True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream About Houses

A house as a dream subject is very interesting as houses in dreams are viewed as the way you look and treat yourself. Although house dreams are mostly positive, there are certain circumstances that bring negative impact to dreamers, such as your house being broken into or being completely destroyed. So, what does it really mean when you dream of houses? Read more to find out about different house dreams and their meanings. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Houses

You dream about houses as a reflection of your own self or personality. The house in your dreams are representations of the current state of your mind and emotions. Generally, a dream about houses indicates good omen. But, interpreting a house dream depends on the state of the house, the way you feel towards your dream and, in some cases, the part of the house you dreamed. 

For example, a dream about a bedroom signifies your deepest and most private desires. You dream of a bathroom when you are ready to let go of all the toxic aspects of your life. To dream of a living room means you know how to maintain a good social life. Dreaming about dining rooms shows that you are keeping track of your relationship with other people by taking care of yourself and others as well. On the other hand, a kitchen appearing in your dreams is a sign of strong organization ability. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Houses – Common House Dream Meanings

1.Dream about houses on fire

Seeing houses on fire in your dreams symbolizes dissatisfaction in some parts of your life. You may be feeling powerless or hopeless about certain things and aspects of yourself. Moreover, burning houses in dreams are symbols of uncontrollable situations that may happen in your waking life, which will cause you emotional damage. However, if you set your house on fire, it could mean your desire to change specific aspects of your  life. 

2.Dream about new house

Dreaming about a new house signifies new perspectives and expectations. You are determined to set new lifestyle habits and better changes . Plus, a new house dream is a sign of unexpected romance. You may meet someone that will give you all the love and attention you need. Thus, always be ready and don’t close your doors. 

3.Dream about big house

Dreams about big houses indicate extreme confidence and satisfaction. You are starting to realize your goals in life, which make it easier for you to acquire steps towards success. Additionally, you dream of large houses as a symbol of happiness, authority, and prestige. However, large house or mansion dreams are also symbols of emptiness. You may have material wealth but your feelings and emotions are not fully satisfied. 

4.Dream about houses with many rooms

You dream of houses with many rooms when you still have some untouched aspects of yourself. You may experience new developments in your personal and professional life. Further, this dream is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you to rediscover or reassess yourself. There might be some hidden potentials waiting for you to unleash, in order to be more successful and satisfied in your waking life. Alternatively, dreams about houses with many rooms signify various options awaiting in your reality. 

5.Dream about houses being built

If, in your dreams, you see houses being built, then it suggests changing some aspects of your life. You need to work on different things to improve the quality of your life. To see a construction site means that you’ll reach the peak with the help of other people. Expect positive changes in yourself and different parts of your life. 

6.Dream about houses collapsing

To dream of houses breaking or collapsing means you are having trouble managing yourself. You may be facing difficulties that shatter your mental and emotional state. More so, houses being destroyed in dreams are signs that some aspects of your life are going to change, whether you like it or not. This is the time to seek assistance from your support system. 

7.Dream about house in water

Water and house as subjects of your dreams are deeply connected to your current feelings and emotions. If you dream that your house is built near or above the water, then it shows that you have control over your emotions. However, if your house is flooded in your dreams, then it indicates your overwhelming emotions that are triggered by a certain situation or individual. Seeing your house completely devastated by water in your dreams foretells problems that will surely wreck your emotions.

8.Dream about houses for sale

Dreaming of houses for sale indicates your ability to let go of something precious to you in exchange of something beneficial. Selling a house in your dreams are waking call dreams to remind you of the consequences and responsibilities that come along with every decision and opportunity. If you buy a house in your dreams, then it shows a new outlook in life towards a better and clear goal. 

9.Dream about abandoned houses

An abandoned house in dreams are symbols of people or aspects in your past. You may still think of it, but you should always be ready to face the future and live a better life. Alternatively, if you dream of an abandoned house, ask yourself, “Did I lose myself? Am I still on the right track?” You’ll know that you are ready to leave the past behind by doing so. However, if the house is haunted in your dreams, then it is an indication of something that you may be afraid of. You are experiencing confusing situations, where you are not sure of what to do or feel at the moment. 

10.Dream about empty houses

Dreaming of empty houses is a symbol of feeling left out or being unwanted. You feel confused and awkward when you socialize with other people. More so, almost all situations will make you depressed because you feel that you have no shoulders to lean on. On the other hand, an empty house dream foretells failure in obtaining your goals at the moment.  

11.Dream about tree house

Dreams about a tree house symbolizes your desire to escape your reality. You want to break free from all the responsibilities you bear and live a life away from the negatives of your society. More so, you feel like you will be more productive and satisfied when you distance yourself from others. This dream is telling you to focus on yourself to achieve success. 

12.Dream about house cleaning

To dream of cleaning your house is such a wonderful dream. It foretells success and happiness because you are already aware of the mistakes and troubles you need to get rid of. Furthermore, you will be able to remove the unnecessary habits and aspects of your life in the near future. Get ready for some changes and realize your life goals. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About House

The most important thing to do when you learn the meaning behind your dream about houses is to ask yourself. “Am I doing the right things to achieve my goals in life? How do I feel? Am I satisfied? Or am I still looking for more?” By asking yourself, you get to know more about what you want. What’s more is it helps you realize the goals you want to achieve. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man dreamed of being locked out of his yellow house. This dream is telling him that being insecure only hinders his success. Dreaming of yellow houses indicates jealousy and obsession. This dream is telling him that the more he feels rejected, the more he puts himself at a disadvantage. Therefore, it would be best to admit his shortcomings and work his way to improve his personality and life.