True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream about Wedding

Wedding is an imprtant part of a couple’s life. It stands for unity, commitment, promises, and love.

When it comes to dream about wedding, A few of those questions could be, “What could it mean if I dream of my wedding preparation?” or “What could my dream about wedding rings mean?”

To know more about the meanings behind different dreams of wedding, please read the paragraphs below 

What Do Dreams about Wedding Mean – Common Wedding Dream  Interpretation

Dream about Cancelled Wedding

In reality, to cancel a wedding can be distressing and tiresome. There can be a lot of reasons behind cancelling a wedding – someone in the family died, or one of them cheated before tying the knot. There can be more reasons out there. 

Cancelled wedding dream  could reflect your attitude towards love or your actions towards your goals. The dream meaning is especially applicable to you if you are not yet married or not getting married anytime soon.

Dreaming about a cancelled wedding signifies your pledge and view about love in general, whether that’s for a partner, a friend, or a family member. The dream can also symbolize your strong  conviction towards your goals.

Dream about Being Late for a Wedding

To dream about being late for wedding, which is considered an important event, could symbolize the doubts that you have within yourself. Aside from that, being late for a wedding dream has a number of other meanings.

If you dream of being late at your own wedding, it could mean that you need to process the upcoming changes that your real wedding will bring.  Maybe there are things you are not ready to let go yet, but you have to, since you are tying the knot soon. This is actually a common dream for brides and grooms.

Since wedding and marriage are new experiences to you, there are insecurities within yourself that has been bugging you. Dreaming about being late for a wedding can represent your anxiousness , as you are not sure if you’ll be able to provide the needs of your partner.

Stop doubting yourself and discuss your doubts with your to-be-spouse instead, so you’ll be able to let go of your worries.

 If you dream of being late to another person’s wedding. It implicates your betrayal towards someone whom you consider as a friend because you weren’t there when they needed you most.

Think of your actions towards your loved ones. Was there someone whom you didn’t give enough attention because you prioritized other things? Address the problem by making time for them amidst your busy schedule.

Dream about Own Marriage

To dream about your own marriage could be giving you a heads up regarding a decision which you will have to make. The decision-making process won’t be easy, as  that  decision will affect many aspects of your life. Hence, think carefully before making your final say. Weigh the pros and cons or ask for an expert’s opinion, if possible.

On a brighter note, seeing your own marriage in a dream also has a positive meaning. If based on a symbolic way, the dream depicts the magical gifts you possess in life. You might not be aware that you have these amazing traits yet. so the dream is telling you to get to know yourself better and make use of those qualities for your advantage.

If  you don’t know the person you are marrying in your dream, it could be telling you that you are in search of a relationship wherein you are being cherished. Maybe you have been taken for granted in the past, hence you now have a tendency of distancing yourself from people who might hurt you.

Dream about Wedding Preparation

Dreaming about your wedding preparation when you are indeed getting married in the near future could simplely represent the stressors you are facing. This type of dream is fairly common to soon-to-be-brides, especially if you are very hands-on on your preparations.

On a deeper level, to dream about wedding preparations could be a warning  that you are being too lazy lately. If you are working on something important and you lost your motivation, try to go back to the reason why you started it in the first place. Only you can help and push yourself to finish your task. Stand up again and continue moving.

To dream of planning a wedding to someone you don’t even recognize can symbolize the unity of your contrasting sides. Maybe you are delicate and tough at times. The dream could be telling that a combination of those two personalities is a perfect balance.

Dream about Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are among the most important parts of the ceremony. It symbolizes the promise that both parties made- to love, to cherish, and to honor one another until death.

Generally, Dream about wedding rings could mean that an honest and loyal love is waiting for you. If you are married, The dream was telling you that you are experiencing that kind of love.

Your dream about a wedding ring even if you are not yet married, could pertain to a relationship which has moved up to a deeper level. Maybe you started sharing secrets with your new friend whom you met a few weeks ago.

To dream about losing your wedding ring is a negative sign as it signifies an unsettled problem within your marriage. Maybe your partner did something before that made you lose your trust in them and you still don’t feel fully secured about your relationship.

