True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Bats

Bats are  associated with darkness, they sleep during the day and stay awake at night. The media also portray bats as an element of evil, except for Batman, maybe? Hence, they are usually seen as a bearer or the cause of bad news.

Most of the bat dreams’ interpretations are  negative, but it also depends on the dream situation and emotions of the dreamer. To know more about your bat dream’s meaning, continue reading the paragraphs below.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Bats

It Symbolizes Your Negativity

Dream about bats can unfortunately be a symbol of negativity. You are going to encounter a period in your life wherein you will feel like giving up. However, you must not let the dream scare you. Take the bats as an inspiration that you can still wake up even if you feel like the world around you is dark, and that is a sign that you must keep on going.

It Symbolizes The Darkness Part Of Your Life

Dream about bats may symbolize darkness. There might come a time in your waking life that you will feel sad and anxious, but remember that there is always light after a period of darkness. If you surround yourself with the right people, soon  you will recover from that feeling of emptiness.

It Represent Rebirth Or New Beginning

Most of the dreams about bats may bring negativity, but not all the time. Sometimes, bat dreams also mean rebirth or a new beginning. Since bats are alive and active at night, your dream could also be a sign that you still have a chance to recover amidst the problems you are going through.

Its A Warning For Future Adversities

Dreams about bats usually serve as a warning from the adversities you are going to face in the future. Use the dream to your advantage and plan ahead. You do not have to act hastily towards any situations. With a brilliant strategy, you will surpass all the challenges of life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Bats – Common Bat Dream Meanings and Answers

Dream about Bats in House

Finding bats in your house is a rare phenomenon.Dreams about bats in your house is  a bad omen. Take the dream as a warning that you should be careful as your family will experience crisis or tragedy. One or more members of your family will fall ill. Be watchful of each other’s health, especially the elderly.

Dream about Bats Biting Me

Dream of bats biting you is another bad sign. You will face huge financial problems which might cause you to lose your job and savings. You must plan well and find deliberate steps to solve forthcoming problems. You can try to find other sources of income to support your family temporarily.

Dream of Bats Hanging

Dream about bats hanging from a wall is yet another negative omen. Seeing bats hanging is an indication that something bad will happen to a person close to you. It may not have a direct effect on you, but dreaming about someone else’s possible destiny means that you have the capability of helping that person if the need arises. Don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand, as he or she will definitely return the favor in ways you will never expect.

Dream about Bats Flying

Dream about flying bats is a common dream, thouth they are actually rarely seen flying during the day in reality. Unfortunately, this dream is a bearer of an ominous sign. Generally, the dream signifies danger, sorrow, or misery in your waking life. If there is only a single bat flying in your dream, it means you will be able to surpass the obstacle with ease. However, if there are a group of bats flying in your dream, unfortunately, it means you are going to have a hard time .

Dream about Bats Attacking

Dreams about bats attacking you is not a good sign. It is an indication that a longtime confidant will betray you. He or she may be jealous of you and your current success. Be wary and observe the people in your circle, as that person is willing to do everything just to hurt you. The dream could also represent your hasty behavior, which can have grave repercussions, if it’s not changed and improved.

Dream of Bats in Islam

In Islam, to see a bat in your dream is not a good sign due to your own unpleasant actions. You are guilty of doing things that harm others directly or indirectly. You are intentionally spying and snooping in other people’s business, and make it work towards your advantage. On the other hand, the dream could also be telling you that you’re taking everything for granted. Be always grateful with what you have and avoid causing harm to others. Remember, the only person you must compete with is yourself.

Dream about Bats for Christians

For Christians, bats are actually considered as ‘impure birds’, as frequently referred to in the Bible. The presence of bats always connotes a forthcoming tragedy. It could also symbolize confused feelings, an incurable disease, or bad habits. Hence, whenever you see bats in your dreams, just say a prayer to guide you through the upcoming days.

Dream about Bats for Hindu

For Hindus, dreams about bats act as a warning that you have  competitor who is determined to take you down, and he is close to success. Bats hate the daylight, hence, if in your dream you see bats during that particular time of day, you have nothing to worry about because your enemies will not be victorious in their evil plans. However, if it was nighttime in your dream, then you must be extra cautious in your waking life.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Bats

Dreams about bats may bring a lot of negative emotions and interpretations, but it doesn’t mean you should despair. You may not be able to control most of the negativities coming your way, but you can always focus on the ones that you can manage.

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