Right Meaning And Interpretation Of Dreams Of Car Accidents

Dreaming about car accidents is disturbing, especially if you drive every day to your destination. You can’t help but wonder, should you still keep on driving or ask someone else to drive for you in the meantime?

According to The Economist website, accidents that happen on the road, whether it’s a car crash, getting hit by a car while crossing, or falling off a cliff while driving, are deadlier than having HIV or being murdered. That is scary because you can’t avoid the roads and you can’t avoid riding vehicles, may that be a car, a bus, a motorcycle, or a cab. The possibilities of being involved in a car accident can be endless.

Common interpretation of car accidents

In general, dreaming about cars symbolize drive, aspiration, and willpower. On the other hand, dreaming about a car crash denotes being out of control or it could simply reflect the fear of being involved in an accident.

Those dreams wouldn’t be as dreadful if you are just blissfully dreaming of driving a car, however, that is not always the case. Dreams about car accidents may occur, but don’t worry, those dreams could totally have different meanings depending on its context. Below are the possible interpretations behind those dreams.

1.Fear of Being in a Real Accident

The dream could be a reflection of your fear in your waking life. If you are someone who is very pessimistic, who always thinks about the worst, then you are probably always afraid of being on the road, whether as a driver or as a passenger.

The fact that accidents are inevitable scares you. Even if you are extra careful, there are still reckless drivers who, for instance, drive while drunk. Not only do they put themselves in danger, they are also putting other people on the road at risk. Those kinds of possibilities terrify you and if you keep thinking about those, they will also appear your dreams.

Maybe you are being too harsh on yourself. Try to think of happy thoughts or memories instead before going to sleep, so you won’t be bothered by negative dreams such as a car crash.

2.Concern Towards Your Loved Ones

It’s not all the time that you can keep your loved ones safe. Dreaming about car accidents could signify that you are afraid of what could happen to loved ones  whenever you are not with them.

This is especially applicable if you have your own kids already. Time will come that you will have to send them to school. When they are away, you can’t help but feel worried because you won’t be able to know if the bus , on their way to school or on their way home, is safe.

The best thing you can do is to remind them to take care of themselves. Give them your trust and talk to them after school. Ask how their day went so you won’t have to worry how they are doing when you are not around.

3.Going Off Course

The tendency of someone trying to avoid a possible collision is to swerve in a safer direction. However, a person in panic usually doesn’t know where safety is, since the dangers on the road are endless. You could have avoided the car, but you could fall off a cliff in the process, or maybe you could collide with another vehicle. The scenarios are, indeed, daunting.

To dream about a car accident could be similar to that incident, only not as deadly. The dream could be pertaining to you veering away from your goals.

Maybe you are eyeing to close a huge deal with potential clients, however, something came up and your boss needs your utmost attention. The accident dream could be telling you that you will be losing your clients eventually, and you’ll have to go back to square one.

Don’t lose hope, you can always explain to your clients. They might be willing to wait if they genuinely believe in the deal you are offering them.

4.Fear of Not Making the Right Decisions

If you are mostly the one behind the wheel, dreams about car accidents can be common. The dream could be tapping on the fact that as the driver, you are the one responsible for leading your passengers to the right destination. You are the one making the call.

The dream could reflect your fear of the possible consequences of making the wrong decisions. Try to think deliberately before making a choice, especially if there are no chances of taking them back.

Maybe you are torn if you should invest in a house or a car. Weigh your options first, ask yourself the important questions and list down the pros and cons of choosing one over the other. Remember, once you make your final decision, you can’t take it back.

5.Differences in Views and Opinions

To dream of being in a car accident which involves crashing into another car could mean that you are up for an argument with someone who has a different opinion.

Be mindful of how you throw your views, you might hurt another person or a loved one. Worst, it might get you into a heated argument with your co-worker or your boss. Debates are healthy, but sometimes they can also start a fight.

Respect each other’s opinions and try to listen to what the other person has to say before giving your own, and avoid butting in. There is always a way to make a conversation an effective one, even if there are differences in views.

What Does Dreaming About Car Accidents Mean – Common Car Accident Dream Meaning

1.Dream about a Car Accident with Child

Dreaming about a car accident which involves a child is something you don’t want to experience, especially if you already have children of your own. The dream could bring great fear.

