Right meaning of Dreams about Mythical Creatures 

Mythical creatures are made known in folklore and mythology books. Different cultures also have various kinds of mythical creatures they believe in. In this article, the ones you will encounter are the most common creatures which are known in the world. Some of which you have probably read or heard of in the academic books . 

Seeing mythical creatures in your dream can serve as a warning for you to assess your current life. As they are usually connected to the circumstances you undergo in your life. To know more about the reason why you could have dreamed about a mythical creature, keep on reading the next paragraphs. 

General Meaning Behind Dream about Mythical Creatures

Greedy Lifestyle

Dreams about mythical creatures may be a reflection of your greedy lifestyle. Do you keep on wanting everything for yourself? Do you share what you have with others? The dream is telling you to slow down and start being content with what you have.

Bossy Behavior

Mythical creature dreams can be related to your bossy and fearsome aura. Stop ordering people around especially if you just met them. It is not a good trait and it must end if you still want to gain more friends instead of just mere acquaintances. 


Dreams of mythical creatures also signify an imbalance in your waking life, just like how those unreal creatures physically look like – a combination of weird, physical characteristics. Figure out what part of your life you need to adjust to achieve balance and you will soon find yourself having pleasant dreams instead. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Mythical Creatures – Common Mythical Creature Dream Meaning and Occurrences

Dream about Griffin

A griffin, having the back feet and tail of a lion and the head and front claws of an eagle can be weird and scary. Fortunately, dreaming about this is a good omen. It symbolizes courage and resilience when facing adversities. When you experience problems, you immediately know how to overcome them. 

Dream about Grendel

Grendel is a monster who was cursed to wander the world. He scares and devours humans as an act of revenge against them. 

When you dream of Grendel, then you must be more careful of your actions. You may be too bossy to your colleagues that you make them feel like you are eating them alive. Check on your actions every now and avoid being a person of terror.

Dream about Medusa

Medusa, the woman with hair made of snakes, is well-known in Greek mythology. She can turn you into stone with just her gaze. 

Dreaming about her is a cause of worry because it means you will be in danger or in great distress in your waking life. Maybe there is an unexpected event in your career that will cause you too much burden. Medusa can also represent someone whom you are trying to avoid for the longest time, but you will still meet in the near future. 

Dream about Golem

Dreaming of a golem is a negative sign. It means that there are people around you who wish to harm you. Just like a golem that lacks a soul and can be easily controlled by its human creator, the people who will harm you might also be dictated by someone in power. Be extra cautious at work and silently assess who those people could be. 

Dream about Goblin

Dreaming of Goblin could represent your worries and apprehensions in your waking life. If there is something that ruins your peace, confront it and find a way to learn to let go and move on. 

If you think you have done nothing wrong and you are trying your best to be good, then you might see a goblin smiling at you in your dream. It means that you are blessed with people who love you without conditions. 

Dream about Gnome

Dreaming of gnome connotes your lack of self-confidence and self-love. You do not believe in what you can actually achieve. Maybe you always think negatively of yourself and what you are capable of. If you continue what you are doing then you are actually setting yourself up for failure. 

Maybe you need to approach a close friend who can truly understand what you are going through. They may be able to give you tips and advice on how you can turn that kind of behavior around and gear towards appreciating and loving yourself every day. 

Dream about Ghoul

Ghouls are creepy, demon-like creatures that create havoc to the living and even the dead. Be careful when this monster appears in your dream because it is probably a bad omen. It could be telling you that your bad habits are hindering you from achieving your goals. 

Try to assess yourself and figure out the unhealthy habits you must cut off. Only with a new approach and perspective can you see yourself happily heading towards your aspirations in life.  

Dream about Giant

Dreaming of giant symbolizes yourself, hence, the dream’s interpretation varies from person to person. Generally, this dream depends on how you act toward the huge obstacles you will encounter in your waking life. 

Are you going to stand tall and face the adversities thrown at you or are you going to remain small and continue avoiding your problems? These are the questions that dream about giants are trying to let you ponder on. 

Dream about Geryon

Geryon is a giant creature with three bodies – imagine three huge men with their backs stick to each other. He is a monster that symbolizes fraud and deceit. 

