What Does Dream about Giving Birth Really Mean?

Dreaming of giving birth is, in no doubt, very common for pregnant women, especially if they are about to pop. The mixed feelings and emotions are the reasons behind their pregnancy-related dreams. However, when a lady who is not pregnant or a woman who is not married dreams about giving birth, the meaning behind the dream changes.  

Generally, dreaming about giving birth says a lot about new opportunities, forthcoming wealth, and future successes. Although, there are also circumstances in your dream that causes it to have a negative interpretation. This type of dream is also a perfect example of the death and rebirth archetype. For instance, when you lose a business opportunity, you don’t have to fret because it will always be replaced with something better, you just have to think positively and don’t lose hope. Continue reading the paragraphs below to decode the meaning behind your dream.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Giving Birth

Financial Success

Dreaming about giving birth symbolizes huge success in your finances. If you have invested a good amount of capital lately for a new business venture, you don’t have to worry about anything because that will surely earn more than what you expected. Of course, it is also the perfect time to take a leap with all the decisions related to money, because you will definitely thrive in your chosen field.

Brand New Relationship

Dreams about giving birth says a lot about beginnings and new relationships as well. It can pertain to a rekindled connection with your family, or a start of a new romantic relationship, maybe even finding a new circle of friends. You just have to be open to the possibility of meeting new people when you have this dream.


Dreaming about giving birth is also related to fear which can often cause distress. Aside from that, you may also have secrets or things you have buried deep in the past that you are afraid of resurfacing. If those things can still be fixed, try to resolve them immediately to avoid creating further harm.

New Roles

Dreaming about giving birth can also symbolize the new roles you are about to take. Just like giving birth in real life, being a parent is a totally new task. You too will have a set of different responsibilities in your waking life, on top of your current ones. Don’t lose hope, just believe in yourself and you’ll eventually find your balance and strength in handling challenges again. In fact, you can also take this moment as an opportunity to learn and eventually, excel.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Giving Birth – Common Giving Birth Dreams Interpretation

Dream about Giving Birth to a Baby Girl

Dreaming of giving birth to a baby girl is a good omen. The dream is telling you that you will be liberated from all your problems. It could also signify your readiness to welcome new challenges. Take advantage of the positivity coming your way and don’t be afraid to face the day.

Dream about Giving Birth to a Baby Boy

Dreaming about giving birth to a baby boy, on the other hand, is a bad sign. Unfortunately, it symbolizes lots of exhaustion in your waking life. You will be facing adversities particularly in your job, and it will result to burn out, causing you to feel trapped. Do not give up easily, try to extend your patience and you might still be able to salvage yourself.

Dream about Giving Birth to Twins

To dream about giving birth to twins is a good thing. The dream is a bearer of abundance and great luck in your waking life. Aside from that, it means that you’ll finally see the fruits of your labor. On the other hand, it could also mean that you’ll be clashing ideas with someone close to you.

Dream about Giving Birth to Triplets

Dreaming of giving birth to triplets brings positive news. Take the dream as a sign that you will receive help from someone in your waking life, and he or she will assist you in solving whatever difficulties you’re experiencing in your job. It can also signify a start of a romantic relationship, so you should prepare yourself.

Dream about Giving Birth to a Dead Baby

Giving birth to a dead baby can be saddening and distressing. In the dream, it can mean an end of something, may be a job, a relationship, or a business project. Try to assess yourself if you are trying too much just to keep ends meet. If indeed you are, it’s never too late to ask for help from your family for they will surely understand.

Dream about Giving Birth to an Animal

Giving birth to an animal can definitely be appalling. If you are pregnant and you dream about giving birth to an animal or something not human, it means that you are scared for the health of the child in your womb. Alternatively, if you are not an expectant mother, then it means that you feel uneasy towards what the future brings. Just don’t overthink and try to live in the moment.

Dream about Giving Birth without Being Married

Dreaming about giving birth without being married is a bad omen. The dream is warning you that you will experience moments of sadness in your waking life, and you must be ready to face it. Don’t worry though, it won’t be a long one, and eventually you’ll feel happiness and great relief again.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind You Dream About Giving Birth

Meaning behind dreaming of giving birth can really vary depending on the context of your dream. Your dream’s interpretation will only be applicable to you if it is closely related to the current circumstances of your life. You just have to remember that, even if your dream took a while to manifest, you can still enjoy life by cherishing every moment of it.

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