True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams of Tsunamis

A tsunami is a natural disaster that can wipe a whole community in an instant. It is a Japanese word which means “harbor wave” in English. Tsunami is the aftermath of an earthquake on land or a volcanic eruption underwater. It comes as a series of waves building higher and moving faster than anyone can imagine. The only way to avoid this disaster is by moving to a higher place where the water cannot reach you.

When you dream about water wave, the initial interpretation you will immediately think is it’s a sign of bad luck. However, tsunami dreams actually vary in meanings and there are good symbolism as well.

In general, you might be dreaming about a tsunami because you have a buildup of hidden emotions inside of you. It can be giving you a warning which you must heed or it can be showing you the way to a wonderful future ahead.

Read on the next paragraphs to know more about the meaning behind your dream about tsunamis.

General Meaning Behind Dreams About Tsunamis

Fear of the Water

Tsunamis bring tremendous amount of water to the land. To dream about this is simply your subconscious telling you that your fear of water is creeping in your dreams. An event that happened in that past, maybe a drowning experience, have planted this fear. An exposure to a large body of water can bring back those memories and bother you in your sleep.

Fear  of Loss

A tsunami is capable of removing an entire livelihood in a matter of minutes. This type of loss is unbearable and if you have experienced a similar feeling of loss recently, then dreaming about tsunamis is possible. It may not be as heavy as losing the entire community, but it could pertain to a loss on your part that is unbearable. For instance, you are pregnant and your child died in your womb. It is possible that dreams like tsunamis will appear causing great misery and grief.

Sudden Change Will Come

Tsunamis are unpredictable and this is why people come uninformed and unprepared. However, when you dream about a tsunami, expect that a change will come so you won’t be taken aback. The changes can be related to your personal or professional life, and they can be positive changes, but they can also be not-so-good ones. The important thing is to be ready at whatever changes may be.

Full of Uncertainty

Dreams about a tsunami can represent the uncertainties of your waking life. There may be times that you deal with your issues alone because you are afraid of being judged. The dream is telling you that as much as possible, avoid dealing with your problems alone. Your family and friends are there for a reason, know that you can always approach them for help. If your concerns about life involve them, then you can find guidance from a professional whose job is to listen and help you.

Signify of Your Growth

It may seem odd but dreams about tsunamis can also signify your growth. Like a tsunami which comes after an earthquake, you too can come back stronger after being shaken by unfortunate events. Remember that those series of bad lucks don’t define you. You are still the driver of your own life and your dream about the tsunami is telling you that you are tougher than you thought.

Fear of the Past

Dream about a tsunami also reflects a tragic or traumatic past. You might think that you have buried those memories, but unless you have fully moved on from that event, you will never truly heal. An example could be a bad breakup of a long term relationship. If you don’t confront those feelings and forgive the party involved, that bitterness will forever be there waiting to be triggered. The dream is telling you to let go, move on and find the person who knows how to cherish you.

What Does Dream About Tsunamis Mean – Different Tsunami Dreams Interpretation & Analysis

Dream about Seeing a Tsunami

Tsunami in dreams represents the huge problems you currently have in your life. You have been brushing them off for a while because you are having a hard time finding the solutions. Those problems will never be fixed if you do them alone. Try to seek help from the people closest to you, because they are probably just waiting for you to ask them.

Dream about a Tsunami Threat

To dream about hearing or watching the news about a tsunami threat reflects your attitude as a person. You are the type who is easily bothered by any news you hear around you. You tend to overreact on the simplest matter, even if you haven’t checked the facts yet. Worrying too much on things that doesn’t really concern you will do you more harm than good. Your dream about the tsunami threat is a reminder that you should check your resources first before stressing yourself too much.

Dream about a Tsunami with Your Family

To dream about seeing a tsunami with your family is actually a common phenomenon. Your family is your source of strength and safety. However, to see them in your dream while feeling scared of the tsunami reflects your self-doubt. You depended too much on your family that you feel like you can’t stand on your own without them around. The dream is telling you that they will always be there, but you should also learn to be independent and trust no one but yourself. You can involve them in making decisions but the final ruling should always come from you.

