Right Interpretation and True meaning of Dreams of Darkness

The darkness can be a scary place or phenomenon. When you are in the dark, it is like losing your sense of sight because you cannot see anything. 

In dreams, when all you see is darkness, it usually symbolizes danger, fear, crisis, evil, or death. However, there are also rare times that darkness could also bring positive meaning, depending on your current situation. On the other hand, the darkness dream is quite common and you do not have to worry.

This article will help you find out what your dream represents. Keep reading the next paragraphs to know more.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Darkness

Off to a New Beginning

Dreaming about darkness may reflect the current phase of your life. If you are experiencing hardships, know that problems always have solutions. When you are over those obstacles, then you are already off to a new start. 

Evil is Lurking

Dreaming about darkness could mean that there are people around you that wish you harm. Be careful who you trust because some of them might have evil plans towards you. 

Be Prepared

Dreaming about darkness foretells uncertain times in the future. The best you can do is prepare yourself for every possible situation that might arise. You must always have a plan B, in case your first plan does not work. 

Face your Fears

Your dream about darkness could be a sign that tells you that your fears are currently crippling you. Figure out what your fears are and find a way how you can manage them. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about the Dark – 12 Common Darkness Dream Explanations

1.Dream about Darkness in General

Generally, dreaming of darkness can be interpreted differently depending on what you are going through in your waking life. It could symbolize a failure in your goal, loss of communication, an uneasy confrontation, or unexpected major changes. This dream can also be a warning, hence, you must prepare yourself for the unwanted possibilities which you might encounter in your waking life.

2.Dream about Falling into the Darkness

Dreaming of falling into the darkness connotes your low self-esteem. Opportunities have slipped away because you feel like you are not ready to handle them yet. The best thing you can do is slowly build yourself again, even if it means starting from scratch. That way you will be ready to grab the next big opportunity you are offered. 

3.Dream about Darkness Chasing Me

Dreaming about the darkness chasing you could mean that you have done something unforgivable and you are afraid to be punished for it. It could be something controversial or political, which involves the need of moving places just to run and hide. However afraid you are, you must not abandon what you have done. Try to look for solutions to make up for your sins and you might find your freedom. 

4.Dream of Dark Place

Dreaming about a dark place says a lot about your relationship with your partner. Maybe you are having issues that both of you are trying to resolve. As long as you do not give up on each other and you work on your differences together, then you will eventually be able to light up the dark place again. 

5.Dream of Dark Clouds

Dreaming about dark clouds is a bad omen. It signifies an unfortunate event that might happen to a loved one soon. Remind them to be extra careful always, and do not forget to always stay by their side, for now, to keep them safe. 

6.Dream of Dark Water

Dreaming about dark water, similar to a dark ocean or deep river, signifies your ability to adjust to different challenges thrown your way. This is a good sign somehow because it showcases your strength and confidence in facing adversities. 

7.Dream of Dark Road

Dreaming about the dark road does not necessarily connote a negative meaning. If the dark road scares you, it means you have many insecurities and they are eating you up. If you do not feel fear, then it means you will finally find the thing you have long been looking for. If there’s light at the end of the dark road, be grateful because it means you will be triumphant in the future.

8.Dream of Dark Sky

Dreaming about the dark sky signifies a time of uncertainty. Maybe you feel confused and lost in your career path and you do not know what steps you should take. Instead of stressing yourself out, try to pause and think about your next move. Seek help from professionals for they might be able to help you erase those doubts. 

9.Dream of Dark House

Dreaming about a dark house represents your anxiety towards events happening in your waking life. You may be having a bad day at work, at home, or in school that caused you to dream about a pitch-black house. It may also serve as a warning that you will lose something valuable to you in the future, it could be a gadget or a bunch of cash. 

10.Dream of Dark Forest

Dreaming about a dark forest symbolizes your fear of the unknown. You may be facing problems at the moment and you have not yet figured out the solution. If that is the case, then do not be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to your family and close friends and ask for guidance and advice. 

11.Dream of Dark Hallway

Dreaming about a dark hallway can be a warning which you must not ignore. It means that you are about to make a hasty decision in your waking life. Be careful because those things cannot be undone, so think well before making your final choice. 

12.Dream of Darkness in Daytime

Dream about darkness during the day is somewhat telling you that you must not participate in any unexpected events in the future for some might end up harming you. Stay away for now, even if you think you might benefit from them, because you actually won’t.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Darkness

Dreaming about darkness could be frightening, but if you teach yourself how to find the light in every situation, then no darkness will ever be too scary to face. Keep in mind that even if there are problems thrown at you, there will always be solutions to those, you just have to find them out. 

Real Dreamland Scenario

A small business owner who feels insecure because she thinks the other entrepreneurs are earning better than her, dreams of seeing a light at the end of the dark road.

The dream is a good one because it means that someone in the near future sees the value of her services, hence, she will be offered a wonderful opportunity which will boost her small business.