Real Meaning and right interpretation of DreamsAbout Stars

Stars are balls of gas holding their own gravity, which illuminates the night sky. The beauty of these astronomical objects attracts not only the physical vision of people but also their subconscious minds causing stars to appear in their dreams. It is quite common to dream of stars, and these dreams may mean various things. As you read through this article, you will find out about your star dream meaning.  

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stars?

According to GA Anderson, star dreams can be interpreted psychologically, or mystically. Stars are viewed as the souls of someone influential that ascended to heaven to guide and watch over the people during the ancient times. In the Christian Bible, a star pointed to the location of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. With all that being said, a dream of stars represents messages regarding your spiritual being which includes your desires, goals, happiness, and success that you want to achieve in your waking life. 

Nine Common Dreams About Stars

Stars may be a common dream theme for dreamers and these star dreams often appear in various ways. Knowing the details of your dreams about stars will allow you to understand the meaning of your star dreams. Here are detailed dreams about stars you may encounter and their interpretations. 

1.Stargazing In Dreams

Watching the stars in the sky  in your dreams denotes great accomplishments that you will achieve in real life. A clear starry night sky suggests happiness, luck, and good fortune. However, a cloudy starry night sky may mean sorrow, and challenges you may face in life including an unstable financial status. 

2.Shooting Stars In Dreams

Shooting stars in dreams are symbols of achieving your own goals, dreams, and/or desires in life. Of course, you will be able to achieve all of this not by only relying on your luck but by focusing on the actions you need to do to draw yourself closer to success. On the other hand, a shooting star may be a symbol of the end of an important phase of your life, maybe the end of a school year, the end of a project you are working on, or the end of a contract of your job but there is no need to worry because the end of something in your life marks the beginning of a new venture that you will take. Aside from that, shooting stars may be a symbol of your inner wish or desire to come true in the near future. 

3.Stars During Daytime In Dreams

Seeing stars during daytime in your dreams is a representation of your optimism in life. You always see that there is hope no matter how clouded things can get. By this attitude, you have the opportunity of meeting people that will greatly influence your life in a way you have never imagined. 

4.Stars Falling From The Sky In Dreams

Falling stars  in dreams are harbingers of gloom. You may experience downfall or crisis that will have a great impact in your life. These possible obstacles may either ruin you or make you strong, so always be ready to be able to stand up no matter how hard it is. On the other note, stars falling from the sky in dreams suggest your feeling of being unable to control time because everything is happening too fast. 

5.Catching Stars In Dreams

If you dream that you are catching stars in your dreams, then be happy for it is a great sign. Stars caught by hand signify an inheritance or fortune that will be passed down to you. Your future will be secured and you will never have great problems that will hinder your success. 

6.Dreams Of Twinkling Stars

Dreams of twinkling stars carry both positive and negative meaning. On the negative side, twinkling stars mean grief, sorrow,or loss. This does not necessarily mean to lose a loved one, but a problem that you will face about your family, work, or relationship. On the positive side, dreams of twinkling stars mean that your hope and desires will come true in no time, which will allow you to enjoy the all goodness of life. 

7.Dreams Of A Constellation

Constellation dreams show your ability to make the right decision when you are faced to a difficult situation. You know how to connect not only with other people but also with the other aspects of yourself making you composed no matter how hard life gets. Constellations are usually harbingers of something incredible that may happen in your life, especially if you are working hard to have achievements in life. 

8.Dreams Of A Star, Celebrity, Or Influencer

Of course, stars are not only about celestial objects but also about an influential person that you probably look up to. When you dream about this kind of star, it means that you need to appreciate your own traits and never rely only on copying the traits of your idol. Not only that, dreaming about this kind of star signifies a higher chance of solving your problems with the help of someone with authority or influence in your life. 

9.Dreams Of A Star With Specific Number Of Ends

Some star dreams’ meaning depends on the number of the ends of stars present in dreams. A star with five ends shows a series of happiness that you may encounter in life. A six-pointed star suggests that you have to open your eyes not only towards your physical life but also towards your spiritual life. A star with no specific number of ends reveals your need of recognition, especially from the ones you admire and cherish. 


The meaning of your star dreams usually depends on how you see stars in your waking life. If you view stars as a positive symbol in your life such as protection or guidance, then your star dreams will probably bring you positive omen, otherwise, your positive dreams may turn into a nightmare. A star dream often carries powerful messages that are mostly personal, so always pay attention to the details of your dream of stars.

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