Real Meaning and right interpretation of Dreams About Kiss

Kisses and hugs are universal acts of showing your love, respect, and care towards the people who have a special place in your heart. Kisses are so common and popular in the real world making it not impossible for people to dream about kissing. So, what does it mean when you dream of kissing? Find out about your kiss dream meaning in this article. 

General Meaning Of Kiss Dreams

According to Richard Hale, the meaning of your kiss dreams depend on who you are kissing and where on their body you are kissing them. For example, kissing your mother in dreams signifies great fortune and success in your life. Kissing a leg in dreams symbolizes disappointment by someone‘s actions in your waking life. A french kiss in dreams shows your need of expressing your suppressed passion and desire towards someone. 

The above mentioned is a specific way of interpreting your kiss dreams. However in general, kissing in dreams denotes love, affection, harmony, anr satisfaction. Kisses are symbols of romance you desire to have with your current relationship or in the near future. A dream of kiss is usually related to how you look up to other people and vice versa. 

Twelve Common Dreams About Kiss

Kisses are signs of love, happiness, satisfaction, and support but what does it mean of dreaming about a kiss? Here are detailed kiss dreams and their interpretations. 

1.Dreams About Seeing Other People Kissing 

Seeing other people kissing in dreams tells that different aspects of your life are in coordination leading you to be successful in life. You also know how to work with other people to have a harmonious relationship with people in your waking life. 

2.Dreams About Kissing A Friend

Dreams about kissing a friend is a symbol of the strong bond you have with that friend. These dreams simply mean that you adore and respect your friend in your waking life. In rare cases, kissing your friend in dreams shows that you want something more, specifically a romantic relationship, from your friend.

3.Dreams Of Kissing Your Current Partner

Kissing your current partner in dreams is an indication of your strong feelings and emotions towards your partner. You may feel loved, appreciated, and needed in your waking life. On the other hand, maybe you are missing the romance with your partner so try to spark things up to have a romantic relationship with your partner again.

4.Dreams Of Kissing Your Ex-Partner

It is normal to dream of kissing your ex-partner but what does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend kissing you? Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend kissing you suggests that you miss the feeling of being loved by someone who truly cares for you and sees you as someone special. These dreams also indicate that you feel unappreciated during this time, that’s why your mind is showing you the feeling of being loved. 

5.Dreams Of Kissing A Stranger

Kissing a stranger in dreams may mean that you will do something that you will instantly regret. Be careful of your actions because your deeds will definitely ruin your reputation. On the good side, kissing an unknown person in dreams means that you are already accepting the aspects of your life that you thought you don’t have. 

6.Dreams Of Kissing An Enemy

Dreams of kissing an enemy symbolize betrayal that may happen in your consciousness. A friend may soon betray you causing you to do things you don’t want to do. You need to be cautious during this time. 

7.Dreams Of A Bad Kiss

Having an unpleasant experience about kisses in dreams is a reflection of your own feelings and emotions towards a person or situation. You may feel rejected and unloved in your waking life. Also, you may be dealing mostly with the people you don’t like. 

8.Dreaming About Kissing A Celebrity

Dreams about kissing a celebrity mean two things. One is that you deeply admire this celebrity to the point that you dream of kissing him/her. Two, you admire this celebrity in a way that you desire to be like him/her. You also want to achieve everything that this celebrity has in your waking life as well as to be successful someday. 

9.Dreaming About Kissing Someone’s Lips

A dream of kissing someone‘s lips is a sign of entering into an agreement or consensus in your waking life. You may have to carefully deal with some people you encounter in life. Also, kissing someone’s lips in dreams signifies your need of improvement in terms of communication to avoid problems in the near future. 

10.Dreaming About Kissing Someone’s Feet

Kissing someone‘s feet in dreams symbolizes your highest form of respect towards that person. You value this person’s moral and principles in your waking life. If you are the one being kissed, then it is possible that the person who kissed your feet looks up to you and approves your way of life. On the other side, you may encounter someone who will treat you unfairly and possibly humiliate you in real life. 

11.Dreaming About Kissing Someone’s Cheek

Dreams about kissing someone‘s cheek involve sincerity and friendship. You may feel admiration towards the person present in your dreams in a way that you want some kind of commitment towards him/her. This dream also shows your sympathetic side, especially to deserving people in your waking life. 

12.Dreaming About Kissing Someone’s Hand

Kissing someone‘s hand in your dreams is a sign of respect that you have towards the involved person in your dreams. This dream also shows that you are treating that person with utmost care and loyalty. On the other note, a kiss on the hand signifies a person trying to take advantage of you. 


To dream of kissing brings different symbolism related to love, happiness, friendship, contentment, and encouragement. Kiss dreams are usually interpreted by different aspects included in your dreams such as the people, body parts, and your feelings. Being familiar with yourself and the people around you will help you in interpreting your kiss dream meaning.

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