What Does It Really Mean To Dream Of Levitating?

Have you ever experienced dreaming of levitation? Is it you who’s levitating or is it someone else? Dreams of flying, levitating or floating, are so common and are usually accompanied by positive or light feelings and emotions until you wake up. In this article, you will read about the meaning of levitating in dream.

General Meaning of Dream Of Levitating?

Levitation dreams are symbols of enlightenment, happiness, and freedom in your waking life. Usually, dreams of levitating are positive signs and are connected to the spiritual side of the dreamer. Just like other dreams, you need to look at the details of your dreams such as the situation, or your feelings, and emotions. 

According to Richard Ricky Hale, floating dreams may represent new beginnings, peacefulness, and calmness in your waking life. You may be in the period of your life where you experience being free from negative people, situations, thoughts, feelings, or emotions. You may feel the sense of success, happiness, and being in control of your own life, feelings, and emotions.

Paying close attention to the feelings and emotions you have in your dreams. If you feel happy levitating, then the meaning is positive. Otherwise, you can interpret the meaning of levitating in dream negatively. Emotions and feelings associated with your levitation dreams are happy, pressured, terrified, peaceful, free, and enlightened. 

Eight Dreams Of Levitation Interpretation According To Different Scenarios

The meaning of levitating in dream is usually positive but it sometimes depends on the aspect of the dream. There are many dreams of levitation and each has its own meaning. Below are some common and detailed levitation dreams and their interpretations. 

1.Dreams Of Seeing Someone Levitating

Seeing someone levitating in dreams signify your admiration towards a certain person. It can be the same person you see in your dreams or other person you look up to in your waking life. You try to do the things that will make you and the person you admire similar.  

2.Dreams Of Making Someone Levitate

Making someone levitating in dreams reveals your true nature of being helpful and supportive. You always try to support the people around you in every way you can. On the other hand, dreams of making someone levitate are signs of juggling various aspects in your life. 

3.Dreams Of Levitating High Up In The Air

Levitating high up in the air in dreams shows that you desire to try beyond your limits and reach higher restrictions. You wanted to use your full potential and always give your best in everything you do. There is also a possibility that you want to do things that you have never done before. On the other hand, these dreams are waking calls to go out of your comfort zone and to never limit yourself from doing many things. 

4.Dreams Of Levitating In Space

Space levitation dreams are indications of success despite trials, challenges, and problems you face in your waking life. No matter what you do, you will be successful and find enlightenment or fulfillment in your consciousness. It shows that you have the ability to overcome all your struggles in your waking life. 

On the other hand, dreams of levitating in space indicate your potentials that you are neglecting. You need to be aware of the things that you can do and try to use your potentials and abilities to the fullest. Also, dreams like these means you have great ambitions for your future and the people around you. 

5.Dreams Of Levitating With Wings

Dreams of levitating with wings reflects success and happiness. You may be in the period of harvesting the fruits of your labor and good fortune is shining down on you. Do not worry if you still haven’t experienced the period of success and joy, for these dreams are indications that good news and transitions are underway. 

6.Dreams Of Levitating Downward

Levitation dreams are mostly positive but when you levitate downward, it symbolizes negative situations and thoughts you are facing in your waking life. You may feel that the gravity of the world is upon you and it is impossible to feel enlightened and happy. Downward levitation dreams are symbols of stress, worries, anxieties, and depression. It is best to get rid of all your burdens and worries to be able to achieve happiness and freedom 

7.Dreams Of Levitating Above The Ground

Dreams of levitating above the ground is a sign that you will find peace and happiness in your waking life. You may also be in the period of experiencing new beginnings but also leaving the past behind. These dreams signify that you will take a new course in life and you will encounter major changes and turning points in your waking life.

8.Dreams Of Levitating Over Water

Dreaming of levitating over water represents the situations you are currently experiencing or about to experience. How the water appears in your dreams signifies the kind of situations you may encounter in your waking life. To levitate over calm waters means you will experience something calm and serene. Levitating over rough waters means challenging situations and you will be struggling in your waking life.

Levitating over water also represents new encounters in your waking life. The condition of the water is the representation of the path that you will face. A calm water is a satisfying path while a rough water that is not scary is an exciting path that requires effort. A rough and frightening water means unpleasant circumstances in your waking life. 

Dream Of Levitation Conclusion

Levitation dreams can be understood by looking into the feelings and emotions that you have in your dreams. Usually, the meaning of levitating in dream is that you have found the knack of balancing different aspects of your life. Aside from that, dreams of levitating are reflections of the dreamer and other parts of his/her life. Locating the inspiration of your levitation dreams will not only help you to interpret your dreams but also to be familiar with yourself, your needs and wants. 

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