Right Interpretation and trure meaning of Dream about Banana

Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber, and one of the most well-known and nutritious fruits in the world. When it comes to dreams, they’re surprisingly common, too.  Dreams of a banana fruit usually reflect your sexual and relationship desires. Since a banana’s shape resembles a man’s genitalia, its appearance in dreams can also symbolize fertility, abundance, and erotic desires.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Bananas


Dream about bananas signifies your energy toward embarking on a new-found love and relationship. 


Dream about bananas represents your sexual desires towards your partner. You may be in a long-distance relationship and you suddenly miss him, hence, your dream.

Great Joy

Dream about bananas connotes fresh and positive changes in your waking life. It may be a new job or a relationship, but whatever it is, it will bring you utmost joy.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Bananas – Common Banana Dreams Interpretation

1. Dream about Bananas in General

Generally, dreams about bananas symbolize abundance in love, passion, and pleasure. However, most of the time, these dreams are usually interpreted depending on the dreamer’s gender. For women, dreams about bananas represent their affection towards the opposite sex. On the other hand, a man’s dream about bananas signifies rejection from the woman he likes.

2. Dream about Eating Bananas

Dream of eating bananas connotes your desire to express your feelings to the person you like. The dream is a sign that now is the best time to take a risk. That person may also like you and they’re just waiting for the right time as well. If you get rejected, the important thing is you tried and became honest.

3.Dream about Ripe Bananas

Dream of ripe bananas signifies happiness and contentment. It means that you are happy with what you have achieved in your life, and want nothing more, but blessings still keep on pouring. Take the dream as a reminder that you must always be grateful.

4. Dream about Rotten Bananas

Dream of rotten bananas is a bad omen. It foretells obstacles related to your career. You must be ready to face and take on challenging tasks from those in the higher positions. However, if you successfully finish the task on hand, it will pave your way to a future promotion, so you must do your best.

5. Dream about Buying Bananas

Dream of buying bananas is an unfortunate dream. It means that your efforts will not be rewarded for quite a while. Your sacrifices, whether it’s in your career, relationship, or your family, will go unnoticed, so you must extend your patience.

6.Dream about Cooked Bananas

Dreaming of cooked bananas is a sign that you are emotionally content with your life, even if there are still goals that you haven’t accomplished. Just keep in mind that you have great potential in you and you must not be afraid to show that to the people around you.

7. Dream about Selling Bananas

Dream of selling bananas signifies your loss of temper due to your effort not being acknowledged. A man who dreams about selling bananas has someone who wants to see them in their waking life. For a woman, the dream means that she will be successful in finding a romantic relationship.

8.Dream about Harvesting Bananas

Dream of harvesting bananas is a good omen. The dream is a sign that you will finally achieve your goals and you will soon live a comfortable lifestyle. Your hard work will therefore be rewarded and appreciated.

9.Dream about Raw Bananas

Dream of raw bananas reflects your difficulty in making wise decisions by yourself. Therefore, given this dream, you must not forget to think twice and ask for other people’s advice before making final decisions. That way, you won’t end up making wrong ones.

10.Dream of Banana Tree

Dreaming about banana tree full of banana fruits is not a good dream. It represents your exhaustion and apprehension about your current relationship. You must be tired already of the toxic situation you’re in. It may be the right time to give up and give more value to yourself instead.

11. Dream of Banana Plantation

Dream about banana plantation represents your strong desire to voice out your thoughts and concerns. Although the dream is telling you that you have good strategizing abilities in terms of handling your life, you must still be careful because you are surrounded with people who are waiting for you to fail.

12.Dream of Banana Peel

Dreaming about banana peel represents the masculine energy overpowering you. For men, this dream means that people perceive you as strong and unyielding. For women, this dream is a sign that you appear to be too reserved and unshakeable.

13.Dream of Banana Leaf

Dreaming about banana leaf connotes early stages of your goals in life, particularly in your romantic relationship. You might encounter obstacles which will force you to make changes in your current situation. Don’t fret though because the changes will be for your own good.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Bananas

Dreams about bananas may have varying meanings but keep in mind that the right interpretation still depends on your waking life’s situation. Don’t worry, if in any case you get a negative symbolism, just keep on doing what you think is right. Soon enough, you’ll still attain great success.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman, one night, dreams of selling bananas in a market near their house. Then, a stranger buys a dozen from her.

The next day, while she was on a coffee break at work, she saw that same stranger in her dream. He was in fact a new colleague who just started working in her department and she secretly liked him right away.