True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Broken dreams

Breaking material things accidentally, or even on purpose, can be devastating. Most of the time broken things are hard to fix, but it doesn’t mean that they are unfixable. There are many ways to mend broken objects if you are willing to put in the effort.

Dreaming about broken things don’t necessarily connote to a negative meaning. Usually, dreams related to brokenness reflect your feeling of self-doubt, depression, or loss. However, it could also represent a break from toxicity, negative people, and unsolicited opinions.

When interpreting the dream about broken things, try to remember how you felt during the dream. Was it relief or regret? What particular thing was breaking in your dream and who were your with? Keep on reading the paragraphs below to know more.

General Meaning Behind Dreaming about Broken Things

Dream of broken things is related to Loss

Dreaming of broken things could be related to a death of someone dear to you. Sometimes, it could also mean leaving your job or losing your home.

Dream of broken things represent Huge Change

Dreaming about broken things could also represent a major change in your waking life. It could be giving you a heads up of a milestone that you are about to experience.

Dream about Broken things symbolize Sadness

Broken things in dreams can also symbolize feelings such as guilt, depression, and hopelessness. If you have broken a promise with someone, try your best to make up for it.

Dream of broken things connote Vulnerability

To dream about broken things connotes fragility. Maybe you don’t want to feel vulnerable to the people around you, so you try to act strong. Your subconscious is telling you to stop pretending because it won’t do you any good.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Broken Things – 11 Common Dreams of Broken Things Interpretation

1. Dream of Broken Things in General

Generally, dreaming about broken things may symbolize a major change, a missing part in your waking life, or an end of a relationship. Your dream about broken things is usually related to what you are going through right now. Take a look at your life from an outsider’s perspective and you might see the reason behind this dream.

2.Dream of Broken Mirror

If you dream about accidentally breaking a mirror, then you must be cautious as it connotes bad luck in your personal life or career. If the mirror is already broken in your dream, it means that you are undervaluing yourself. You must practice saying daily affirmations upon waking up because you deserve that. If you intentionally broke it, then it means you are not afraid to detach yourself in a situation, especially if it does not benefit you.

3.Dream of Broken Glass

Dreaming about broken glass signifies a failure you will encounter in your waking life. It may be due to a goal you have planned, which you will not be able to achieve in the date you have set. It may also serve as a warning to a forthcoming break-up between you and your partner. Do not despair and think of it as an obstacle. You will soon recover.  

4.Dream of Broken Teeth

To dream about broken teeth is a negative omen. Brokenness is related to intense emotions and the same goes when you dream about your teeth being broken. A person may have broken your trust which results to a need of distancing yourself from him/ her. If someone else’s teeth got broken, it symbolizes the lack of communication between you and that person.

5.Dream of Broken Window

Dreaming about a broken window could be a good thing, since a part of it becomes unfixable and open forever. The dream could symbolize your emotional growth, which means you are ready to learn new things and gain additional knowledge to face the world.

6.Dream of Broken Phone

Phones are used for communicating to people who are far away from you. Dreaming about broken phones could mean that you are slowly losing connection to your loved ones who are miles away. You also rely too much on your phone, you forgot that there are people around you who need warmth and physical affection. Do not let technology rob you of what it truly means to be alive.

7.Dream of Broken Eggs

Dreaming about broken eggs is a negative omen. Just like a broken egg, you will be facing an unfixable situation in your waking life, which means once you make a conclusion, there is not turning back. Therefore, always think twice before you take risks and finalize decisions.

8.Dream of Broken Nails

Dreaming of broken nails means you have to break away from your old, unhealthy habits and slowly shift to good ones that can benefit you and the people around you.

9.Dream of Broken Plates

To dream of broken plates is a sign that you should accept  the job that will be offered to you, even if it’s not the one you asked for, because by doing so you will earn more. A little bit of sacrifice in your career will take you to new and more exciting paths, so keep on going.  

10.Dream of Breaking Valuables

Dreaming about breaking something valuable to you symbolizes independence. If you feel devasted in your dream, don’t be sad because it is actually a positive one. It’s telling you that you are ready to leave your comfort zone and explore many possibilities.

11.Dream of Broken Teapot

Dreaming about broken teapot represents a plan not pushing through due to unexpected circumstances. In return of the unwanted outcome, you might notice your hope slowly crashing and breaking. Do keep in mind that you can always try again because your chances are limitless.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Broken Things

Broken things can bring negative connotations but if viewed from a totally new perspective, the dream could mean the opposite.

Do not let your sad emotions devour you. Try to control those feelings and be kinder to yourself, because only through that can you get through with the challenges that life throws at you.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman who left her family to work in a different country suddenly dreams of accidentally dropping her phone to the ground, causing it to shatter into pieces.

The dream is telling her that she is slowly losing touch with her loved ones. It could also be the reason why she feels empty inside, causing her subconscious thoughts to creep into her dreams. Picking up the phone upon waking and calling her family can mend whatever she feels is broken inside.

To know more about dream meanings , please check the Dream Dictionary

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