True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams of Snakes

Snakes are carnivorous reptiles  usually found in forests, grasslands, and swamps. They are not only considered as pests but also predators. According to Alina Bradford of Live Science, snakes are found on every continent, except Antarctica ,with at least one type of snakes, accumulating more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world.

People often see snakes as dangerous or venomous animals. For some, they treat snakes as their pet but for others, just hearing the word “snake” is enough to make them shudder. Seeing a snake from afar is often disturbing, and horrifying, what more if you have encountered a snake in your dream?

Have you ever experienced seeing a snake in your dreams? Or have you ever had a dream of snake bite? Usually, these dreams would leave a huge impression on the dreamer, and would find it unpleasant upon waking up. Keep reading to find out the meaning of dreams about snakes.

What Does A Snake Symbolize?

Snakes are known to be a symbol of good and bad things in many cultures. Some may view them as danger, and some view them as their protection. What do snakes represent? Read below to find out.

Symbolic of Healing

Have you noticed that the symbol of medicine is a snake coiled in a rod? Have you ever wondered why that is so? According to Hammondrk, the symbol of medicine is named after the Greek god of healing, Aesculapius. His staff, rod with a snake, aided him in healing mankind.

In the Bible, Moses had a staff which could turn into a serpent. This staff could heal the sick when raised above their heads. Thus, snakes have become a symbol of healing for many cultures.

Symbolic of Rebirth and Transformation

Snakes often shed their skin as part of their transformation process. They shed their skin, usually in one piece, to allow more growth in their body. Shedding enables snakes to remove all the parasites and dirt that have been attached to their old skin.

For most of the snakes, shedding their skin allows them to get rid of their old skin but for rattlesnakes, as explained by Dr. Universe, it enables them to reveal new parts of its tails. Snake became a symbol of rebirth as it undergoes shedding which repairs their skin and creates a new layer of skin to wear out.

Symbolic of Threatening

Snakes give a powerful symbol in dreams. It could mean that there is a presence of someone threatening your life. It could also mean that you are going to undergo important transitions, changes, and healing opportunities. Dreaming of snakes can also be a hint of spiritual guidance.

Common Dream Scenarios of Snakes Interpretation

Dreaming of snakes is unsettling and unappealing. You may have different encounters of snakes in dreams. Below are some common scenarios about dreams of snakes.

1. Dream Of Being Bitten By A Snake

People are scared of snakes not only because of their appearance but also because snakes are mostly poisonous. The last thing you would want to experience when seeing a snake is to be bitten by it. Have you ever experienced waking up, feeling frightened in the morning, and saying “Did I just have dreams of snake biting me?”? If so, what does it mean if you have dreams of snakes biting you?

Snake bite dream meaning is associated with all of the surroundings in your waking life. When you dream of snake bite means that you need to be cautious of the people around you. It could mean that someone will be threatening your life, According to Flo of Auntyflo, if the snake bite was fatal, then you have an enemy around at the moment.

Dream of snake bite could also mean that you have to be aware of all the important things you have been ignoring. It could be someone close to you, a career, or even an opportunity. There are times when you keep on ignoring important things because you are too focused on what’s not necessary. Snake bite dream meaning by Flo, relates to having a time of relaxation for you. Your creativity is at best when your mind is refreshed.

2. Dreaming Of Snakes In Water

Dreaming of snakes in water could be petrifying and unsettling. Aside from the water, there are snakes in it. Snakes in water dreams could mean as a warning for your emotions. Generally, if you have dreams of snakes in water, you are either having difficulties in controlling your emotions or you are positively confident about it.

Dream meanings often vary on the setting along the variables of the dream, and your reactions towards it. Just like that, the meaning of this dream depends on the type of water, the snakes’ actions, and your reactions of it. It is often said that in dreams, your feelings are the most accurate when interpreting it.

If you have dreamed of unclear water with snakes on it, then you may be undergoing a period of vagueness. You may be confused of what is going on around you. You may have experienced something so embarrassing, or you are about to face an important event in your life which could make you feel nervous.

If the snakes are calm in the water, then you are most likely dealing with your difficulties in your waking life positively. Dreaming of clear water with peaceful snakes on it, it could mean that you are currently feeling happy, excited, and optimistic. If you are dreaming of harmful snakes in the water, it could be a reminder for you to be more cautious and aware of your emotions. You tend to go out of control, and a tendency to get hurt or hurt others.