To dream about someone else’s wedding ring could be a warning for you and your partner,  it could be related to cheating or infidelity. You might meet someone whom you find interesting and end up giving that person too much attention.

Be more aware of your actions and think about what it might do to your partner and your relationship. Stop thinking about the new person while it can still be stopped, and focus on your partner.

If you are the one who felt being cheated on, as hard as it may be, try to communicate with your partner. The dream could be telling you that now is the right time to be more confident in opening up.

Dream about Being Invited to a Wedding

To dream of being invited to a wedding bears a good omen. Sometimes, the dream can simply mean that you are excited for that person’s wedding, especially if that person is a relative or a dear friend. You might have this dream a few days before the actual wedding.

If nobody is getting married soon,and you dreamed about being invited to a wedding, the dream might signify an upcoming event you will be attending with your friends. If you’re not in a relationship, the dream could be telling you that you will meet someone in the particular event, whom you’ll eventually develop romantic feelings with.

How you felt during the dream could also signify the quality of your life at the moment. If you are sad, then it could mean that haven’t reached the point of content yet. You feel like there is still something lacking. However, if your emotion is that of joy, it means that you are satisfied with the current status of your life, and if there are new changes, you are willing to accept those wholeheartedly.

Dream about Wedding Depending on Religion

The meaning behind wedding dreams may also vary depending on one’s beliefs, religion, and culture. In the next paragraphs, wedding dream meanings are interpreted based on religion.

Dream about Wedding in Islam

According to the Allahkaarim website, a wedding dream meaning in Islam symbolizes Allah’s providence and care for His followers. Profound interpretations differ between men and women who dreams about wedding. The most common ones are stated in the next paragraphs.

In general, to dream about marriage signify confinement, sadness, depression, and debt. If a man knows the woman he is marrying in his dream, then it means he is willing to undertake the responsibilities as a husband to his wife.

If he marries a women he doesn’t recognize, the dream could be a warning to his impending death, or it could simply mean transferring from one place to another. On the contrary, if an ill woman is marrying an unknown man in her dream, it might mean that she is dying from that particular illness.

Dream about Wedding in Christian

For Christians, “Wedding is the gateway to marriage.” Marriage already began when God created Adam and Eve. Hence, the wedding dream, according to the Bible interpretation, usually happens to motive the dreamer. Mostly, wedding dreams reflect your aspirations towards your own marriage.

Generally, it could also bring good omen, as it means that you will not be alone anymore in facing the challenges and pursuits of life. The problems you are carrying won’t feel as heavy because you’ll  have a partner who’s willing to help you in bearing those baggage.

Dream about Wedding in Hindu

Seeing marriage in dream for a Hindu could bring bad omen to the dreamer. It could mean the death of a person you know, and attending  funeral in your waking life. However, don’t fret because if you remember the specifics of your dream, there is a possibility that it could have a different meaning.

For instance, in Hindu texts, if you are a guest in a wedding, the dream brings positive connotation. It is telling you that you will be receiving kindness from generous people around you. It could also mean that peaceful days are coming.

Hindu dreams about weddings is a colorful one since their weddings are considered extravagant. If  you have henna tattoo applied on visible parts of your body in the dream,  that could mean that there are directions or guides that you must follow to be able to solve the current problem you are facing. To dream about socializing with others in a Hindu wedding could reflect your hard work. You may be feeling drained, but you have nothing to worry because you will be rewarded for your diligence.

Dream about Wedding in Jewish

To dream of a Jewish wedding also brings good news. White is prominent during a Jewish wedding, even the groom is in white. Hence, the dream connotes that your politeness towards challenging people can earn you a wonderful partnership, and you will attain love and success soon.

What Should You Do Upon Learning About the Meaning Behind Your Dreams of Wedding?

Whether you are getting married or not, to dream about wedding carry different interpretations. Not all meanings are applicable to you, hence, it’s up to you if you accept the symbolism of your dream earnestly.

Just remember to avoid ruining your relationship with your partner. You can do so by approaching each interpretation with caution and choosing to communicate first before pointing fingers.