

A damaged or broken knife in a dream is a bad omen. The dream is warning you about a distressing event in the future. Be sure not to share too much information to those who you are working with, because some of them might not be trustworthy enough.

Dream about Knife Throwing

Dreaming about throwing a knife towards a certain target can be telling you about your goals. However, you should be wary because it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, even if it involves doing illegal things.

Dream about Being Stabbed with a Knife

To dream of being stabbed with a knife is a negative sign. The dream signifies unlikable circumstances and suffering in the future. However, there may be two sides of the story, hence you must be careful because you are either the victim or the doer. You must watch your actions.

Dreaming about Stabbing Someone with a Knife

Dreaming of stabbing someone with a knife means you have a hidden dark behavior in you that is just waiting to be unleashed. Someone you know might do something to trigger that unwanted personality. Be mindful of your doings and learn to control your emotions to avoid damage.

Dream of Knife in my Hand

Dreaming of holding a knife in your hand reflects your desire to end your toxic relationship with your partner. The dream is telling you that you are ready to move on and start a new life without him or her. Alternatively, it could also reflect your rage towards a loved one, but what even angers you is the fact that you don’t know how to sort things out.

Dreaming of Someone Holding a Knife

Dreaming about someone else holding a knife means that there is a person controlling you in your waking life. He or she could be your boss, your partner, or one of your parents and you want to break free from his or her supervision.

Dream of Sharpening Knives

Dreaming about sharpening a knife foretells an encounter which you must be careful of, to avoid disagreement. A blunt knife being sharpened in the dream reflects your issues with your family, while dreaming of a rusty knife symbolizes the discontent you currently have with your loved ones, which may be caused by misunderstandings. Fix it immediately before it becomes worse.

Dream of Buying Knives

Dreaming of buying a set of knives reflects your high self-regard in a bad way. It means you want to be able to control and manipulate others. Be mindful of your deed because it might result to something you are not prepared for.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Knives

Indeed, dreaming about knives is not pleasant at all. The interpretations of such dream are mostly negative, however, some of which are actually good warning signs, so you will know what to expect in your waking life. Just remember that what you see in your dream does not necessarily mirror the real life, but it could help you translate the situation you are currently in.

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