True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Books

Knowledge, wisdom, maturity, and even entertainment can be sourced from books, which are used in different times and cultures. Books often appear in dreams and carry various meaning depending on the dreams’ context. You may have wondered about what it means to dream about books. Keep reading to find out about your book dreams meaning.

General Meaning Of Dream About Books

Dream about books is associated with your knowledge and interactions in reality. It often symbolizes your desire to learn or uncover something that can be useful in your  life. Sometimes, it suggests embodying certain attitude or behavior and seeking answers or information to solve your daily life problems.

Spiritual Meaning Of Book Dreams

Book dreams indicate your drive for success and growth. A book in dreams tells that you have the ability to develop personally and professionally. Also, dreams about books are connected to your daily life skills especially the ones used for communication. Books in dreams can also represent challenging situations in your waking life.

Common Dream Scenarios About Books

There are various encounters with books that you may have in your dreams. These encounters bear different meanings, symbols or messages. Here are detailed interpretations of dream about books.

Reading A Book In Dreams

Dreams about reading books signify learning new information through news or other people. You are also able to easily adapt to changes and opportunities that come your way. This also means that you should move on in your relationship or a situation in your waking life.

Buying A Book In Dreams

Buying a book in dreams is a positive omen for dreamers. You may expect good news due to your diligence in the near future. It can be the promotion, relationship, or any advancement you are waiting for in life.

Receiving A Book As Gift In Dreams

If you received books as gifts in dreams, it shows that good period is coming to you in reality. You will be able to be successful and progressive in the things coming your way. Also, you may meet someone new who will have deep connection with you in life.

Giving A Book In Dreams

A dream where you have gifted someone a book symbolizes your attentiveness and support to the people around you. Your friends or loved ones will ask you for advice or assistance. You are someone who is willing to listen and share what you have to other people.

Flipping Through Pages Of A Book In Dreams

Turning pages of a book in dreams, whether to read or scan indicates your desire for personal growth. You are exerting effort in your waking life to fully understand the things around you. On the negative note, you may be neglecting some of your mistakes and responsibilities in life.

Tearing A Book In Dreams

Torn books or books with torn pages in dreams represent your social distress. Problems may arise among your peers or professional relationships. You will think of ways to cut your social ties.

Stolen Book In Dreams

Your book stolen in dreams is an indication of unexpected news that will come your way. Your expertise and skills will be known to other people. You will also be able to gain the recognition you deserve. If you stole a book in dreams, it shows your lack of self-confidence and need to boost your morale with the help of other people.

Writing A Book In Dreams

Writing a book in dreams signifies your actions of pursuing unrealistic goals. You are also exerting efforts that may lead to small or unnecessary output. The positive side is you are doing ways to improve your overall situation in your waking life. You may also gain financial stabilities in reality.

Dream About Bookstore

Bookstore in dreams is a positive sign for dreamers as it means blessings to come. You will be under progressive periods in your near future. You will also be filled with positive energy and good ideas that will improve your career or lifestyle.

Dream About Bookshelf

To dream books on a shelf symbolizes your desire to explore ideas and knowledge you can use. You will also be able to meet new people who will help you widen your network or career. You may also feel overwhelmed by overflowing responsibilities and tasks in reality. If the bookshelf is empty, you may encounter problems and be tested in your waking life.  

Dream About Books Getting Wet

Wet book in dreams tells that you are learning things that will lead to failure in life. You will suffer disappointments and problems may arise in your way. You just need to assess your needs and the actions you have to take to avoid mistakes.

Dream About Burning A Book

A book burning in dreams shows negative sign which is associated with loss and sorrow in reality. Problems with friendship or relationship may arise in the near future. Conflicts will cause you to severe your ties with your friends or loved ones.

Dream About A Book With Unfamiliar Language

Books with unfamiliar language in dreams represent your hidden skills. You will soon encounter a situation that will enable you to discover abilities, which were previously unknown to you. Talents you uncover may serve as leverage for you in your waking life.

Dream About A Bookcase

A bookcase in dreams symbolizes your desire for learning and knowledge. Your curiosity becomes your strength as it keeps you on your feet and updated with current events. On the other hand, an empty bookcase forebodes stressful situations in your waking life.

