True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream of Elephants

Elephants are considered as gentle giants on land. They are one of the animals that people appreciate the most because of their kind nature. Unlike other animals which are ferocious and can definitely devour humans, elephants only eat tiny plants, grass, twigs, and fruits.

If you come across an elephant in your dream, consider yourself lucky, because you’ll mostly  attract positivity in your waking life. Dreams about elephants can symbolize toughness, intelligence, and quick-wittedness. To understand further the meaning behind your elephant dream, continue reading the paragraphs below, keeping in mind every single detail you remember.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Elephants

Dream About Elephants Symbolizes Power

Elephants are usually equated to power due to their size. Dreaming about them connotes that you hold the power to control or lead – yourself, a community, even a city or a country – depending on your current disposition.

Dream About Elephants Symbolizes Adversities

Dreams about elephants can also pertain to the enormous issues you’re currently facing in your waking life. Don’t worry, elephants are intelligent creatures, hence, you too will eventually find a way to overcome your problems.

Dream About Elephants Symbolizes Memories

Dreaming about elephants also means that you have a big memory bank to the point that even memories that hurt you are still intact there. Try to release unhealthy memories that don’t serve you anymore.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Elephants – Common Elephant Dreams Interpretation Dictionary

Dream about Elephants in General

Generally, to dream of an elephant can mean a recollection of the past, a powerful person, an important event, or a successful endeavor. The dream can also symbolize huge changes in your life, in your job, or in your family. An elephant can also be a sign of good wealth, sharp memory, smartness, and power.

Dream about Seeing Elephants

Dreaming of seeing an elephant could be possible because you have an introverted nature. The elephant could be an indication that you know yourself well and you have great control of your own thoughts.

Dream about Elephants Chasing Me

To dream about an elephant chasing you means that you have an extensive task that you don’t want to face. You might have volunteered to accept the job only to find out that it was too heavy for you. Don’t worry, you can still overcome your dilemma if you persevere.

Dream about Elephants Swimming

Dreaming about an elephant swimming in water is a positive omen. It means that you have good agility and foresight in handling difficult situations.  

Dream about Elephants Walking

Since elephants have heavy bodies, they always prefer to walk slowly and gently. Hence, dreaming about elephants walking reflects your pleasant and affectionate behavior. It could also meant that you are very helpful to your family and relatives who are in need.

Dream about Elephants Attacking Me

Dreaming about elephants attacking you might pertain to the people in higher positions who have the capability of harming you. Be extra cautious and observant of what is happening in your surrounding, so you don’t get stuck in undesirable situations.

Dream about Baby Elephants

Dreaming about baby elephants could be telling you that you must not allow your problems to grow. Your problems may be minor for now but if you don’t deal with them immediately, you might have difficulty solving them in the future.

Dream about Herd of Elephants

Dreaming about a herd of elephants symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and harmony. If you are planning to venture on starting a business, take the dream as a sign that it’s already the right time to start. If you have already begun, you don’t have to worry because you will definitely succeed in your chosen endeavor.

Dream about Dying Elephants

Dreaming about dying elephants is a sign that there are still things in the past which are hindering you from moving forward. Do not dwell on those unhealthy memories anymore because they won’t do you any good. Focus and be grateful on the good things that you are experiencing instead.

Dream about Elephant Stampede

The dream meaning of elephant stampede can sometimes depend on your position during the stampede. Mainly, the dream is telling you that you are not the go-with-the-flow type of person, and you’d rather take things slow. However, when people around you tend to overreact and panic in certain situations, you can’t stop yourself from being affected as well.

Dream about Elephants for Christians

The elephant symbolism in Christianity is somewhat similar to the meaning of dreaming about elephants in general, as it also signifies wealth, wisdom, and tranquility. However, the dream can also represent your unstable emotions and temperamental problems.

Dream about Elephants in Hindu

For Hindus, an elephant is actually a God of Luck and a big part of their culture. The meaning behind dreaming about elephants depend on the color, and also on how you interacted with the elephants in your dream. A black elephant in a dream is not a bad omen, but the opposite. A white elephant is a symbol of great luck because it’s also the color of the elephant of Lord Indra, the deity of heavens.

Dream about Elephants in Islam

In Islam, an elephant in a dream represents a noble man, or people who are in higher power. If in your dream the elephant dies, it means that the ruler of that place will die. On the other hand, to dream about owning the elephant means that you will be given a huge responsibility of leading a city or a country.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream about Elephants

Indeed, an elephant appearing in your dream is a good sign.  Keep in mind to take into consideration the situation of your life and where you are headed, to maximize the interpretation behind your dream. So, the next time you see dream about an elephant, welcome it with open arms and return to this article for the interpretation.

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