The Hidden Meaning Of Dreams of Being Lost

Dreams about being lost can be scary because you never know when you’ll be able to find your way back to the right path. However, although it can cause panic upon waking up, knowing that it’s just a dream can still be a relief. Another thing that can be bring comfort is that fact that this dream is actually a common one.

When you dream about getting lost, there is more to it than just being off-track physically. There are deeper interpretations behind being lost in dreams and if you want to know more about it, you must keep on reading. Just keep in the mind the details of your dream, for even the smallest part can change the meaning.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Being Lost

Lost of Your Life’s Purpose

Dreaming about being lost means that you’re still undecided what you want in your life. You may still be in limbo, but don’t take that as a negative thing. Instead, use it as a motivation in finding the things you eventually want to pursue.

Frustraction in Finding Solutions

To dream about being lost is also a reflection of your frustration in finding solutions to your current problems. Try not to be too harsh on yourself and trust the process, as you will eventually solve all of your troubles.

Confusion Of  Your goals

Dreams of being lost and confused are common to people who are on their way of achieving their goals. It’s normal sometimes to doubt your journey, and that is okay. What is important is you believe in yourself, because that’s the only factor that will push you to keep going.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Being Lost – Common Dream Meaning and Occurrences of Being Lost

Dreams of Being Lost in General

Generally, dreaming about being lost represents your situation in your waking life. You may be bothered by your work, your relationship, or your finances. Whatever it is, you haven’t found the solution yet, that is why your anxiety is attacking you in your sleep. A good practice you can do is meditation, to calm yourself before you hit the sheets. If you are lucky enough to have a close friend whom you can tell your problems to, consider that an option as well. Talk to him or her and ask for advice.

Dreams of Being Lost in a Building

To Dream about being lost in a building might be giving you a warning. Be careful because a person within your close circle of friends is doubting your capabilities, and he might influence the others as well. On the brighter side, you can approach this person since he is your friend, and you both can find a way to settle the issue.

Dreams of Being Lost in School

Dreaming about being lost in school is a bad omen. Take the dream seriously because it’s telling you that there will be a distraction on your way to achieving your aspirations. This is an unfortunate truth because the failure can break you, since you have been putting a lot of effort in achieving this particular goal. However, think of that as a lesson, and the next time you put your heart and mind towards something, be sure not to get swayed and distracted.

Dreams of Being Lost and Trying to Get Home

To dream about being lost while trying to get home, is a representation of a change that will soon happen to you. Your home is your comfort zone and not finding your way towards it is a sign that you are about to get out of your comfort zone. You might find it hard to adjust at first, but just keep in mind that you made the right decision and it will help you with your growth and self-development one day.

Dreams of Being Lost in a Hotel

Dreaming about being lost in a hotel, a temporary place to stay in, represents something that you are currently searching in your waking life. Maybe you still have no solid career goals yet, but you already see yourself succeeding in the future, and that’s somewhat a good sign already. If it is a luxurious hotel you got lost into, then you may be worried about your finances that are slowly depleting. Don’t worry about being lost, because you will eventually figure out the exact path to your goals.

Dreams about Being Lost in a Big City

Dreaming about being lost in a big city, especially a foreign place, means that you will experience a huge change in your waking life, but in a good way. You may even be a little confused at the wonderful opportunities being offered to you. Remember to think and choose wisely because your decision will be a great determining factor of where you’re going to lead your life.

Dreams of Being Lost in a Mall

Malls are known to be chaotic and crowded places, and to dream about being lost in that kind of place might mean that you are in a confused and disorganized phase in your life. You may also be too busy at the moment that you sometimes forget to slow down. Take a time or two to reassess yourself and the people around you. Try to meditate or take a short vacation even, to realign your goals and clear your mind.

Dreams of Being Lost in a House

A house must be a place that you feel safe, however, if you dream about being lost in a house, maybe you don’t feel safe in your waking life. You may have been a victim of a robbery, or your mind may have been playing tricks on you. If you are aware of what caused the minor trauma and fear, don’t hesitate to seek for professional help to ease your worries.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream about Being Lost

Dreams about being lost in difference places, even though frightening, is a huge determining factor of where you currently are in your life. You may be frustrated, worried, confused, or emotionally lost. If you are, indeed, struggling in reality, do not forget to slow down, breathe, and ask for help from your family and close friends. They definitely wouldn’t hesitate helping you, and eventually, you’ll find yourself living the life you’ve always wanted.

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