If the car accident dream involves you and your child inside the car, it is giving you a warning regarding your relationship with him/ her. You might not be aware, but you may be too controlling already.

The dream about the car accident could be telling you that you should allow your child to grow and make his/ her own decision. Build their confidence and their independence, instead of forcing them to do things they don’t like. It’s okay to allow them to have a bit of freedom every now and then. That particular act will make your relationship stronger and trust will be established early.

2.Dream about a Car Accident with Girlfriend

If you dream about a car accident which involves your girlfriend, it could mean that in your waking life, something about her recent actions is bothering you.

Maybe you ended the day without asking her about the problem, the dream about car accident could be telling you that you should clarify things. What’s bothering her could be not you, she may be having family or financial problems. Talk to her and help her out.

3.Dream about a Car Accident in Snow

Driving during a snowy weather is dangerous as you can’t see what’s ahead of you. Most of the time there is zero visibility, and you just have to trust your limited knowledge of the road for you not to swerve in the wrong direction. What’s worst is the fact that you could end up in an accident.

Dreaming about experiencing a car accident in a snow is a warning telling you that you should be careful in the methods you use to approach your goals. The ways may not be clear at times, hence, you should slow down and assess every step.

If there are risks ahead before you pursue them, think of the possible effects first. Is it really worth it? Will you be able to reach your goal easier or are there other ways which are safer? Remember not to rush and take your time to think it through.

4.Dream about a Car Accident into the Water

Most of the time, the presence of water in the dream could represent one’s emotional problem. If in the dream, you accidentally drove the vehicle into the water, it could mean that your emotional burden could be causing you to veer off the wrong direction.

If upon crashing into the water, the car stayed afloat, then it could be telling you that it is time for you to change some aspects in your life. Maybe you are too uptight about the things that’s happening around you. Try to loosen up and don’t take everything too seriously.

However, if the car drowned with you in it, the car accident dream could be telling you that your emotional issues are eating up the best of you. Do not let it swallow you, face it and try your best to fight it.

Seek help from your family, your partner, or your close friends. Don’t be afraid to tell them your problems, they are there for a reason. If you can get a professional help, that would be much better. Just don’t keep all the emotions to yourself, because those might destroy you.

5.Dream about Death by Car Accident

To dream about car accident and see someone dying is disturbing. Nobody wants to die or to witness someone die even if it’s just in dreams.

However, your dream about car accident and death could mean that you will lose someone you love. Don’t worry, losing someone does not necessarily mean the death of that person.

Maybe you’re currently in a rocky relationship. Dreaming of a car accident and death could signify your relationship which needs to end. If the relationship isn’t healthy anymore, the two of you must decide what you should do next. Do you still want to fix it together or are you going to give up?

6.Dream about a Car Accident based on Religion

When it comes to religion, the dream of car accident could mean differently as well, similar to their differences of beliefs and practices.

The dream of car accident for Christians can vary widely. On a shallow level, it simply means that you need to take a breather. You could be living your life too fast, without thinking of your actions.

The car accident dream could be telling you that you should assess your activities, to avoid making wrong and abrupt decisions, which might ruin you in your waking life.

On a deeper level, the dream could signify catastrophe and agony. It could mean that there is danger waiting for you, hence, you should be extra careful.

The dream of car accident for Islam, however, is more focused on the dreams about accidents, in general. They believe that if you dream about car accidents, there is a huge possibility that you will experience it in your waking life.

For instance, maybe you saw a lane or a road in your dream and there’s an accident. The dream could mean that there really will be an accident and it will take place inside that particular city, at the end of the lane or the road.

Being able to escape the accident in the dream could mean that you are doing a wonderful job in your devotion and your religion. Due to this, you are capable of doing good deeds, like helping charities.

What Should be Done Upon Knowing about the Meaning Behind the Car Accident Dream?

Car accident dreams can truly be scary since almost everyday people ride cars to get from one point to another. If the interpretation of your dream is something negative, just keep in mind that dreams are sometimes just a reflection of your fear. They might come true, or they might not.

Remember to avoid thinking about it too much, as your negative thoughts can attract bad things to your waking life. Control your mind and do not invite the bad fortune. Of course, be careful always.