What Does The Scary Dream of Drowing Really Mean?

A near-death experience like drowning is not something you probably want to happen to you. Even dreaming about the possibility that you are drowning is somewhat as traumatic as real life. You might find yourself waking up thinking it’s real, though you are not probably drenched in actual water but in sweat.

Oftentimes, when you are too swamped and stressed with things like work deadlines, financial or relationship issues, the dream of drowning can keep on creeping into your dream. Those dreams sometimes represent your feelings and emotions as well.

The meanings of drowning in dreams depend on the context of your dream.  Assess the details in your dream and try your best to remember how it happened. Your dream could have a positive connotation or vice versa, hence, keep on reading the following paragraphs to have an idea about the possible interpretations behind your dream about drowning.

1.Fear of Actual Drowning

Sometimes the real reason behind your dreams is actually your fear. If you don’t know how to swim then you are probably of those people who are afraid of drowning. The feeling of not being able to step on something solid will probably cause you to panic.

If ever you have a similar experience recently wherein you were in close contact with the sea or the open water, then you’ll probably dream about a frightening situation related to the ocean, one of which is drowning. Try not to entertain those thoughts before going to sleep so it won’t creep in to your dreams. Meditating before going to sleep might help as well.

2.A Reminder to Breathe

To dream about drowning could be a reminder for your to slow down and try to be easy on yourself.  You are probably already drowning in your waking life – drowning in due dates, drowning in debt, drowning in sadness, etc. These are problems which everyone encounters now and then, and you are one of them.

If it helps, think about the people who, like you, are burdened with the harsh realities of life. If they can surpass it, then you can too. Try to sit back and think first.

You can also take a break, like going to a spa and having a good massage. Let your body relax for a while, so when it’s done, you are refreshed and ready to face the day with confidence.

3.Overwhelming Emotions

Dreams about drowning could also pertain to your overwhelming emotions. Be careful about those emotions though, for they can make or break you. Emotions can be powerful because those are the determining factors of your next move. Try to detach yourself from your feelings and assess them one by one if they deserve to be there in the first place.

Maybe you recently learned that your partner lied to you. You can’t help but feel furious, that will probably be the first emotion that will crawl in. The surge of the next emotions will then depend on your partner’s actions towards your reaction. Instead of trying to counter his reasoning, why not try to let go of your anger first and solve the problem in a calm manner. There could be a valid reason why he lied, and it might still be forgivable.

4.Unresolved Issues

To dream about drowning can also be a sign that you have unresolved issues, and it’s warning you to expect it to sneak up in your waking life. These are matters you thought you have forgotten already, but the truth is, since you haven’t solved those problems yet, they still keep on popping every now and then.

Let’s say you have a maxed out credit card which you haven’t paid for months already. You might have changed your job and moved to a new address, but those banks will still be able to find a way to contact you and ask you to pay for your overdue bills.

Unless you find a way to settle your debts, you will never be able save up for your future, because you still have a problem from your past that you have to deal with. Pay your overdue balance and close your credit line as much as possible,. That way, they won’t be able to bother you again. There is no better solution to solve those kinds of issues than to face them head on.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Drowning – Common Drowning Dream Meaning

1.Dream about Drowning Someone

If you see yourself trying to drown someone, that is definitely not a good sign. The act of drowning a person is unacceptable and frightening. However bad that person is to you, you should never resort to harming them.

Be thankful if it’s just happening in your dream, since dreaming about drowning someone could be telling you that you have memories and emotions hiding from yourself and from others. It could be that you are not acknowledging those memories, you simply keep on brushing them off.

Maybe you were in a romantic relationship which failed after many years. You were angry and at the same time confused because there was no closure. You always find yourself wondering when and where everything started spiraling down.

The way to answer your questions is to confront the other party. Talk to your ex-lover and settle everything. Maybe you’ll finally have the closure you longed for. If you acknowledge those feelings, you will eventually find yourself free from the burden of wondering every now and then.

On the other hand, to dream of someone drowning could be telling you something about the person. In that particular dream, the person you witnessed drowning could be in trouble and  you should help them recover.

It could also be that the person was already considering of asking you for help. If you are finally being reached out by that person in your waking life, do not hesitate to extend a helping hand. Be grateful  because you were given a chance to save someone from drowning deeper into the abyss.

2.Dream about Drowning in Mud

To dream about drowning in mud could mean that you are not in control with many aspects of your waking life. You let the people close to you influence your ideas and your decisions. Even if you are already suffocated, you don’t go against them because you’re afraid of hurting them in the process. The same meaning applies if you dream of drowning in dirty water, since mud is a mixture of earth and water.

