True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Spider

Dreams about spiders can be frightful especially for an arachnophobic, or a person who has intense fear of spiders. Although, spiders in dreams should not cause fear because they are absolutely a common phenomenon.Contrary to popular belief, most spiders are actually harmless. The poisonous ones are rare to find and probably not living in your house.

What Do Dreams About Spiders Symbolize?

1. A Feminine Power

Spiders are actually tiny, amazing insects. They can create intricate webs using just their body. women are inherently creative in nature as well, hence dreaming about spiders are connected to femininity.

If you are a woman dreaming of spiders, it could mean that you embody the characteristics of a strong and powerful woman. Someone who is not afraid to listen and adapt to new ideas and use these to further develop herself and the people around her.

If you are a man with those spider dreams, it could pertain to a woman close to you. Maybe the woman you adore is someone who embody the said traits and you admire her because of that. It could also represent your mother whom you look up to and

2. An Act of Manipulation

To dream about spiders could also be related to the act of manipulation, however, this could go in two ways. It could mean that you are being manipulated or you are the one manipulating someone.

Spiders are web masters, but the main purpose of the webs they create are actually to catch their prey. They patiently wait for other insects like flies and mosquitos, to get trapped in their webs. That is how they get their food.

The spiders in your dream act as a warning for you to check which of the two are you – the manipulator or the one being manipulated.

To do such, you need to assess your job, especially your relationship with your peers and your boss. It could also point to your relationship with your family or your partner, hence, you have to look at all sides to be able to know and therefore apply appropriate actions.

Try your best to entangle the web or you might get stuck in the trap you made.

3.Achievement of Your Goals

To see spiders in your dream could mean that you are close to reaching your goals. It could be your personal, your financial, or your professional goals, whichever you are most focused in at the moment.

It usually takes about an hour for a spider to finish an elaborate web pattern. The spider accomplishes its goal fast because it puts in a lot of focus and dedication. Similar to the spider, your dream could reflect the effort you are exerting in achieving your goal.

If in case there are a few roadblocks, do not worry because you’ll eventually surpass them. Acknowledge that there may be a bit of delays due to this but your end point will still be the realization of your goals.

4.Your Own Creator

As spiders are the weavers of their own web, you too are the creator of your own life. Your dreams of spiders stand as proofs to that fact.

Take a moment to ask yourself if the life you are currently in right now is how you see yourself living in the future. Are you happy with the status you are at? Do you feel content?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then by all means, continue living and making your life’s choices. Maybe you are already at the point of your life where you couldn’t ask for more because you believe you are living the life you love already.

However, if your answer is the other way around, then maybe it’s time to start re-assessing your tactics. Keep in mind that you could always improve your disposition in life.

Believing that you can is the first step. Fill your mind and heart with positivity and the rest will follow. As your life’s creator, you can always opt to improve the events around you. Take it slowly and eventually you’ll be able to experience the life you desire.

5.Anxiety and Toxicity

To dream of spiders could represent your feeling of anxiety in your waking life. You are probably aware that there are certain forces in your life that are putting you at risk.

It could be a habit which is bad for your health, maybe a person who is always a bad influence, or a toxic career that always gives you a lot of stress.

The spider in your dream could be telling you to cut these toxic things that are giving you anxiety before it takes a great toll on your well-being. Deal with them as soon as possible and eliminate those that does not deserve a place in your life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders – Common Spider Dream Interpretation

1.Dream about Spider Climbing Up the Wall

It is common to see a spider on the wall. If in your dream you see the spider climbing up, it means that in your waking life you are also moving forward.

If you have a certain goals which you have been working hard on for a long time, the dream is a sign that you are about to reach those goals.

It could be a position at work that you have been aiming for, or maybe a certain financial amount that you have been saving for.

2.Dream about Seeing a Baby Spider

Dreaming of spiders can be bothersome at times because you might think it brings danger. However, dreaming with baby spider might not be as disturbing, since they are still tiny ones.

Seeing a baby spider in you dream could mean that you are up for a new beginning. It usually means a start of a new relationship, but it doesn’t have to be romantic.

If you are a soon-to-be-mother, the dream could be pertaining to the child in your belly and the new relationship you are about to form with him/ her. If you just got hired at your first job, the dream could refer to the new relationship you are going to build with your peers and your bosses.

3.Dream of Seeing a Giant Spider

Seeing a spider in your dream can already be frightening, but what does it mean when you dream of a giant one?

Giant spiders in your dream could mean that you have little or no control at all, over your current situation and attitude. The dream could also signify that you are afraid to voice out what you believe in.  

Maybe it is time to be brave and stand up. Do not let others belittle you, instead, show them that you are more than what they thought of you. Remember, there is always a way to remove the giant spiders in your life.

4.Dream of Being Bitten by a Spider

To dream of being bitten by a spider is horrifying. However, take note that the dream could be giving you a warning.

Being bitten by the said insect could mean that the help you keep giving people are probably not paying off because they are taking advantage of you. They will just use you for their own good, in return, you will suffer huge loss. Hence, you should be extra cautious.

Try to observe the people around you and notice only the people who truly appreciate your help. Keep them in your circle, and let go of those who do not deserve you.

5.Dream of Killing a Spider

In general, dreaming of killing a spider could mean that in your waking life you are currently experiencing problems, but you will eventually overcome them. By doing so, you will become stronger.

According to, the interpretation behind killing a spider in your dream could also depend on its color and size.

If the spider you killed in your dream is a black one, it could mean that you will be in a better place soon. A place where the situation is much better than your current state.

If it is a white spider that you killed, be careful because this could mean that you will be unlucky. Whatever it is that you are wishing will not come true.

If a green spider was killed, your dream is telling you that you should look out for your health. Take extra care of your body and observe it well.

Aside from the color, the size of the spider can also be a factor in interpreting the meaning behind your dream. If you killed a big and dangerous spider like a Black Widow, it could mean that you are about to experience something wonderful in your life and it could make everything much better.

6.Dream of Seeing a Spider in Bed

After a tiring day, the bed is what you usually long for when you get home. It is a private space where you are able to rest and feel safe.

Therefore, to dream about seeing a spider in your bed is somewhat unpleasant. You feel violated because a tiny trespasser invaded your privacy.

The dream could be giving you a warning that someone or something is trying to disrespect your privacy in your waking life. The trespassers could pertain to a real person, someone you know, or it could also be those unwelcomed thoughts and feelings which are trying to consume you.

Spiders in bed could also mean that someone is stalking you, watching your every move. Be careful because that particular person might know and reveal a secret that you have been fervently keeping.

What Should be Done Upon  Learning the Dream Meaning Behind a Spider?

Spiders are, indeed, intricate and creative insects. To dream about them could also bring complex interpretations to your waking life.

Instead of being afraid of spiders, try to understand the meaning behind why they appeared in your dream. If a warning was given, do not shove it away and try to give it a chance instead. There is not harm in watching every step you take and observing the people around you.

These dreams are there for a reason, and we try to remember them as much, because deep inside we believe that they have deeper meanings.

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