Dream About Book On A Table

To dream of a book on the table signifies an opportunity for improvement and advancement. Your contributions will soon be recognized due to your abilities and skills. You may expect good news that will help you improve your current situation in life.

Dreams Of Books Falling On You

This dream foretells negative interpretation for dreamers. Books falling in dreams indicate your distraction from your plans and goals in reality. You may be spending time with unnecessary people and situations that are keeping you sidetracked.  

Different Types Of Books In Dreams Meaning

The type of book in your dreams plays an important part in interpreting your book dreams. There are many types of book you may come across with in your dreams. Below are some common types of books that may appear in dreams.


Dreaming of a Bible indicates wisdom and pleasant endeavors. You need to focus on your goals to continue with your life. Religious books are symbols of uncover hidden abilities that may uphold your moral standards.

Financial-Related Books

Financial related books are associated with your finances. You are suggested to know the importance of handling your own money. Learn to control your impulse behaviors towards finance.

Comic Books

Comic books are used for entertainment. You are advised not to push yourself too hard when facing difficult situations in life. Unravel your humorous your side and learn to take things lightly.

Old Books

Old looking books are warning to let go all the negativities around you. You tend to be oblivious to malicious people who are close to you. This is a waking call dream to keep your guards up.

Opened Book

Opened books signify your readiness to learn something new. You are always motivated to inhale useful information in your life. It also shows that you are easy going and sociable.

Closed Book

Closed books symbolize your future encounters in learning new things. It also shows your uninterested side towards situations in your environment. You tend to day dream and disregard your reality.


Textbooks indicate a situation you will encounter that will help you realize the value of your own knowledge and skills. You may be able to progress with your career alongside the shift of your perspective towards your abilities. You will soon meet someone that will open your mind about the reality of life.

Bestselling Books

Bestselling books in dreams signify your success in your waking life. You will be able to prosper in your career despite hardships. Learning to be patient and consistent are points to consider when having this dream.

Crime Story Books

You may be able to experience something exciting in your waking life. You will face thrilling events that will allow you to learn interesting lessons and knowledge you never expected. The situation is not guaranteed to be a pleasant one, so be cautious.

Ancient Magic Books

Ancient books of magic symbolize your lack of discipline and self-control. You are being self-centered and materialistic in your waking life. You also have the tendency to be insensitive and easily tempted in reality.

Thick Books

Thick books are positive dreams which represent your ambitions. You are highly motivated to invest your time in learning new things. You are also not afraid to take risks in your adventure.

Children’s Books

These books are symbols of youthfulness. It may be connected with some of your childhood memories that allow you to be adventurous and drive you too seek for knowledge. Children book symbolizes your hunger for learning and the need for relaxtion in your waking life.


Cookbooks are indications of your creativity. You always easily find solutions for your problems. You are also restless until you succeed in your waking life.


This type of book represents your secrets in life. All your frustrations and the things you want to learn are connected with this dream. You want to explore and learn about these things but your current situation does not allow you.


Scrapbooks represent your past memories. There are times when you gain your strengths in thinking about these memories. However, there  will be a time when you will need to let go of your past to have a room for improvement in your waking life.

Fiction Books

You may be avoiding problems in life when you dream of fiction books. You are either struggling from boredom or overwhelmed with responsibilities in reality. You are keeping yourself relaxed and entertained to escape your reality.

Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books represent your willingness to learn something new. You are motivated in exploring unfamiliar aspects of your life. You are also ready to obtain insights by being adventurous and honest.

Telephone Books

Telephone or phone books in dreams are symbols of effective communication. You have to learn to speak calmly and control the words coming out of your mouth. It also tells you to be open and socialize with your friends or loved ones often.


Books are considered to be traditional or old-school. Nowadays, books are digitally produced for convenience and customer’s interest. Dream about eBooks symbolizes your desire to instantly learn and advance your skills in your  life.

Dream About Books  Meaning Conclusion

According to Joshua Orekhie, dream about books symbolizes the development of your mind. Books in dreams reflect your desire towards learning and perception about your thoughts, ideas, and memories in your waking life. You will be able to fully interpret your dreams about books if you can identify the type of books that appear in your dreams and your feelings towards these dreams.