True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Dolls

Dolls are artistically created figures in the image of humans. They are often considered as toys for children and are sometimes part of the recreational activities or hobbies of adults. Dolls appear in many forms, sizes, and types.

Most dolls have visuals portraying the perfect standard of beauty for humans while others appear to accurately represent different images of cute little babies or children. However, not all dolls are visually appealing for some as others find them scary and creepy. Dolls bring various experience and emotion to people when seeing them, especially in dreams.

Have you ever experienced dreaming about dolls? What kind of dolls are they? How do you feel towards them? Keep reading the article to find out your dolls dreams meaning.

General Meaning of Dreams About Dolls

Dolls in dreams symbolize childhood or your perspective towards children, says Aunty Flo. Your thoughts about a certain child, either your own or not, are often associated with these dreams. You may also be presently thinking about various events from your childhood in your waking life.

To dream about dolls is a representation of your innocence. You are using ‘the child’ within you to avoid your problems. Dreams about dolls symbolize a person or situation that can’t go through you because of your certain behavior and attitude.

Dolls as dream symbols signify your wishes or the things you can’t do or say no matter how much you wanted to. They represent your suppressed feelings or insecurities in life. You may be currently experiencing melancholy and loneliness in your waking life.

Common Dreams About Dolls Interpretation

Dreams about dolls are wondrous but can instantly change into a nightmare. Just like other dreams, interpretations vary from the emotions felt by the dreamers towards their dreams. Here are detailed doll dreams interpretations.

1.Dreams Of Beautiful Dolls

Beautiful dolls in dreams are actually good signs for both men and women as it pertains to joyful events . Women dreaming about beautiful dolls indicate pregnancy or new acquaintance to share blissful moments with. For men, these dreams symbolize a romantic affair with a newly acquainted person.

2.Barbie Doll Dreams

To dream about Barbie dolls signify your admiration, not necessarily romantically, towards someone. Barbie doll in dreams represent your role model who you look up to in your waking life. You may have the feeling of wanting to become like him/her when opportunity strikes.

On the other hand, dreaming of a Barbie doll means your insecurities in life. You always see yourself as a disappointment and you are hardly satisfied with yourself. People who have this dream are the ones with low self-esteem and confidence in life.

3.Dreams Of Dolls Coming To Life

This dream may have both positive and negative sides depending on the dolls’ actions. Dolls coming to life and doing things you do not want to see reflect your frequently existing fears in your waking life. It can also be a warning of upcoming and unwanted situations in your waking life, especially if the dolls did something to other people in your dreams.

On the positive note, if the dolls perform things that made you happy then it symbolize your visions coming to life. It shows the possible fulfillment you are about to achieve. There are unexpected things or wish to come true in your waking life.

4.Dolls Turning Into A Monster In Dreams

If you have dreams about dolls turning into monster, it means you are currently in the midst of a dangerous situation of which you are not aware of.  A situation made by disingenuous friend. You are about to face cheating, betrayal, and even loss of a person close to you in your real life.

Dolls turning into monster in your dreams symbolize your fear and disappointment of other people’s actions towards you. From your perspective, you seem to be treated poorly and unfairly. You should learn to talk things through to avoid misunderstandings.

5.Talking Doll In Dreams

Dreams about talking dolls have different interpretation starting with the symbol of innocence turned immaturity. You are using your innocence in an untimely manner which leads you not to be able to decide what’s good or bad. You became indecisive of small, big, or trivial things in your waking life.

Talking doll in your dreams is a reflection of your loneliness. You feel that you don’t have someone to lean on in your waking life. It is the time to reconnect with your family, friends, or even partner.

When a doll talks in your dreams, it shows that you are trying to be someone else to avoid your problems in life. You wanted to return to your carefree childhood so badly, that you pretend to be someone you are not just to be happy in your waking life. This suggests the need of reassessment in your life and to be familiar with the things, events, situation, or person bringing joy in your heart.

6.Playing With Dolls In Dreams

Playing with your dolls in dreams shows your skills of mannerly directing and controlling yourself in your waking life. If you are playing someone else’s dolls in dreams mean you are good in sharing the things you have and accepting your reality in life. Playing dolls in dreams with a heavy heart signify a bad relationship with your family, or friends.

7.Dreams About Buying A Doll

Buying a doll for yourself in your dreams is a positive dream for the dreamer. You may encounter opportunities allowing you to excel financially. You will be able to receive generous offer for your business or your passion in life. Be sure to grab the chance when it knocks your door.