Another is, dreaming of snakes in water is a warning of being very careful in your waking life. You are prone to accidents especially near the bodies of water, like lake or river. You should be careful for injuries.

3. Killing Snake In Dream

This dream brings both positive and negative meaning. A snake is often seen as a symbol of threat or danger. For some, killing snakes is just a hobby or it’s just what they do. For others, it’s an action of defense. Just like that, you could be aware of the meaning of this dream.

For the positive side, killing snake in dream is usually a good sign. It could indicate that you would be successful, and victorious with everything you do. It could also mean that you are about to get rid of all the negative feelings you have. You may be out of fear and start to go peaceful, and bountiful.

For the negative side, killing a snake in dream represents karma. If you have done something bad or punishable, you may be close to encountering the consequences of your actions. Also, killing snake in dream could mean that you are about to face enemies you don’t expect.

4. Lots Of Snakes In Dreams

Seeing a snake is enough to send shivers down your spine. What could be more terrifying than seeing lots of snakes in dreams? Just like any dream, its meaning would depend on all the variables of your dream.

Snakes may represent your fear, strengths, and desire. If you dreamed of lots of snakes which are peacefully crawling, then it could mean that you are about to experience abundance in your life. You could undergo through healing, and a success in your waking life.

If you see lots of snakes that are trying to harm you, then you should be aware of all the people around you in your waking life. It could mean that someone is deliberately trying to hurt you. Also, it could also mean that there are lots of threats surrounding you.

If there are lots of snakes crawling on your body, then it could represent your sexual desire. You may be feeling a bit unsatisfied and you are craving more for it. Also, it could mean that you are in the midst of difficult situations with nowhere to go.

Another meaning is, you will be able to encounter lots of troubles but they will be small. In the waking life, a crowded place with lots of snakes is usually comprised of just small snakes. Thus, if you have been dreaming of lots of snakes, it could mean facing many but small challenges in life, so you need to be alert and careful. You may make mistakes of which you are fortunate, as it will not be serious.

5. Green Snake In Dream

Many people are asking if green snakes are dangerous. Green snakes are not all dangerous depending on its type. Some are venomous and some are not. With that, green snake in dreams symbolizes both positive and negative interpretations.

According to Snakesindreams, a green snake in dream can be a sign of growth, renewal, and rebirth. It could also be a symbol of lack of experience, and need for growth. The color green is the color of nature and a symbol of hope and life.

If you have seen a green snake in your dreams, then it could mean that you could experience having a bright tomorrow. As long as you live, there will be hope in your life. If a green snake is attacking you, then it could mean that you are trying very hard in overcoming different difficulties in your waking life.

Killing a green snake in your dreams is a good sign. It could mean that you are about to experience renewal and healing. You are to surpass all health issues you are experiencing right now. Also, it could mean that someone who became distant to you will try to rebuild the relationship you have lost.

green snake in dream could also mean as a wake-up call for you to pay more attention to your hygiene and your health. The spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams is associated with context of life and energy. So, having a green snake in dream symbolizes growth, fertility, and safety. It could also be a sign of greed, ambition, and lack of experience.

Biblical Mening Of Snakes In Dreams

All of the snake dream meaning above are reflections of your daily life. But have you ever wondered about the Biblical representations of snakes in dreams. In the Bible, a serpent appeared in the Book of Genesis and deceived Adam and Eve. In relation to that, snakes are symbols of deceit, shame, and evil.

The Biblical meaning of snakes in dreams is associated with what you believe. Dreaming of snakes signifies your turning point of being aware of your environment and taking into account your feelings and emotions. It is God’s way of communicating to you to be cautious and not to make mistake.

Dreaming of snakes is a test of your faith. Just like in the Old Testament of the Bible, Aaron went to the Pharaoh, casted his rod and it turned into a serpent. The people didn’t believe him because the Pharaoh’s sorcerers can do the same. What makes Aaron’s staff different is that the serpent ate the sorcerers’ serpents.

Snake in dream is a reminder to remain faithful to God no matter what other people try to say. If they tear you down, do not fret, for you have a God who will guide you in everything you do.

Dreams Of Snakes Conclusion

Snakes represent healing, growth, and opportunities. Dreaming of snakes may give you a lasting impression but can also bring good luck and hints . Always be attentive to details of your dreams and be more aware of your environment.