Everything You Need To Know About Dream of Lightning

Lightning is an electric discharge from two charged clouds. The discharge is very powerful and will be the highest point it encounters. This is uncontrolled energy from the sky and can cause a lot of damage, including a fire. So what does it mean when a dreamer has such visions? It is a sign of power and authority. Get a comprehensive interpretation below.

The General Meaning of Dreams About Lightning

The general meaning of dreams about lightning is that disaster is coming your way, and you cannot control it. It means unavoidable changes are coming, and you should accept and handle them. It is also a sign to get rid of some people to have space for better fresh people. Let go of the old and welcome new ideas.

Another interpretation, it is a sign of power and authority. You will rise up in power to become a significant member of society. This message prepares your mind to handle excess authority and responsibility. You should also work on understanding you were meant to become someone powerful.

What Does Dream about lighting Meaning? 13 Common Lightning Dreams Meaning

1.Dream about lightning striking you

Of course, this is not a good sign. It means that something unexpected that is bad will happen to you. However, this bad situation will arise from your bad habits. It is a warning to change your actions. Moreover, this dream means strange things will happen to you because you don’t want to expand your horizons.

Furthermore, it can also mean you have conflict and disagreement with people, especially family members. And soon, these conflicts will strike you like lightning in the dream. So it is a suggestion to create positive relationships with your family member and friends for a better life.

2.Dream about lightning striking a stranger

This dream means you will help a stranger in the near future. It means you are a philanthropic person, and someone out there is calling for your help. Continue to open your eyes and hand to the needy in society. On the other hand, it can also mean that someone has bad intentions against you, but natural forces protect you.

3.Dream about lightning striking someone familiar  

When you dream about lightning striking someone you know, it means your friend or family member wants to betray you. It is a warning from above to watch out for evil eyes around you. Nevertheless, it symbolizes that bad people close to you will never succeed in bringing you down. You are a very lucky person, and evil people are always amazed.

4.Dream about lightning striking a tree

If you dream about lightning striking a tree, you are destroying the natural environment. Your subconscious is guilty of the things you normally do to the environment. The natural forces want you to stop or else you will suffer. The size of the tree will determine the extent of destruction you have done to the environment.

5.Dream about lightning striking your house

A house provides shelter, which is among the basic needs of human survival. Then a dream about lightning striking your house means your financial sources are going to be unstable and will affect the normal routine in your home. You will have financial problems affecting your basic and luxury needs.

6.Dream about lightning striking just above your head

In this case, it means something bad almost happened to you. You escaped a bad situation with very few chances. Furthermore, the gods want thanksgiving for the protection they provide. This dream can also mean you will have financial progress without struggle. A simple tap of your finger will bring in lots of money.

7.Dream about seeing lightning flash

Seeing a lightning flash across the sky is a warning of misfortune coming, and it will be heavy to handle. Or you are already facing difficulties, and you feel it is hard to resolve with the limited resources on your hand. You feel like you want help, but it is impossible to find. Do not give up; struggle with the situation until the end.

8.Dream about lightning causing fire

It means that you will meet a stranger that will be a significant figure in your life. Most of the time, it can be a new lover that will lead to a successful romantic relationship. In addition, the stranger will bring joy and happiness to your life. So accept and socialize with strangers because they can open opportunities and achievements.

9.Dream about lightning illuminating someone

Such a dream means someone is jealous of you and is spreading false information to destroy your reputation. It is important to note the person lightning is illuminating in the dream. This dream wants you to be strong and ignore gossip. Work hard like a buffalo, and people will see your true self. Let the community see the goodness in you.

10.Dream about lightning striking your lover

When you dream about lightning striking your lover, it means you are going through some issues. Your romantic relationship is vulnerable to a breakup, but it will not happen if you resolve the issues. Understand your partner and communicate for a better relationship. On the other side, it also means your partner is cheating on you, and you should investigate.

11.Dream about lightning striking something close to you

This is never a good sign, and it means an unpleasant surprise is coming. Prepare your mind and heart for something extraordinary. The bad news will come from someone close to you and will make you miserable. So monitor the actions of your close associations and figure out the issue before it happens. This is a suggestion to have eagle’s eyes.

12.Dream about lightning destroying property

This dream is a warning to your success and property. It means you are focused on something forgetting to protect your property. And soon, destruction is coming to consume it. So focus on the things you have worked hard to gain and give them maximum concentration. Try and balance issues in your life.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about lightning symbolize strength and excess power. You can see from above that such dreams are warnings about something bad. Please consider the warning, and you will have a smooth life. In conclusion, dreams about lightning can also carry good news like soon you will have financial progress.