If you bought a doll for someone else, it means you will be able to make someone close to you happy. You can offer your help to someone and do great things for him/her. However, not being able to buy a doll symbolizes the need to prioritize things in your waking life.

8.Dreams Of A Broken Doll

Dolls are carefully made one by one and piece by piece. If you have dreams of a broken doll, it indicates small but connected problems you may encounter in your  life. Difficulties may arise as results of previous ones, so it is best to settle your problems as early as you can to avoid great loss.

9.Dreams About Killer Dolls

Dreaming of killer dolls are nightmare to people. You may have been killed by dolls like Annabelle, or Chucky in your dreams. Although it appears to be brutal and frightening, its meaning is actually a wakeup call for the dreamer.  

Dolls trying to kill you in dreams represent your insecurities and fears in life. You have low self-esteem and no self-appreciation. You wanted to give up on life because you feel you are not pretty, attractable, or unworthy.

You are also focused on the things you do during your childhood. You tend to act immaturely over things. Dreams about killer dolls are reminders that you need to purge all the unnecessary behaviors, attitudes, or routines in your waking life.

10.Porcelain Dolls Dreams

Porcelain dolls in dreams signify your optimism in handling a situation. You are channeling the bright and cheerful attitude of the child version of yourself in order to overcome obstacles in life. You are emotionally fearless as a child can be. You tend to easily let go of painful things you have experience in your waking life.

11.Dreaming Of Baby Dolls

Baby dolls in dreams are representations of your fears towards nurturing a child. You may be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of raising a child. Dreaming of playing with baby dolls is a good sign, you will be able to take care of your baby in your waking life.

12.Stabbing A Doll With A Knife

This dream symbolizes your immaturity towards the current situations in your waking life. You are not able to handle your relationships with friends, partner, and family nicely. You always show your childish acts and continue being insensitive towards other people.

13.Dreaming Of Voodoo Dolls

This dream serves as warning for you. You need to open your eyes for people who are trying to manipulate you, either at home, school or work. There is a chance that someone is using you for his own good and taking you for granted.

14.Encountering A Doll In Dreams

This is a positive dream for you. Coming across a doll in dreams symbolizes success in achieving great things in your waking life. You may be expecting good news in the coming days. It is also an indication of an upcoming additional member of the family.

15.Dreams About Receiving A Doll

If you received a doll in your dreams, it means good news is coming your way. You can expect positive energy surrounding in your waking life. Receiving a doll in dreams is an indication of reconnecting and building relationships with your old and new friends.

16.Evil Dolls Dreams

Evil dolls in dreams are representations of your loneliness. Even in movies, evil dolls are usually someone with a dark and painful past. Dreaming about evil dolls signifies your feeling of isolation and helplessness. You are hurting deep within because you feel you are alone and don’t have a shoulder to lean on.

17.Dreaming Of Annabelle Doll

Annabelle doll is a possessed doll. Dreaming of a possessed doll is an indication of your fear of a certain person, place, things, or a situation. You may be encountering unavoidable fears in your waking life of which you need to get past through it. It is waking call dream to face your fears and look on the bright side of life.

18.Dreams Of Bloody Doll

Bloody doll in dreams is a reflection of how you see yourself. Seeing bloody doll in dreams is caused by stress in your waking life. You may be drained, physical, emotionally, or mentally while trying to escape from all your problems.

19.Wooden Dolls In Dreams

Wooden dolls in dreams mean you are focusing on the unnecessary things. You are becoming lazy and staying out of focus. You already lost your way towards the right path. You need to realign your goals and plans in your waking life.

20.Plastic/Rubber Dolls Dreams

Plastic dolls represent your fake friends in your waking life. You are surrounded by toxic people without caring for you. You need to be keen in identifying your false friends even if you feel lonely in life.

21.Seeing Many Dolls In Dreams

If you see lots of dolls in your dreams, it shows that you feel lost. It seems that no one is on the same page as you are. Lots of dolls in dreams signify your overwhelmed feelings towards the eyes of the people around you.

On the positive note, you are about to experience interesting events in your life. You may face different adventures in life, either professionally or leisurely. You will be able to find joy among various groups of people in life.

Dreams about dolls Conclusion

Dreams about dolls happen to children and adults, whether male or female. According to Lucy Moore, doll dreams interpretations depend on the condition and actions, good or bad, of the dolls in your dreams. Always remember details of your dolls dreams to further assess yourself in your waking life.