True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream About Parrots

Parrots are symbols of freedom, beauty, and sociability. They are friendly and playful, yet they can hurt other people’s feelings when they talk. So, what does it mean when such an adorable and interesting bird appears in your dreams?

Continue reading to learn more about the true meaning and interpretations of your dreams about parrots and how you can handle them in your waking life. 

General Meaning Behind Dream about Parrots


Dreaming of a parrot is somehow connected to how you express yourself towards other people. Parrots are known to communicate extremely well not only to their owner but also to other people as well. Thus, parrots in dreams symbolize your ability to communicate to the people around you. 


Parrots in dreams show mirroring. In reality, parrots blurt out words they hear from people. In this sense, dreaming about parrots denotes the actions, whether good or bad, that you are continuously doing or repeating. 


Parrots can also be a symbol of gossip. Moreover, it can be a warning that you need to assess your life, whether you are doing the right thing or not. Dreaming of parrots is your chance to redeem yourself and be the better version of yourself. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Parrots – 8 Common Parrot Dreams Meaning Explained

1.Dream of parrot dying

Some people have dreams in which they see dead parrots, but they are not the ones who killed them. It could represent the end of a relationship or friendship, either because you have a sense that it is ending or because you are feeling it ending. Even if it is a healthy relationship, you are concerned that it will end. A dream in which the dreamer sees a dead parrot is indicative of a strong personality. 

On the other hand, it can develop into nightmares, which is a sign of bad news to come in the future and the temptation of negative energy surrounding the person who has the dream. The death of a parrot can also be associated with one’s personality. It’s a sign that something in the dreamer’s life needs to be addressed.

2.Dream of parrot in cage 

In dreams, the bird is frequently interpreted as a good omen, and it is widely recognized as a universal symbol of freedom of expression. Since a caged bird, by definition, does not have any freedom, something in your life is being tested when you see a caged bird in your dreams. As a result, the caged bird can be interpreted as a symbol of hopelessness. 

You are likely feeling very unsure about a situation or feeling helpless to do anything about something negative if you see a caged bird in your dream. If the parrot in cage does not become free, it indicates that you are not exerting enough effort to do something about the negative situation and not being proactive. You must learn to advocate for yourself and to make your voice heard in the world.

3.Dream of parrot biting 

Parrots symbolize mocking others, mocking oneself, betraying others, gossiping, backbiting, and the grapevine. When you dream of being bitten, it suggests that you are feeling aggressive or insecure. To bite someone again indicates that you have feelings of hostility and aggression toward the other person. Often, biting in dreams means your efforts to protect yourself from something or someone attempting to harm you in real life.

4.Dream of parrot attacking me 

A parrot attacking you in your dream may indicate that you are being attacked by someone in your real life as well. This could be someone dishonest, bullies you, or gossips about you behind your back. It could also be about betrayal in some cases. Perhaps one of your friends has done something to hurt your feelings or undermine your trust. 

This upset you to the point where you began to feel attacked in your dreams as well. If you dream that multiple parrots are attacking you, the meaning becomes more complex. It represents a variety of people who are attempting to harm you through their words or actions. 

5.Dream of parrot in house 

It may be concerned that you are not on the right path in life or that others are interfering and getting in the way of your progress. You may be worried that you are not on the right path in life or that others are interfering your progress.

6.Dream of parrots flying

Hinduism believes that it is considered bad luck to see any kind of bird flying in your dream because it represents an omen of ill-fortune. It indicates that you will experience misfortune or setbacks in your life within the next few months. In addition, parrot dreams can be found in ancient Indian tales that are intended to teach lessons.  

7.Dream of parrot biting hand 

A dream about a parrot biting your hand represents your predisposition to keep your emotions and thoughts hidden rather than express them aloud. Keeping your distance from a situation or a relationship is something you are doing. There is an outburst of energy in some aspect of your life that you are experiencing. 

The dream of a bird biting the palm of one’s hand represents life, humanity, and science. You have the impression that someone is conspiring against you. All eyes and ears are on you. It serves as a symbol of the completion and accomplishment of your objectives. You have the ability to let go and express your desires, passions, and feelings. 

8.Dream of parrot talking to you

If you dream that a parrot is speaking to you, pay attention to what it has to say. Its message will be relevant to any issues you may be experiencing in your life at the time. Other people may be concerned, with the news serving as a warning or a piece of information you should share with them. 

Internal doubts and concerns may arise, especially if the parrot is perched on your shoulder and speaks directly into your ear. If the parrot is speaking to you about a specific individual, then the bird represents that individual in conversation. If you have any thoughts or problems with this person, it sends you a message to let you know about them. 

The repetition of the same piece of information by the parrot in your dream indicates something significant. The parrot is trying to inform you about bad habits you may be repeating in your dream. It could also be referring to a specific person who is constantly nagging or criticizing you in your waking life.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Parrots

Like any other dreams, knowing what happens in your dreams is not enough to make your mind at ease. Dreams about parrots require you to locate the inspiration of such dreams, so that you can interpret them correctly. Try to remember all the details of your dream as much as possible and find out its meaning. Use these interpretations as a guide but do not depend on it. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A woman, practically living like a bat in a cave, kissed a green parrot while being surrounded by lots of parrots.

The dream could be a warning of some energy that she is suppressing or denying her power or ability. Someone is also talking behind her back and is trying to manipulate the reaction or perception of other people around her. She should commit today to get out and meet some new people and make some new friends. Moreover, she should go somewhere to laugh and cheer herself up if she has been feeling down in the dumps because of relationship difficulties. Changing the people around her will significantly help her get over the potential bad luck of her dreams. 

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