True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream about Mantis

A mantis, also called praying mantis, is known for its distinct green color and praying posture. These insects are seen as balanced, calm, and opportunistic. A mantis symbolizes peace, tranquility, and finesse in dreams. Mantis dream represent different meaning in different cultures and religions. For Buddhists, they symbolize great patience and determination. For Christians, the dream is a sign of triumph over death. On the other hand, dream about praying mantis in Islam connotes your disastrous relationship with the people around you.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Mantis


Mantis dream symbolizes your strategic act in finding the right opportunities. Indeed, with proper patience and planning, you will soon reach your goals.

Tranquil Self

Dreaming of mantis means that you are a  calm person. This characteristic  will help you save from many troubles.

Mindful Acts 

To dream about mantis also signifies your tendency to veer off from your goals, therefore, you must be mindful and aware of your actions in order to continue on the right path.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Mantis – Common Mantis Dream Interpretation

1.Dream about Mantis in General

Generally, to dream of mantis means you need to remain calm. The dream is warning you not to strike immediately. Instead, you must stay still while observing the situation to know how to approach and face the problem in the right manner. This is applicable in all aspects of your life, may it be in your career, family, or personal life.

Dreaming of mantis may also symbolize your strategic and contemplative self, similar to that of a mantis’ characteristics.  

2.Dream about Praying Mantis

Dreaming of praying mantis can mean both negative and positive things, which depends on your current situation. To dream of praying mantis in a negative way symbolizes your dismay toward a person dear to you but intentionally ignores you and your feelings. It may also connote your anxiety in facing your own fears.

On the other hand, praying mantis dreams positively reflects your determination in making someone change for the better. Your concern for the development of their well-being is unmatchable, and for that they will be grateful in the future.

To dream of 2 praying mantises or more foretells your ability to obtain inner peace in your waking life. Therefore, don’t give up now because whatever you’re going through is just part of the process in achieving your aspirations.

3. Dream about Mantis Attacking Me

Dreaming of a mantis attacking you may seem scary but it’s not actually a bad omen. In fact, the dream means that you have a strong connection to your inner self. The obstacles you’re facing are given to you as a test to know if you are already prepared for greatness. So, don’t lose hope and just keep on going because you will eventually reach the finish line.

4.Dream about Killing Praying Mantis

To dream of killing praying mantis symbolizes your refusal to confront your fears. You strong belief in yourself makes you think that you’re always in control. While this could be a good thing, it could also take you to difficult places because there are events that you can’t control and when faced with those, you suddenly lose sight of your goals.

Therefore, you must acknowledge the fact that not everything can be controlled because only then will you stay focused and consistent to your original plan.

5.Dream about Dead Praying Mantis

Dreaming of dead praying mantis symbolizes your new stressors in different aspects of your life, may it be in at work, in your family, or with your partner. So, you must be careful since they steer you away from your goals. Try practicing meditation and mindfulness exercises because they are good practices which can help you re-focus.

6.Dream of Giant Mantis

Dreaming of giant mantis signifies your feeling of weakness and vulnerability towards the challenges you are currently dealing with in your waking life. But the truth is you have the power to be great, you just don’t know how to utilize your abilities. Take the dream as a sign that you must start learning how to plan and execute your goals correctly.

7.Dream of Green Praying Mantis

Dreaming about green praying mantis is a bad omen. It’s an indication of bad luck and danger in terms of your career. If you feel something is not right at work, don’t engage and keep your distance first. Learn to be an observer before making any decisions because you won’t be able to undo things later.

8.Dream of Baby Praying Mantis

Dreaming about baby praying mantis foretells your bright future ahead. The dream is a sign that you are ready to unleash your inner strength and capabilities. Like a baby mantis, you may be taking small steps, but you will get there.

9.Dream of Big Praying Mantis

Dreaming about big praying mantis means that you want to learn how to be independent. It reflects your desire to move out from your parents’ house and find a place you can call your own. Don’t worry because if you do, they’ll still be there whenever you need them, so go ahead and don’t be afraid to take that risk.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Mantis

Your dream about mantis may have different meanings, but one thing is sure, you will still have the final say behind those meanings. How you react and apply it in your waking life still depends on you.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman who just got married dreams of a giant mantis appearing by her bed the night before her wedding.

The dream is a positive omen because it’s an indication that she’s finally ready to leave her parents’ house and build a family of her own, with her future husband.