In dreams, when you see a Geryon, it means that someone you trust is actually showing you their fake identity. They are not actually who you thought they are, hence you must be careful. They might be fooling you for their advantage and if you do not find out and expose them soon, you might painfully fall alongside them. 

Dream about Gargoyle

Dreaming about gargoyle connotes some embarrassing secret only yourself knows. You are afraid of being judged, hence, you never tell anyone about a particular experience. 

To move on from what happened in the past, you must be able to tell a loved one or a friend about it. Sharing it with someone you trust will lessen the burden and you might just find yourself laughing about that experience in the future. 

Dream about Fenrir

If you have heard about Fenrir, you might have known him as the feared wolf and villain. However, in Norse mythology, he actually symbolizes power, firmness, and destiny. 

When you dream about Fenrir, you may be wrongfully judged and controlled, just like him. Ask yourself if there is someone or something that is stopping you from fulfilling your goal. It is usually an external factor that is why even if you work hard, you still cannot achieve your ambition. What you can do is to change your ways or cut ties with toxic people and never change your goal. Stay true to it and you will soon fulfill it.

Dream about Fafnir

Fafnir was born a dwarf who transformed into a dragon to guard the treasures he stole from his father. 

Dreaming about Fafnir signifies your greedy behavior. Is there something you are trying to keep for yourself, for your own advantage when you should be sharing it with others? Be careful because you might find yourself losing your family and friends’ trust in the process.

Dream about Fairy

Dreaming about fairy is a good omen because it symbolizes success in the near future. Fairy dreams are usually associated with happiness and hope. You may think that an opportunity has already passed you by, but this dream is telling you that you do not have to fret. If it is meant to be, then it will definitely come back for you, and once it does, grab it, and do not ever let that opportunity slip again. 

Dream about Elf

Dreaming of an elf is a good sign, generally, because it foretells good health and future success. Nevertheless, be sure to continue taking care of what you will attain in your waking life because it may just be fleeting if you become complacent. 

On the other hand, if you see many elves in your dream, it is a sign that you must solve your problems however small they are because if you do not, then they will pile up and it will be even harder to overcome them.

Dream about Dwarf

A dwarf is an unreal being, but it could also pertain to a person with tiny stature despite their old age. Dwarf dreams connote your desire to disagree with someone, but you can’t seem to have the courage to do so. Maybe you are too afraid of the possible consequences when you go against that person, who could be your senior, your boss, or your parent. 

Dream about Dullahan

Dullahan is known as the headless horseman. Dreaming about him can be pretty scary but this dream actually stands for your physical feelings. You may have too high expectations of yourself that you felt drained and too tired to keep up. Try not to be an overachiever because, this time, your health should be prioritized over those artificial achievements. 

Dream about Drake

Drake is a type of dragon and dreams about them somewhat have the same meaning as other dragon dreams. Drake dreams reflect your strong and fiery behavior. It could also mean that you are burning with passion in your waking life. Therefore, you must use that opportunity to accept and develop any business ideas offered to you, because you will surely succeed in those. 

Dream about Doppelganger

Dreaming about doppelganger may reflect your fear of being misunderstood and misrepresented. You think too much about how other people perceive you even if they do not affect your life directly.

Instead of being too focused on what others think, try to focus on explaining your misunderstood actions to your loved ones or close friends instead. Besides, they are the most important people in your life right now. What they think and believe about you should be the only thing that matters.  

Dream about Centaur

A centaur is a creature whose upper body is that of a man and the lower half is of a horse. When this appears in your dream, it means that your life needs to have a balance, especially in terms of your romantic relationship. You may be unaware that you and your partner are not on the same page anymore. To keep the relationship and avoid a breakup, both of you must compromise and meet each other halfway. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Mythical Creatures

Although these creatures only exist in your mind, it is undeniable that they made an impact on your childhood and teenage years, because even as an adult you still encounter them in your dreams. 

While these dreams give you guidance about your waking life, always remember that how you accept and apply that interpretation is still solely up to you. Keep living your life at its best and you will surely be blessed with positive outcomes. 

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman quits her day job to make her freelance job a full-time one. One night, she dreams of seeing a drake and remembers not being afraid of it. 

The dream is telling her that what she did was right but in order to succeed, she must accept additional opportunities that will be presented to her in the near future.