True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams of Eggplant

Have you ever had a dream about eggplants? These fruits sometimes appear strangely in dreams, but their meaning is something you shouldn’t worry about. In fact, when you dream of eggplants, you are more likely bound to experience wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Although dreaming about eggplants has a negative interpretation, you can quickly turn it into a good one in your waking life as long as you are determined to set your goals correctly.

Below are some of the most common eggplant dreams, together with their interpretations and meanings.  

General Meaning Behind Dream About Eggplant Success,

New Opportunities, and Changes

Eggplant in dreams is a symbol of success, new opportunities, and positive changes. Prosperity is usually underway when you dream about eggplants. You may gain the success you are longing for, the fortune you desire, and even opportunities that seem hard to achieve but are definitely on your expectations. More so, changes are afoot if you dream of eggplants, and usually, these changes will bring you good news and wealth.  


On the downside, dreaming of eggplants denotes disappointment or separation. This interpretation rarely happens, but it is better to know the alternative meaning of your eggplant dreams to avoid facing difficulties in your waking life. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Eggplant – Common Eggplant Dream Meaning and Occurrences

1.Dream about eating an eggplant

Dreaming of eating an eggplant represents your satisfactory lifestyle. The success you are earning will make you feel more satisfied and drive you to work even harder. However, be cautious of your wealth’s consequences. You may forget the people around you as you work your way up to the high grounds. What’s more is, you may lose yourself along the way and get drunk on your abundant life.

2.Dream about cooking an eggplant

Cooking an eggplant in your dreams symbolizes your ability to satisfy your wants and needs. You are hard-working and goal-oriented. Plus, you always do things that will only lead to your goal. These actions will not turn into vain because you will be able to fulfill your vision and longings in your waking life. More so, the people around you will also benefit from your success and wealth.  

3.Dream about chopping an eggplant

To dream of chopping an eggplant means you are balancing different aspects of your waking life. You may be weighing down some options you think would be best in your career or personal path. However, due to the burden or pressure you feel, you tend to forget your happiness as you focus on achieving your goals. When this happens, do not hesitate to talk to your loved ones.  

4.Dream about buying an eggplant

If you buy an eggplant in your dreams, then it foretells the price you have to pay to achieve success in your waking life. Yes, you will be successful, but it is also possible to lose something you have right now – it could be your time with your family or a time for yourself. Alternatively, buying an eggplant in your dreams tells your ability to show off your wealth to everyone.  

5.Dream about selling an eggplant

Selling an eggplant in dreams denotes someone will take away your satisfaction or happiness in your waking life. You may reunite with a distant relative or an old friend who will keep in touch with you. However, the reason for this is that they will need your help financially. They may even stay with you for an extended period until you supply their needs and wants.  

6.Dream about giant eggplants

Dreams about giant eggplants denote positive changes and tremendous success in your waking life. The good news may be related to your relationship, family, personal differences, or even your job/career. Giant eggplants are equivalent to great success or development in your waking life. Therefore, you should always be ready to receive the good things in reality.  

7.Dream about rotten eggplants

Rotten eggplants in dreams suggest your dissatisfaction regarding your intimate life. Your relationship may start to feel dull, and you aim to spice it up. However, things may not go your way, leading to a long-distance relationship or even a breakup. Although this dream appears negatively, take it as a warning and be more understanding of your relationship. Work things out together to avoid separation. 

8.Dream about growing eggplants

Dreams of growing eggplants in your garden or the fields indicate pleasant encounters in your waking life. You will receive good news and experience fantastic events, such as receiving presents from your loved ones or a promotion at work. 

9.Dream about harvesting eggplants

Harvesting eggplants in dreams is like reaping what you sow in reality. When you are continuously working hard in your waking life, this dream tells you that you will receive great benefits from your profession or business. It is the time of harvesting the fruits of your labor when you have this dream. 

10.Dream about eggplant meals

Dreaming about cooked eggplants is typically a symbol of changes, specifically career. You may see your hobby as something you do leisurely, but as time goes by, you’ll notice that the things you do during your spare time can actually help you earn income. Frequently, eggplant meals in dreams symbolize desirable changes and outcomes.  

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Eggplant

Dreams about eggplants are similar to other dreams that have a positive and negative meanings. When you learn of the meaning behind your eggplant dreams, you should think and evaluate your current situation. Do not assume that your dreams can actually change your life. Instead, take your dreams as guides on how to walk towards the right path.

If you want to experience the positive sides of your dream of eggplants, then it is essential to keep your feet planted on the ground. Never forget to talk to the people around you, and always remember that your actions in your waking life are the ones that will bring you success, not your dreams.  

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A woman dreamed of eating an eggplant she cooked earlier.  

This dream tells her that she will receive a great fortune from the good things she has been doing for the past years in her waking life. She will live abundantly, along with her family and even friends. However, her success may be the start of a conflict with the people around her. Therefore, she should be discreet and sensitive enough to avoid problems in the future.