True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream About Bottles

Bottles are containers with different shapes, sizes, and materials. No matter what bottle type it is, its primary goal is to contain or enclose any liquid substance. However, bottles are present not only in the real world but also in the dream land. Usually, the meaning of your dreams about bottles vary depending on different factors—type of bottle, appearance of bottle, what’s inside the bottle, and what you’re doing with the bottle. So, what does it really mean when you dream of bottles? Read on. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Bottle

Generally, dreams about bottles are interpreted as the way you express your feelings and emotions. Your feelings and emotions usually play a big role in achieving your goals in life. Plus, your success and happiness depend on your mindset and attitude. If you realize that something is wrong with your life, then it would help if you immediately change some aspects in your life. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Bottles – Common Bottle Dream Meaning and Occurrences

1.Dream about empty bottles

To dream about empty bottles symbolizes your need to cover up for your true feelings and emotions. Hiding your feelings has become your habit. However, if you don’t let go of this attitude, you’ll only end up hurting yourself more than you’ve ever imagined. Being honest with yourself and showing others how you truly feel would be the best actions you can do to avoid problems. 

2.Dream about breaking bottles

You dream about breaking bottles when you realize the negative things in your waking life. You also feel the need to throw away the dissatisfaction you feel. In addition, you are determined to change your attitude and shift towards the right path. To see a broken bottle in dreams may also be a symbol of your struggles in life. It could be a physical battle, like an illness, or an emotional fight. You may also be involved in an argument during this time. So, prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally when you encounter this dream. 

3.Dream about glass bottles

Glass bottles in dreams are signs of keeping your feelings and emotions to yourself. You don’t let others penetrate your walls because you are confident that you can overcome obstacles all by yourself. If the glass bottle is full, joy, success, and admiration is its interpretation. However, if the glass is empty, it portends an emotional struggle as well as physical and financial challenges. Glass bottle dreams are usually reflections of your emotions. So, look at the situation of the bottle and what’s inside it to interpret your dreams more accurately. 

4.Dream about baby bottles

Dreaming about baby bottles is a symbol of growth and care. Maybe you need someone to look after you or someone is in need of your care. You may find comfort and support from the people close to you when you have this dream. If you have problems in your waking life, do not hesitate to ask someone for help. Others might have the solution you need to overcome challenges. 

5.Dream about bottles of water

Dreams about bottles of water signify success, good luck and pleasant relationships. You will receive good news in your life. Plus, everything you do will succeed. You can also start a new beginning when you have this dream. If you had some problems in the past, this is the time to have a fresh start. Believe in your clear intention and you will succeed in no time. 

6.Dream about perfume bottles

To dream about perfume bottles symbolizes lack of excitement in your romantic life. Maybe you are feeling bored at the moment, because both of you focus on your personal goals more than your relationship. In addition, you may be looking for an adventure because your partner is not fully satisfying your wants and needs. Therefore, you start to look for someone else’s attention. Another interpretation of this dream is meeting someone with a striking impression, to whom you will look up to. 

7.Dream of bottles of wine

You dream of bottles of wine as a sign of receiving a good and lasting impression from someone significant in your personal or professional life. Through this, you will receive good news and entertainment. In general, dreaming about wine bottles signifies a pleasant period in your future. It could also be related to your romantic relationship. Learn to spend more intimate times with your partner when you have this dream. 

8.Dream of beer bottles

If you dream about beer bottles, it is a symbol of your fantasy, luxury, and desire. There is something you want and always do, that only you are aware of. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but you feel ashamed of telling others about this habit or desire of yours. In addition, dreaming of beer bottles is a sign of reconnecting with a long lost friend or family member. This event may bring you happiness and good news. 

9.Dream of bottles of alcohol

Dreaming about bottles of alcohol means you need to find time for your leisure activities. Maybe you are currently overdoing things that cause you to feel stressed and burnout. Therefore, this dream suggests that you need to keep into account your wants and needs in order to achieve your personal and professional goals smoothly. On the other hand, seeing bottles of alcohol like gin, brandy, rum, or whiskey, in your dreams is a sign of something to be happy in your waking life. You will hear good news and a celebration is required. 

10.Dream of plastic bottles

Dreams of plastic bottles signify improvement in your personal and professional life. Your love life will be interesting during this period. Plus, your career will progress significantly. If you are already in a commitment, your partner may ask you to take your relationship to the next level. If not, you will be able to meet someone that will be a great part of your life. In terms of career, you may receive promotion and other achievements. 

If you fall into neither of the two circumstances above, this dream is a sign of unhappy times. You may have undergone a breakup of failure that causes you to lock your doors from other opportunities. However, this attitude will certainly hinder you from succeeding and being happy. 

11.Dream of holding bottles

You dream of holding a bottle when you are mostly neglecting your needs. You are a person who doesn’t look after yourself, causing you more troubles in life. Therefore, this dream is telling you to be more attentive to your own needs and wants. Maybe success and happiness are just around the corner, yet you can’t see it because you’re too busy looking after other people. 

12.Dream of drinking from a bottle

Dreaming of drinking from a bottle symbolizes your need for independence. Attachment is fine but letting others control your whole life is not alright. In time, you will realize the need to make your own decisions and live a life without regrets. This dream serves as a wake-up call for you to let go of your dependent nature.

However, if you spilled the contents of a bottle while trying to drink in your dreams, it is a symbol of arguments and wasted opportunities. You may be involved in a conflict because of your tactlessness. So, learn to admit your mistakes and lay low until the issue is solved. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Bottles

Be true and honest with your feelings and emotions when you learn the meaning of your dreams about bottles. By doing such, you will attract good luck, pleasant relationships, and success towards your life. Learn to value yourself at all times. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man dreamed of a message in a bottle that was floating on the water. This dream is telling him not to be afraid of expressing himself to other people. Although his actions and decisions may impact everyone around him, being able to express yourself with caution would be helpful in reaching your goals.