What Do the scary Dreams About Falling Really Mean?

Falling, however high or low the fall, mostly ends up with someone being hurt or injured. Knowing that you can’t hold a grip of anything in falling is even more daunting.

When it comes to dreams of falling, though you might think that they are negative, it is actually not true all the time. Besides, the dream of falling encompasses a wide selection of possibilities – from dreams about falling hair to dreams about falling off a building. Hence, the interpretation still depends on many circumstances and details in your dream.

It is crucial that you remember the specifics of your dream even if it scares you, because that is the only way to get a better grasp of the meaning behind it.

Generally, dreams about falling pertains to your worries and insecurities in your waking life. It may also mirror your emotions towards your relationship, your career, or events in your life which you think you don’t have full control over.

You might ask, “What does falling dreams really mean?” To know more about the interpretation of your specific dream, the next paragraphs will show you the common dreams related to falling.

What Does Falling in a Dream Mean – Common Falling Dream Meaning and Interpretation

1.Dream about Falling Off a Building

Dreaming of falling off a building is surely frightening. Sometimes, dreams can be so vivid that you might think it’s happening in real life.

To dream about falling off a building could bring a negative meaning for it represent worries in your waking life. Maybe you are going through a difficult stage in your career or your finances.

Since it is just a dream, it could also serve as a warning, telling you not fret on those things too much. Instead, focus on how to solve those posing problems.

On the other hand, if you have a recurring dream about falling off a building, it could already be pertaining to a health issue you need to give attention to. Visit a hospital and have your body checked before it’s too late.

2.Dream about Falling in Water

Dreaming of falling in water generally signifies abrupt changes, may it be in your career or in your personal life. Falling dreams have a lot of different factors involved. You have to take into consideration the quality of the water you’ve fallen into, including your feeling after the fall.

If you dream of falling into clear water, then there is nothing to worry about because it could pertain to an achievement in your waking life. If you have a longtime goal, the dream could be giving you a sign that now is the right moment to pursue it, as you will surely succeed.

If the dream of falling into crystal clear water, a water so shiny that you can see your reflection, then it is also a good omen. The water in the dream mirrors your healthy well-being and great mood.

However, if you dream of falling into a murky water, then that definitely brings a negative meaning. The dream is telling you that you will be making trouble soon. As it is still a warning, you can still avoid it. Be always mindful of your actions so as not to create huge mistakes which you might regret later.

As mentioned previously, the interpretation of falling into water in your dream also depends on your feelings after the fall. If it was panic that you felt, it means you will conquer the challenges that might go your way. If your feeling after the fall was of trauma, it could signify an impending argument with your loved ones, which will eventually cause you to part ways with them.

3.Dream of Falling From a Bridge

To dream of falling from a bridge could mean that you will be facing many trials in your waking life. Those tests could be minor ones, you wouldn’t even know that it is already what your dream was referring to. However, if you pass those minor obstacles, expect that you will gain great profit and wonderful blessings in the future.

4.Dream about Falling in Line

Unlike the usual falling dream, to dream about falling in line doesn’t pose any threats or wreckage. Seeing a line in your dream could symbolize division, direction, or border.

Dreaming about falling in line could pertain to your need to assess your own behavior. You are in line because it’s not yet your turn, which gives you more time to change parts of you that needs improvement. Doing such can help you avoid making drastic mistakes.

If  you noticed the line is moving really slow in the falling dream, it could mean that you are repressing your feelings towards a person whom you have issues with. If the matter can be solved easily, try to talk it out with that person. It will never go away unless you face the problems head on.

5.Dream about Falling Off a Cliff

To dream about falling off a cliff could be traumatic. However, the dream simply means that you are not grounded at the moment. Identify where particularly in your life you’re lacking stability. From there, find ways on how you can establish strength and support.

6.Dream about Falling Elevator

If you dream that you are inside the falling elevator, it could signify a crisis that you will be facing in your waking life. It could be related to you failing at your job, losing in your business, or breaking up with your partner. Whichever aspect it is, the best way to approach the dream is to not to take it lightly. Also, be careful with every decision that you make in the future.