For instance, your parents want you to stay with them at home because they don’t like being away from you. You, on the other hand, want to live independently so you can have more freedom. However, you don’t want your parents to feel bad and you also feel guilty towards not granting their request, hence  you just do what they say.

Dreaming about drowning in mud could also represent your moral instability. Maybe you have been cheating on your partner for quite some time . You know it’s wrong but you are still nursing your actions. The dream is somehow warning you that you should leave the situation before it’s too late.

3.Dream about Drowning Baby

If you think dreaming about drowning is already frightening enough, wait until it threatens you even more. Dreaming about your child drowning is even more daunting. Although, the meaning behind a dream about a drowning baby could vary depending on different factors.

To dream of a drowning child could mean that you are afraid for your child’s safety in the water. All the more so if your child is into water-related sports. If that’s the case, the dream could be telling you to watch after your child’s safety at all times.

However, if you don’t have a child yet but somehow you thought that the child in the dream was yours, it could pertain to your personal or work project, which is in the verge of collapse. It may be hard for you to rescue it, but know that there will always be something better stored for you in the future. At the moment, you just have to stay strong.

On the other hand, if in your dream you are just an observant of a stranger’s drowning baby, the baby could represent a concept or a business idea which is already being cut off, even before it blooms. If in the dream you saved the drowning baby, it could signify that you have accepted that you can’t do all things on your own and you are willing to receive help from others.

4.Dream about a Drowning Dog

Dogs are actually good swimmers, they can paddle their way through the water with ease. Hence, it could really be worrisome to see them drowning.

Indeed, to see a dog drowning might mean that it is not confident with its skill in swimming. You are being symbolized by the dog in the dream and its act of drowning represents your lack of confidence with the skill you used to be good at.

Maybe you are excellent at speaking and presenting your ideas in front of a crowd. However, maybe someone whom you used to look up too criticized your work in a bad way. This could be a driving factor of losing that confidence.

To dream of a drowning dog is a reminder that you should not lose your skill, it was there in the beginning and it will stay with you until the end. Just learn to brush off those people who don’t believe in you. The most important thing you have to remember is, you have to believe in yourself.

5.Dream about Drowning Kittens

Kittens, or cats in general, are afraid of the water. You will always find them squirming their way out of it all the time. Can you even imagine how a kitten will react when it’s drowning? It surely is pitiful.

Nonetheless, to see drowning kittens or puppies in your dream somehow have a similar meaning to dreaming about babies, which was mentioned above.

Since those tiny creatures are also considered as babies, to see them drowning in your dream also signify the plans you have will not push through in your waking life. You might feel helpless but keep in mind that there are people around you who are kind enough to help. Do not be afraid to ask for their assistance, anyway, you can always give back after that.

6.Dream about Drowning in a Car

Drowning while in a car is one of the worst situations you don’t want to happen in real life. Being trapped while seeing water getting inside the car, with you in it, can surely be traumatic.

To dream about drowning in a car brings about the same negative feeling. If you have that particular dream, it means that your plans will go as planned. Like being trapped in a drowning car, you will feel helpless as you see your plans go to waste.

Those plans can be personal, financial, or professional ones. Maybe you’ve saved your salary for years to buy a brand new car. Unfortunately, one of your family members fell ill and you have to use the money you saved to pay the hospital bills. That could be the worst, but remember, you can always earn the money back

7.Dream about Drowning in Ocean

Dreams about drowning in an ocean deserve a new set of interpretation because this particular dream encompasses a number of different scenarios. Since the ocean is a vast body of water, a lot can happen to you when you are dreaming about drowning in the ocean.

Generally speaking, to dream about the ocean pertains to your emotions. How you moved through the ocean upon realizing that you are drowning and your reaction to it, reflect how you handle those emotions.

Did you panic as you realize you are slowly sinking? The dream could be telling you that you are carrying such a heavy load and you are in the verge of breaking down. Did a huge wave cause you to drown? The dream might be telling you that there is going to be a situation in your waking life that you’ll have difficulty in handling.

Though those dreams vary, you can always learn to just go with the flow and avoid being taken away by the strong current. Try not to panic and just float instead, that way, you’ll be able to face your problems with a calm yet stronger mind.

What Should You Do When You Find the Meaning Behind Your Dream about Drowning?

Knowing the meaning behind your dream about drowning is not easy, since most of the meaning connote negativity. However, there’s one thing you can do to survive those frightening dreams, and that is to learn how to swim.

It will not be easy and it will definitely take a lot of your time but once you already know how, you’ll find yourself brushing off the fear and facing your feelings and emotions with courage. Besides, if you know how to swim, you decide whether you want to go with the flow or fight the current, hence, you get to have more control of your life.