Dream about Being Swept by a Tsunami Wave

Dreams about being swept by tsunami waves bring bad omen. Tsunami waves represent the unexpected events you will encounter in your waking life. The events are so abrupt that you won’t be able to prepare for it. You may be devastated but, remember, to look for the good in every situation. Also, figure out what it’s trying to teach you.

Dream about Seeing Someone Swept by a Tsunami Wave

To dream of someone being swept by a tsunami connotes a negative meaning. The person in your dream will be experiencing a disastrous event soon. He could face a sudden decline in his business sales. Never leave the person’s side just yet, cheer for him instead. Give him encouraging words and offer your help, as he will surely need it.

Dream about Dying from a Tsunami

Dreams about tsunami and death can cause panic and fear to the dreamer which shouldn’t be the case, because the meaning behind it is actually positive. The dream is telling you that the problems which burdened you previously won’t be bothering you anymore. You are finally going to come to terms with your past, use that as an opportunity to start something in the present, which can benefit you in the future.

Dream about Seeing Someone Die from a Tsunami

Seeing someone else in your dream dying from a tsunami means you have an indirect role in that person’s life. If in your waking life you notice that person suddenly becoming aloof, then she’s probably having a hard time dealing with certain issues. Ask her what the problem is and offer your hand to help. She might reject your offer, but at least she knows you’re there when worst comes to worst.

Dream about Escaping a Tsunami

As destructive as a tsunami may seem, not all dreams about it equates to a negative omen. Dreaming about successfully escaping a tsunami means you’ll be able to overcome your problems and things will be great for you. It’s the perfect time to start a new business or a creative project because you will definitely succeed.

Dream about Seeing an Approaching Tsunami

Dream about seeing a tsunami approaching you signifies a significant event which is happening soon. You can be presenting a huge proposal at work, which can make or break the future of your company. It is a big move but do not stress too much on it. Remember, you have prepared for the presentation for a long time, so you’ll absolutely do great. Find inspiration from your family and other successful people you know.

Dream about Seeing a Tsunami from Afar

Dreams about seeing a tsunami far from where you are standing bear good omen. Similar to seeing the tsunami from a distance, you will also see upcoming adversities in your waking life; hence, you will be able to prepare yourself. There will be repercussions but do not be afraid to face them, because your plans to counter those consequences will probably be ready by then. Protect your loved ones as well, find ways to keep them safe from harm.

Dream about a Tsunami Passing by

Dreams about a tsunami passing by is a good sign. It signifies a time of relief because the hardships in your life are finally over. Take it as chance to recover, and a time to prepare for the new changes that are coming your way. If you are not fond of transformations, just think of it as a way of eradicating the bad things and making the good ones flourish.

Dream about a Tsunami Destroying Your City

To dream that the place you are living in is being hit by a tsunami reflects negativity, especially in terms of your finances. Similar to how the tsunami is destroying the city in your dream, something in your waking life will also wipe out your properties. Save your money first instead of starting a new project or investing them somewhere. It is not the right time to take risks, hence, shift your focus to something else instead.

Dream about Seeing a Tsunami From Above

Dreams about witnessing a tsunami from above could signify your capacity and characteristic as a person. To look at a disaster through a bird’s eye view gives you the ability to think of ways to make things become better. The dream is telling you to extend your hand to those who are in dire need of assistance. Take it as a sign as well that someone – a doctor, a nurse, or a spiritual leader – will see your good heart and will ask you to volunteer soon. Do not hesitate because you know it’s what your heart wants.

Recurring Dreams about Tsunami

Dreams about natural disasters like tsunamis can reflect the emotions you are suppressing in your waking life. Your subconscious is aware of those hidden emotions and it’s letting you know through your dreams. To have recurring dreams about tsunamis means that you have to acknowledge and accept those emotions.

You could be hiding your feelings toward your long-time friend because you don’t want to ruin your friendship. However, the dream is repeatedly telling you to be honest with yourself and to the one you love. You will never know what your friend thinks about you unless you tell her the truth, just take the risk.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Tsunamis

Dreams about tsunamis can truly be frightening, leaving you waking up in sweat. However, keep in mind that those meanings behind your dreams are just there to guide or warn you. Your life’s journey still depends on you. Will you let the waves of the tsunami sweep you away or will you fight back and stand your ground? You choose.

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