What Does It Really Mean to Dream Of Making Love?

Dreaming is a very normal thing. No one can avoid dreaming while sleeping. Dreams are not simple and usually connected with reality deeply. Many people have studied dreams and want to know how dreams are related to reality. Psychologist believes that people and things in the subconscious will show up in the form of dreams . Dream itself is a mysterious field, and it takes a long time to thoroughly study and understand. So what does it mean to dream of making love? The following will tell you.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Making Love?-12 Common Sex Dreams Interpretation

1,To dream of other people having sex means that the dreamer pays too much attention to something and ignores other things, which means that important things may be overlooked.

2,To dream of having sex with a woman means that you should pay attention to the way and emotions when you communicate with others. Your will be more popular and recognized by other people in this way.

3,Dreaming of having sex with a strange woman means that the recent fortunes have not been very good, and it is likely that you need to bear the mistakes for others, and it is likely that you are like “a dumb eating coptis, too bitter to bear but can’t speak out.

4,If single people dream of having sex and being seen by parents indicates that they are not lucky. You must speak out bravely If you meet the one you love, or else you will lose the chance.

5,To dream of having sex with other men indicates that you are very curious and want to have affairs . You will have partners that understanding with each other.

6,Dreaming of having sex with your wife indicates that your privacy is likely to be disclosed by your friends by accident. This will cause trouble and embarrassment for you.

7,Dreaming of having sex with big penis man indicates that the dreamer has a longing for sex pleasure and may have a greater desire for sex .

8,Dreaming of having sex with your husband means that it is best to admit your mistakes and not to lie, because a lie needs more lies to fulfil the lie. Do not take the chance of luck.

9,To dream of having sex and seen by your parents means that you are bad fortune recently. It is likely that you will twist your feet while going out , or something like that. You need to pay attention to it.

10,Dreaming of having sex with the person you love indicates that the dreamer’s physical fitness has declined, and he must know how to maintain his health in life.

11,A pregnant woman dreams of having sex with her husband indicates that she is likely to give birth to a baby boy. If the baby is due to born in the summer,  Extra precautions should be take in case of miscarriage.

12,A student dreaming of having sex and seen by others, which means that his/her fortune is not good, his/her test scores are not ideal.

Real Case Stuy: Dream Of Making Love Interpretation

Dream description: My girlfriend sat on my lap and hugged me in the small house where I lived when I was a child. Later, I saw a man whom I dreamed of twice before. I saw my girlfriend lying on bed and the man was kissing her and took off her clothes and having sex with her. I was very angry and anxious, but I couldn’t make a sound and couldn’t move. Later, the house changed to the house that my girlfriend and I rented before. The man went to the bathroom to take a bath. I asked my girlfriend who he was and why, but she smiled and looked at me and didn’t answer.Woke up.(PS:My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years and we are developing very well and have a good relationship. We occasionally quarrel with each other. I have a shop and do business by myself. The business is not good and I can’t make any money. I have been worrying about this recently. This dream is my recent dream. Please help me explain it.)

Dream Interpretation:This dream reflects that you should be a man with high self-esteem. You think that success is the most direct manifestation of self-worth. For now, the most direct manifestation of success is career success.

This dream also embodies your worries. You are afraid that you will not be able to make money and you will not succeed. You are afraid that others will not look down on you because of this, and you may even lose confidence in your girlfriend because of you. Leave you without making money.

The man in the dream is actually your imaginary enemy. You can understand it as “the consequence of failure”. He possesses your girlfriend. You are angry but powerless.   

So in general, you are worried that setbacks in your career will make you lose your dignity. There are always ups and downs in your career, and you must adjust your mentality. Anyway, you are not too poor to beg for food. Come on, believe in yourself.

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