If you dream that you get seriously injured because of the falling elevator, which crashed at the bottom, it could symbolize your loss of control towards others or yourself. Be vigilant with your actions as those might do harm than good.

 If you dream of falling through an elevator shaft, it could mean that you need to be more mindful of the environment you are in. Do not be too complacent with the people around you, especially if you don’t fully trust them, because you don’t know what they are capable of.

7.Dream about Falling in Love With a Stranger

Dreaming about falling in love with a stranger is a type of dream that somehow drives happiness or sadness, depending on the dreamer’s current relationship status.

If you are single and you dream of falling in love with a stranger, wherein you felt joyful and satisfied, then the dream could be telling you that you will find a wonderful partner soon. Be open to meet new people and don’t ignore those who are giving you attention.

However, if you are currently in a relationship and you dream of falling in love with a stranger, then that could signify something unfavorable on your part. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that you are not happy with your partner anymore.

Do not give up with each other just yet. Try to have a heart to heart talk first, then figure things out. Good communication saves a relationship most of the time.

8.Dream about Falling from High Places

To dream of falling from high places is a mixture of positive and negative meaning. If you dream that you slipped, which then caused you to fall, it signifies a forthcoming problem in your waking life. You might not be able to avoid it, however, you can always plan an action after you have encountered the issue.

If you dream about falling from a high place and remembered getting hurt by the fall, it could symbolize betrayal. It will surely cause pain on your part as the betrayal will come from someone you least expect, someone whom you used to trust. Hence, you should always be alert of the actions of the people around you to refrain your dream from becoming reality.

On the contrary, if you weren’t hurt at all after the fall, the dream could bring you good omen, especially for women. It could mean that now is the perfect time to trust your intuition. Use it to your advantage to ward off bad luck.

When it comes to work, the dream could mean that a promotion is on your way. Aside from being given a higher position, there will also be bonuses. If you are a person who is into business, the dream is also a sign that you should make use of the opportunity given to you to start a new project for it will surely succeed.

If  you remember that being scared was the dominant emotion during the fall dream, this could mean that you will face a number of hurdles, but you don’t have to worry as you will eventually overcome all of those.

9.Dream about Falling from Bed

To dream about falling from bed is close to what could possibly happen while you are asleep. It might come off so real that you will twitch while sleeping.

The dream could reflect your subconscious’ aspiration towards succeeding in your waking life. You might be so focused and dedicated to your goals that it creeped into your dream state.

If an elderly person dreams about falling off from bed, it could be a bad omen. It indicates a terrible sickness will be experienced by the dreamer. Consider going to the hospital immediately and have a thorough check-up.

10.Dream about Falling Teeth

When you dream about falling teeth, it simply means that you should be more careful of how you speak to the people around you. The dream could be telling you that you have been too tactless, and even your loved ones ended up being hurt due to your behavior. Always think first before you speak. If the damage has been done, ask for forgiveness and promise them you’ll do your best and avoid being harsh next time.

On a different note, your dream about falling teeth could also point out to your concern about your physical appearance. There might be a part of your body that you deeply want to change because you feel like it’s unattractive. Instead of focusing on what you lack, why not be grateful of the beautiful things that you have instead. Be more appreciative in your waking like, and your dreams will be more pleasurable.

11.Dream about Falling Hair

The hair is a crowning glory. Hence, dreaming about falling hair could be a reflection of your fear of getting old and losing your sex appeal and strength in the process.

For women, your subconscious could be showing up in your dream, telling you that you value your appearance too much, which is not a good thing. Remember that everybody grows old and you shouldn’t concern yourself too much about that. Instead, focus on things that bring you inner joy.

For men, as mentioned, the dream could also pertain to your lack of vigor as you age. This may make you feel insecure and inferior. However, there is always a way to maintain that strength and you can build that up . Prepare for old age by eating healthy and maintaining a good exercise.

What Should You Do After Finding the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Falling?

As scary as the dream could be, remember that your actions towards those given interpretations still depend on you, the dreamer.

You can be unprepared as the day unfolds or you can take your dreams as a guide to help you face the day. In the end, it is still your decision. Go ahead, seize every opportunity while being mindful of your action at the same time.