True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream of Jewelries

Jewelries are shiny and fine objects used to adorn the human body.It add beauty to your style and character. Jewelries represent luxury, pleasure, wealth, and success in reality. However, dreaming about jewelries do not always connote to positiveness. Depending on the dreams’ context, dreaming about jewelries can be a bad omen.

To know know the true meaning and right interpretation of your jewelry dream, continue reading the next paragraphs. You might be surprised at what is in store for you.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Jewelries

Utmost Value

Dreaming of jewelry is a sign that you are of great value to others. The people around you appreciate your presence. Hence, you must be confident in what you do, because they are grateful you are there to help them succeed in life.


Dreaming of jewelry means you will prosper in the future. Your bosses and senior colleagues are noticing your efforts, therefore, you will be rewarded soon.

Desires and Aspirations

Dreaming about jewelry also symbolizes a realization of your goals and aspirations. Whatever it is that you have planned will definitely come to fruition, so you must not worry.

Flawless Image

Dreaming about jewelry also connotes how others perceive you. Like a jewelry which shines brightly, they look up to you as their role model. Keep on doing good things because you inspire a lot of people.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Jewelries – 14 Common Jewelry Dreams Interpretation

1.Dream about Jewelry in General

Generally, jewelries in dreams represent your perception of yourself, the things you treasure, and your view of the world around you. As there are different types of jewelries, dreaming about them also symbolizes the different experiences you will encounter in life, whether it will be to your favor or not.

2.Dream about Wearing Jewelry

Just like how jewelry contributes to your style and character, dreaming about wearing it foretells a nearing success in terms of your personal and professional life. You will be in great luck soon and even the people around you will benefit from it.

3.Dream about Trying on a Jewelry

Dreaming about trying on a jewelry is telling you that you should prioritize your peace of mind. Reassess your habits and drop the bad ones, because if you don’t, they will soon have a negative impact to your health.

4.Dream about Jewelry Box

Dreaming about a jewelry box connotes a hidden ability or talent you are afraid to show the world. The dream is telling you that now is the perfect time to show it to everyone because they will welcome it with awe and admiration. It also means that you will shine in your chosen career.

5.Dream about Receiving Jewelry

Dreaming about receiving a jewelry as a gift is a sign that you undervalue yourself. You are as precious as a jewelry and you must value yourself as much as you value the things important to you. Appreciate yourself because you are worthy of self-love.

6.Dream about Selling Jewelry

Dreaming about selling jewelry serves as a warning that you will be in a problematic situation in the future. There is no harm in getting ready for the rainy days. Prepare yourself, so you do not get stuck in that unfortunate position.

7.Dream about Buying Jewelry

Dreaming about buying jewelry is a positive omen in terms of money and success. The dream is telling you that you will soon find happiness – either by marrying someone of great influence and wealth or by winning in a competition you have long been praying for.

8. Dream about Stealing Jewelry

Jewelries are valuable objects and to dream about it being stolen means that someone you appreciate is hiding a secret from you. It may or may not harm you but you still have to take precaution, because the fact the she keeps it from you is already a red flag.

9.Dream about Losing Jewelry

Losing jewelry in a dream indicates that you will encounter negativity in your waking life. Someone you trust will betray you, and you will learn a hard lesson from it. Believe nobody but yourself at this point, because the people around you might only be pretending they care.

10.Dream about a Jewelry Store

Dreaming of a jewelry store symbolizes expenses you will incur in the future. You must be careful in spending your money because you’ll be surprised when you find out a huge part of your savings is gone.

11.Dream about a Jewelry Breaking

Dreaming about a breaking or an already broken jewelry is a bad omen. It means getting disappointed in the future in terms of your goals. You will have difficulty in achieving them and you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself, so you need to be resilient.

12.Dream about a Diamond Jewelry

Dreaming about a diamond jewelry reflects your utmost desire to get married. If you are currently in a relationship, open up the possibility of settling down. If you are still searching, it’s best that you become more firm with the qualities you desire, so you won’t be wasting your time.

13.Dream about Wearing Gold Jewelry

Dreaming about wearing a gold jewelry is a warning sign that you should be cautious. In a dream, it means that someone will rob you. Be vigilant of the people around you, especially those who are also interested in the position you are vying for at work.

14.Dream about Jade Jewelry

Dreaming about pearl or jade jewelry signifies luck and growth in your personality. It means you are ready to improve yourself in terms of your career.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Jewelries

Jewelries in dreams can be deceiving since you might assume that it always brings positive meaning. However, like any other dreams, they also have negative interpretations. What you can do best is take your dream’s interpretation with you and apply it with caution to your daily life.  

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A woman, who is aiming for a long-overdue promotion, dreams about losing her most-valued necklace – a jewelry given to her by her trusted colleague.

The dream could be a warning that an unfortunate event will happen soon, which involves the person who gave the jewelry. Maybe, that same colleague is secretly vying for the same position the woman is eyeing for. She must be careful whom she places her trust into, because her most-awaited promotion might land at someone else’s desk, if she becomes too gullible and slow to act.

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